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Finally you´ve made it to Rio Carnival, but what goes on apart Sambadrome´s Carnaval Parade?  In this section, we will provide full Rio Carnival & Samba Events Guide.  Whether you´re up to join a ‘carnaval bloco’,  visit backstage events, take part in true samba-rehearsal, know what are the top luxury Balls, or simply learn how dance samba, this is your trusted and unbiased local resource. 

Check our list with the Complete List of 2011 Marching Bands in Rio de Janeiro

In this Rio Carnaval Samba Guide, you will find descriptions, reviews, current photos, suggestions, website info and much more of what really goes on at the World´s Largest Party!  Also, as you will see, if you are in tight budget schedule, no problem!  There are plenty of free options so you can party all along, have fun, meet new people without spending much!  Check out below & plan your Carnaval of Rio to best!

Below, a Marvelous shot from Rogerio Neves from Shayene Cesário from Estácio de Sá Samba School.

Shayene Cesario - Estacio de Sa

Check below this picture, a brand new video of Rio 2014 Carnival Queen Contest: AMAZING WARM UP SESSION, BEFORE THE OFFICIAL ROUTINES!


Examples of some of the 2010 Carnaval and Pre-Carnaval Events in Rio do Janeiro:


Rehearsals inside the "Quadras" are paramount:  Below São Clemente Samba


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