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Show girl and samba costumes: Differentiation Aspects of Presentations

The objective of this article is to explain through text, photos and videos, the different types of samba dance and show girl costumes, for professional performers. Passistas” (name in Portuguese given to professional samba-dancers) or show girl dancers, may have costumes that may “look all the same” to non-specialists, but for dancers and performers who have dancing activities as their main source of income, this is serious business. On this article, you will be able to understand the not only the different types of samba and show girl dancers’ costumes through descriptions, but also in which scenarios they are used. Interesting to point out that the topic of this article was suggested by one of our readers.

See below 3 dazzing samba show girls videos!!

samba show girl costumes for sale


Samba dance costumes for professional dancers are supposed to be at the same time creative, “impacting”, comfortable, but mainly functional and durable. Feathers falling from the samba costumes for example, are not supposed to be seen on the “samba catwalks” or at the performance stage, not say the beads or crystals incrusted in the bikini tops or other lower body adornments. This is an item where many suppliers don´t pay much attention should, since they are not an ordinary “one time parade costume”, but a real “professional costume”. As we have written in other articles, samba dance costumes, as with showgirl costumes, should be able to endure and should be carefully crafted, since many of the touring samba shows may last for months!

Below Diana Prado, prized samba-dancer in Rio, official passista from São Clemente, with bikini-show type costume.

Bikini Samba costumes show girl

Photo Credit: Raisa Santiago in a great shooting at Urca!

To help us illustrate, Brazil Carnival Ooah posted below some video footage (filmed in Rio de Janeiro ) to assist our readers understand, and see how samba dance bikinis or costumes look on a stage, in a real samba rehearsal settings, or in show performances. On this article, we selected three Carnival and samba videos where different kinds of samba dance costumes or bikinis costumes are normally used at the Brazilian carnival presentations. As you will observe, they are functionally designed and manufactured differently, since their use and purpose is also diverse.

The selected videos are not long and truly help samba dancers and carnival lovers not only to see how the costumes are presented on the Brazilian carnival, but also how they are “interpreted” and used by the famous “passistas”. We hope you will get a glimpse of some of the different aspects and characteristics of these costumes and learn more about their nature. In the videos, you will also be able to review some of the most fabulous Brazilian samba dance routines on the planet, “roots based”, in the home of samba of the world: Rio de Janeiro. In this selection of samba dance costumes & samba bikini costumes, you will see real “passistas”, in the scenarios where they normally present themselves. We will explain with captions above the videos, the settings and context in which they express themselves.

This first video below shows more than a dozen of samba passistas from Estácio de Sá Samba School (who´s origin relates to the very first samba-school in Brazil) in a samba rehearsal presentation. You will be able to notice that (fortunately), you are unable to see glitter, beads, stones, feathers on the floor of the samba-school´s premises, called "quadra”, even though this samba dance routine is very energetic. These bikini costumes are well made and structured sometimes with light iron structures on the head-pieces, to make sure nothing “falls apart” during the presentations: Bikini samba costumes are used both at formal samba rehearsal presentations or “small type” ( also called “pocket sized”) samba shows, offered by the samba-schools. These simpler kinds of samba-dance or bikini costumes may start of at the US$ 500.00, but still have some feathers at the headdresses and some embroidery work done, which are always hand-made.



On this second samba dance video below, the two samba dancers use a different kind of samba bikini costume, which have part of their arms covered to add glam and elegance. You will also see a richer abundance of feathers and stones, not to mention the amazing samba routines which enchanted spectators of the Porto Bay Hotel in Copacabana, in their traditional “Carnival Feijoada” or, Carnival Beans Stew, in English. Even thought the samba dancers did 3 or 4 half hour presentations, the bikini costumes "stood firm and still", as we say in the "Carnival terminology” or glossary.

This type of samba-dance costume would be the “middle way”, between the first video and the third one we are showing on this article. Here, prices are a bit higher, specifically because of the quantity of pheasant feathers ( or other kinds of feathers) and higher quality of crystals and beads. Some of these specific samba-dance “show girl type” costumes may vary anywhere from US$ 900.00 up to US$ 2,000.00, like mentioned above, depending on the amount of feathers, beads, crystals, and embroidery work employed.


This last carnival costume is totally on another level, and not the kind we normally see around. These are extremely luxurious and elaborate costumes in terms stones, beads, embroidery work, and specially amount of feathers. This kind of “art costumes” are only used by true Carnival Queens, Princesses, Muses and Divas and tailored to especially glamorous circumstances. Sometimes these costumes are made, believe or not, just for one unique public appearance, like the official Rio or Sao Paulo Carnival parades. For these kinds of presentations, elegance, attractiveness, and glittering richness are a real “must” to costumes stylists and designers. Here you will see both in the video and in photos, a truly spectacular “haute-couture” Diva Carnival costume, sometimes called “art” or luxury carnival” costumes.

The description below was extracted from Brazil Carnival Shop. Interesting to add these costumes may cost up to US$ 10,000.00 and may take sometimes 3 months to get done, from initial conception to final delivery.  Here, a typical definition of one of these true Diva Carnival costumes:

“The costume is very comfortable because it has a one piece body suit that has tiny little handmade Swarovski crystal embellished w/ other gold, yellow and orange stones. The back part of the costumes (the wings of feather) has an arm support that wraps around the shoulder and fits right into place making it easy to dance or parade. The head piece is glorious making you a tall statement, a statuette of color & glamour. The black & red feather that peaks from behind accentuates the bold colors. The orange pantyhose have tiny tear crystals that add movement to eye catching fans!”

luxury carnival costumes for sale

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