Brazil Carnival Fashion Code

Brazilian Carnival Fashion Code: Elegance & glam! 


Brazilian Carnival fashion is expanding every day, and in full speed.   In the past, when we thought about “Brazilian Carnival Fashion”, we would immediately think or associate with those colorful samba outfits or the extremely rich and luxurious parade costumes.   Not anymore!  Brazilian Samba & Carnival now has an authentic fashion code of its own and has been branded as “samba wear” or “carnival wear”.   These new fashion carnival accessories include samba dance boots, samba earrings, carnival headdresses, purses, and  many other style elements used by “passistas” (name in Portuguese given for professional samba dancers), carnival lovers, and parade revelers.  Samba wear accessories are especially used during the “pre-parade” season, which is the period in which a series of carnival events,  glam parties, festivals, samba rehearsals, and luxury balls take place, having the “Carnival style” and look”, as its main theme. 

brazil feathered earrings

Recently, Brazil Carnival Shop partnered with Epic Earrings for a genuine carnival feathered earrings´ collection based elements of the original Brazilian Carnival, which has extensive use of quality feathers, Swarovski Crystals, and beads, all handmade.  

The size of the earrings designed by Regina Odio, vary from 3-4´inches ( 7 centimeters)  all the way up to glamorous single 14´inch earrings equivalent to 35 centimeters!

The colors and style of this exclusive collection was based upon extensive research of the pre-carnival parade season, which runs from September,  when the parade-themes songs start to be selected by the samba-schools, all the way to December and January, the peak of the “pre-season”.   These two especial months are when the samba-schools have their “quadras” (rehearsal facilities) loaded with samba dancers, Brazilian celebrities, actresses, businessmen and tourists, in a wonderful mix of professions, musical & cultural backgrounds.  

Some of the most famous samba rehearsals take place at the following samba schools in Rio: Salgueiro Samba-School, União da Ilha Samba-School, Unidos da Tijuca, and recently São Clemente Samba-School, due to its proximity of the city center.

Also we cannot forget to mention the "Palace of Samba" , home of  Estação Primeira de Mangueira Samba-School, one of the most traditional samba schools in Brazil.  Mangueira is amongst the 3 first samba schools founded on April , 1928 by the legendary samba composer Cartola, Carlos Cachaça, Nelson Cavaquinho and Ze Spinguela.  Samba rehearsals at Mangueira are very famous too, and are also "samba fashion" trend setters. 


Many items of this initial collection were already were inspired, styled and designed upon the official colors of main samba-schools in Rio de Janeiro.  We will be able to see the traditional Yellow and Black earrings, colors of the São Clemente Samba-School, the “Blue, red and white” from União da Ilha Samba-School, and many other traditional combinations.

• Red and White;

• Blue and White;

• Green, blue, and white;

• Pink and White

• Black and White;

• Pink and Green;

• Blue and Yellow;

• Green and White;

• Pink and Green;

 • Green, Red and White


Below, the astonishing Queen of the Drums Section Bruna Bruno from União da Illha, with a luxururious headdress!

brazil carnival fashion code

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly - Academia do Samba

Other important accessories for samba dance lovers are “made to order” samba boots and sandals.   These genuine samba boots are crafted with new scanning technology to fit perfectly samba dancers feet size and measurements.   On this new technology, samba dancers send in the scan or drawing of each of their foot and the samba heels are crafted specifically for that individual samba dancer.   This technology is then combined with authentic craftsmanship, to provide the best results, with genuine Italian or Brazilian leather (in silver or golden tones).    With this new technology, the foot of the samba lover does not “slide” or “move” within the samba boots or sandals, since the mold is millimetrically calculated to adjust for that individual pair of feet. 

Astonishing costume used by Gracielly Chaveirinho, at the 2014 Queen of Carnival Contest: Impressive details on hairstyles, earings, and accessories!

Samba dance admirers and lovers all over the world always question and even comment at the Brazil Carnival You Tube channel, that now has reached 21 million views,  how can these professional samba dancers, “passistas”, are able to dance for up to 2-3 hours in 4, 6, and 8 inch heels samba boots, platforms or sandals.  So there goes the answer:  These samba sandals are normally made to order, for that specific samba dancer, and could not serve another samba dancer, since feet measurements are generally very specific.   

Samba Boots Photo Credit: Bruno Villaça

samba dancing boots              gladiator samba boots


Dance lovers, festival lovers have been so gentle with when comenting in our videos, that we took the time to select some very nice compliments made, in many languages:

"Es un gusto para mi haber recibido su contacto por lo que agradezco su gentileza..! Su trabajo es muy meritorios y sin duda agradable...por las bellas mujeres que entrevista; reciba de mi parte el más caluroso aplauso..!!! Sin duda el carnaval de Brasil es un espectáculo sin par!!! En retribución a su gesto, con gran placer me suscribo a su canal. Lo? felicito, con los mejores deseos de éxito, le mando un abrazo desde Argentina..!"

"Thank you! That makes so much sense, it always amazed me? how they can dance in heels like that.!"

"What kind of shoes do passistas wear, just normal high heels? I try to practice in some old heels of mine but I am worried they may start to fall? apart under the stress. When I dance I try not to put to much pressure on the heels but I don't know if that helps."

"Again an effective ability to balance the interests of both the exclusive Portugese speaking listeningcommunity with the apsirational international viewing audience who would obviously like to gain some greater and deeper insights into the history and the contemporary socio/cultural motivations behind the actions and behaviour of the participants and organisers.  This Model shows creativity &passion with intelligence. to understand her obligations to show a congenial hospitality to the viewers."

brazil samba earrings


"I am great! Thank you for all of your info. I am so happy to hear that Brazil is resistant to American/European influence in this respect. I feel I would be at home in Brazil because I love samba and have a very exaggerated figure like the kind you described! It would be unusual even for a Black/Mixed woman but I am Indian and it is completely uncommon among Asian women. I will keep working on my Samba and hopefully one day I will be able to come to Carnival. Thank you so much for sharing your"

"Top notch and quality multiple theme costumes coming to you from a upfront and inspirational Brazilian Arts & culture collective !Check out the BrazilCarnivalShop on this link. Thanks BrazilCarnivalCOMBR for keeping us in the 'loop'with whats new this send in!! SAMBA life on video!"

"Beautiful culture, going to brazil is definetly on my bucket list"

As this samba dancer boots craftsmen once told me: “Authentic samba dance boots and sandals are supposed to act almost as an extension of the legs and feet themselves.  In that way, the fit is perfectly molded.”  These made to order samba platforms, samba boots and sandals, are skillfully hand-crafted in genuine Italian or Brazilian leather or velvet, and can be beaded too with Swarovski crystals, for the official parade.

Finally, other types of samba and carnival wear for the “pre-parade” season include wrist adornments, necklaces, purses, beaded flip-flops,c-strings,  and certainly many different kinds of sequin shirts and dresses.   The objective is to shine, but with comfort, and the secret is not to exaggerate, since only during the official parade, the “full shine / glam” look finally presented for the crowds at the “Sambadromes” all over Brazil.  But a bit of spice, crystals, and feathers, always make a difference at the samba rehearsals, and surely draw attention and elegance within the Brazilian Carnival and Samba “fashion code”.                          

So now you know, when travelling for Carnival festivities, being Brazil, the Caribbean, Notting Hill or other carnival loving cities,  try to research for your Samba Fashion & Carnival Wear before departing.  That way, you will be able to stay in tune with the latest “carnival fashion”, styled for success!   Glam on, with a full authentic Carnival and Samba look!

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