0 Samba December 2nd - National Samba Day in Brazil

National Samba Day - December 2nd

Do you know Brazil has a specific day for celebrating one of most popular passion? Yes, it´s true! Brazil celebrated last December 2nd the National Samba Day- “Dia Nacional do Samba”.   The National Samba Day is part of a giant initiative promoted by several artists, musicians, cultural producers, intellectuals and carnival entrepreneurs in order to protect and perpetuate this unique musical rhythm.   Samba-schools are also supporting this beautiful project, since the samba is one of the true origins of the great Carnival done in Brazil.

Watch down below a brand new 2011 Video of the 2011 Carnival Court of Rio de Janeiro

Below, a painting of a typical samba gathering in Brazil, also called "roda de samba".  Free for all fun!

samba gathering

During this day, a series of samba and carnival events took place all around the country.   Definitely, samba is a vibrant cause to celebrate.  Brazilian National Samba Day project started a few years ago when the grand-daughter of legendary samba composer Cartola and president of the Cartola Cultural Center, Nilcemar Nogueira, proposed the Cultural Patrimony registry with Brazil´s Iphan. ( Iphan is the federal organ that serves as a base for the constitution of state and municipal organs for the protection of cultural patrimony.  It was created by the Decree nº 25, on the 30th of November of 1937, and elaborated by Mário de Andrade at the request of Gustavo Capanema, minister of then-President Getúlio Vargas).

Below, the 2011 Official Rio Court Praticing at the Sambadrome:

Paula Lima Samba Singer

Above, a great photo of new generation samba singer Paula Lima by Amandette.  Paula has become a new fever at the samba genre in Brazil.

After careful analysis, the Brazilian government patrimony body declared the Rio de Janeiro Samba, or “Carioca Samba” as a legitimate Cultural Patrimony of Brazil in October 9th, 2007. IPHAN declared Rio´s samba three strands: “the partido alto”, “samba de terreiro”, and “samba-enredo”, the later being the one played at the samba schools Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade.  

The Samba School Association in Rio de Janeiro LIESA, also supported this project.   Nilcemar said that the project would help not only to preserve the memory of all of those who founded the Brazilian Samba in the past, but would help new generations to come understand, cherish, and cultivate the importance of this genuine Brazilian rhythm.

Below, a photo of the iconic Brazilian composer, pianist, and show-man Ary Barroso, author of many samba songs, like "Aquarela do Brasil" ("Brazil") of 1939.  He was The first samba composer to attain international fame.

Ary Barroso Orchestra in Argetina

But why specifically December 2nd?

But do you know why the National Samba Day falls exaclty  every December 2nd ?   No, it ´s not because of legendary Aunt Ciata singer´s birthday.   Nor is it when the first samba song called "On the Phone" was recorded.  Or even when Ismael Silva founded "Deixa Falar", the first samba-school in Brazil.   The National Day of Samba came at the initiative of one councilman from Bahia, Luis Monteiro da Costa, to pay tribute to Brazilian composer Ary Barroso  Ary had already composed his first hit called "Na Baixa do Sapateiro" but had never set foot in Bahia.  December 2nd was the date he visited Salvador for the first time.  Interesting,  no?  The party was spreading throughout Brazil and became a national samba celebration.

Samba and Brazil Carnaval legends like Cartola, Carlos Cachaça, Vinícius de Morais and Tom Jobim, (the two last ones composers of “The Girl from Ipanema”) would surely applaud this movement.  So next year, December 2nd , make sure to celebrate the Carioca Samba! Put on a Cartola record, prepare a nice caipirinha, call your friends and enjoy this magical rhythm!

Below, one of the legendary "manlandro" Carioca and samba composer/ singer called Bezerra da Silva.

malandro Bezerra da silva

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