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The Official Twitter of Brazil Carnival has reached today the mark of 8,340 followers.   It is an important record for all of us, since a good portion of Brazil Carnival Ooah! Twitter Followers are true enthusiasts of the Festival samba and carnival lovers.

Working 24/7, with links directed to samba-school and carnival events, we consider this routine almost as a “public utility” one, since we are always pointing out and indicating the most relevant Brazilian carnival & Samba events.


Twitter Brazil Carnival Ooah

We truly consider these passionate carnival lovers part of Brazil Carnival Ooah ! team,  since they are always Re-tweeting  our Tweets, asking  us questions, discovering new samba spots and encouraging our mission.  These passionate Samba and Brazilian Carnival Twitter followers also suggest us new discussion topics about this marvelous culture. 


We are happy to achieve this significant number.  And to celebrate this achievement, we decided to post and share with our readers, Brazilian Carnival and samba most significant Official Twitter Accounts.  

Have fun & Feel the samba vibes!

Samba School Twitter Accounts - Special Group Rio

Beija FLor Samba Twitter 

 Twitter Account


Twiiter mangueira

  Official Mangueira Twitter - Account


Twitter sao clemente

-  Official São Clemente Twitter Account


twitter salgueiro

Official Salgueiro Twitter - Account


mocidade twitter 


Official Mocidade Twitter - Account

portela twitter

  Official Portela Twitter Account


twitter uniao ilha

Official União da Ilha Twitter Account


twitter tijuca

Official Unidos da Tijuca Twitter Account


gres vila isabel tijuca

@gresvila_isabel    Official Vila Isabel Twitter Account


porto da pedra twitter

 Official Porto da Pedra Twitter Account


grs grande rio twitter

Official Grande Rio Twitter Account

Samba School Twitter Accounts - Access Group Rio


Estacio de sa twitter

Official Estacio de Sa Twitter Account


Tiwitter imperio



Caprichosos Twitter



rocinha twitter


Santa Cruz Twitter



Twitter Renascer Jacarepagua


Twitter Tuiuti




cubango twitter


Twitter viradouro


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