Brazil Carnival App launched for iPhones in Rio de Janeiro and New York


Brazil Carnival App for iPhone Released !


Brazil Carnival ooah! ™ is proud to announce that the 1st Brazil´s  Carnival APP for iPhone in homage to Samba Dancers, Divas and Queens has just been released and is available at Apple® Store.  The App was the first one conceived by Brazilians, respecting and valuing the historic element within the Brazil´s Carnival, which are the samba dancers.  Samba Dancers and Celebrities where photographed in Rio´s traditional nature postcards, by Raísa Santiago and Alexandre Maciel.  A beautiful “splash” video produced by filmmaker Rowena Baines, featuring Samba Celebrity from Australia Mishel Finlayson, and adding spice to the APP opening.  

Below, we see the Queen of Carumbé, Analia Gonzalez at Copacabana Beach

Brazil Carnival App

Photo Credit: Raisa Santiago


The Brazil Carnival ooah! Appapart from paying reverence to the art of samba dance not only in Brazil, but all over the world, delivers valuable information on the festivity, news on this gigantic festivity.  New releases will provide additional information on samba terminology, a calendar, important dates, as well as push notifications.  We invite Carnival and Samba lovers from all parts of the globe to get to know a bit more of this grandiose popular celebration, which is known as the “world largest party on Earth”, with more than 6 million revelers in Rio de Janeiro alone.   

The App was produced by the prized App development company based in New York, Maag Studios, able to grasp the “essence and soul” of the Brazilian Carnival spirit and vibration.  Again, important to emphasize that is the first authentic Brazilian Carnival App envisioned, designed, implemented and´produced by Brazilians.

 The Brazil Carnival ooah!™ App  is free.


This 1st version of the Brazil Carnival App is composed by 12 Carnival celebrities from 2 countries and 4 Brazilian States, many of them being Carnival Queens, Samba Divas, and “Passistas” ( top Samba dancers ) from elite Samba-Schools of Brazil including Rio de Janeiro. 

Below the name of the first set of Brazil Carnival ooah!™  App Samba Celebrities, where users will find five exclusive photos, their biographies, and samba dancing and parades terminology in each  of the photos.   These exclusive pics can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and messaging and were photographed on the most iconic postcards Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Below we see Priscila Rubira, from the South of Brazil, at the Corcovado Train

Brazil Carnival App 2

Photo Credit: Raisa Santiago

Follows below the names of the first set of Carnival celebrities presented on the Brazil Carnival ooah!: Analía Gonzalez, Bianca Fernandes, Danielle Silva, Ingrid Lima, Jessica Lopes, Jéssica Thaiara, Luciana Amaral, Mayara Nascimento, Priscila Mathias, Priscila Rubira e Vitória Duque.  


Download Free Brazil Carnival App at  available for iPhones.

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