2010 Parade Schedule of the Carnival from Brazil

As you may know,  2010 Carnaval in Rio and Brazil starts officially Saturday, February 13th and runs through Tuesday, February 16th 2010.  Between Saturday and Tuesday night, there are literally hundreds of Carnaval Events in Rio, such as the irreverent Street-Groups, VIP Carnival Balls, and the most important Sambadrome Parade – the so called “Special Group in Rio”, broadcasted to more than 1 billion people on earth.

Below, a video of Nathalia, Diva from São Clemente Samba School.

The “Special Group” ( which is Rio´s elite team of Samba Schools) Carnaval Parades in Rio, happen in two days; Sunday February 14th and Monday, February 15th at the Marques de Sapucaí Avenue, part of the Sambadrome complex.

Below, a spectacular photo of a colorful Rocinha Wing from by Alexandre Vidal

carnival from Brazil

Photo Credit: Alex Vidal - Agencia FOTO BR

Within the two days, 12 (twelve) samba-schools take part of the Sambadrome parades, in different schedules.     Let´s take a look at what time each samba-school is scheduled to parade Sunday Carnival and Monday Carnival in Rio de Janeiro:

2010 Carnival Parade Schedule for the “Special Group” in Rio de Janeiro:

Sunday, February 14th Rio Samba-Schools Schedule:

1st   Approximate Time:  9:00 PM - União da Ilha Samba-School
2nd   Approximate Time: 10:05 PM - Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School
3rd   Approximate Time:  11:10 PM - Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School
4th   Approximate Time:  00:15 AM – Viradouro Samba-School
5th   Approximate  Time:  01:20 AM – Acadêmicos do Salgueiro Samba-School
6th   Approximate Time: 02:20 AM - Beija-Flor Samba-School

Below, the astonishing Muse Fabia Borges from Academicos da Rocinha Samba-School, at their Quadra

carnival from Brazil Schedule

Photo Credit: Alex Vidal - Agencia FOTO BR

Monday, February 15th Rio Samba-Schools Schedule:

1st – Approximate Time:  9:00 PM - Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel
2nd   Approximate Time: 10:05 PM - Porto da Pedra
3rd   Approximate Time:  11:10 PM – Portela Samba School
4th   Approximate Time:  00:15 AM – Grande Rio
5th   Approximate  Time:  01:20 AM – Vila Isabel
6th   Approximate Time: 02:20 AM – Mangueira Samba School

Now you know the Parades schedule, feel free to join us in our Rio Carnival.  It will be amazing! 

I beleive the 2010 Carnival in Brazil will be special for many reasons:   It will be the first Carnaval post world crisis, first Carnival after the decision that Rio will host the 2016 Olympic Games, and the first Carnaval where a special organization scheme will be devoted to the popular street groups in Rio-de-Janeiro, which are more than 460!

See you here!

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