2014 Brazil Carnival Calendar

Brazil Carnival 2014 Calendar

For the 1st time on the history of the Brazilian Carnival culture, a beautiful Wall Calendar was produced in Rio de Janeiro, in homage to the worldwide famous samba dancers and divas.  The project took almost two years from conception to printing.  Brazil Carnival ooah! produced this innovative project using as Rio´s  most famous postcards, which includes the Sugar-Loaf, the legendary cable that takes passengers to the Corcovado Statue, the Rio Marina, the Flamengo Park, the Iate Clube Jardim Gunabara among other locations.  

Below, a promotion made in one of Rio´s News Stands, 

The Photography team was composed of Raisa Santiago and Alexandre Maciel, native Rio photographers and owwers of "Carioca Fotografia".  The result can be seen below, which reflects the blend of Rio´s exuberant nature and the glam of the samba dancers.   

January 2014 - Luciana Amaral

Brazil Calendat 2014 January

February  2014 - Ingrid Lima

February 2014 Brazil Carnival Calendar

March 2014 - Vitória Duque

March Brazil Carnival Calendar

April 2014 - Mayara Nascimento

April Braxzil calendar

May 2014 - Jéssica Thaiara

May Brazil CArnival Jessica


June - Bianca Fernandes


June Brazil Carnival Calendar


July 2014 - Analía Gonzalez


July carnival


August 2014 - Priscila Mathias

Brazil Carnival Calendar 2014


September 2014 - Jessica Lopes

Brazil Carnival Calendar September


October 2014 - Priscila Rubira

Carnival Calendar October

November 2014 - Tatiana Vasques

November Carnival Calendar 2014

December 2014 - Nathalia Fernandes

December 2014 Carnival

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