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Brazil Carnival Dates: Get it Right

Brazil Carnival dates  for 2013 will be: February 9th to February 12th!

One of the recurring questions regarding Carnaval in Brazil is to know what are the official dates, since they vary every year.   In order to help your planning, we provided you with the carnaval-dates from 2010 through 2030.  We don’t want you to miss this party time of your life.  But before you check our calendar published below, let´s take a look to understand how these dates were defined and established:

Brazilian Carnaval always happens seven Sundays before Easter Sunday.  As Easter Sunday is between March 22 and April 25, Carnival Sunday varies from year to year, being possible even in February or March. Sunday Easter is set in the following way: we count 14 days from March 22, at the time of the first new moon, and, then, on the first Sunday after we celebrate Easter.   This tradition was definitely set with Gregorian calendar in 1852 set by Gregory XIII for Latin Christian in both hemispheres.  For Catholic followers, Carnival starts on Quinquagesima Sunday or ‘Fat Sunday’ (originated from fat and happy Gods Dionysius, Bacchus and Momo) and lasts for three days.  Ash Wednesday means beginning of Lent, abstention time. 

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Below, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro handing the keys of the city to the Carnaval King - Rei Momo:

carnaval date Brazil

In Brazil, Rio do Janeiro´s Government official date for the commencement of Carnival is the first Saturday before Ash Day (Wednesday).  (The official Carnaval commencement celebration act is promoted by Rio´s mayor, who symbolically handles the Momo King – Rei Momo the ‘city´s keys’, during a festive event, on Saturday. )  The end date is Tuesday.  So the official days of Carnaval festivity in Brazil are Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.   These were the official carnaval-dates we posted below. 

Below a New Video Showing Brazil Carnival Rehearsals:

Another common question regarding the Carnaval calendar in Brazil relates to the days of the week in which samba-schools perform the parades-carnival contest.  The ‘Special Group’ parades in Rio are always held Sunday and Monday, while the so called ‘Access Group’ parades are held Saturday.

Finally, important to note that many of the Carnaval parallel events such as the Rio street marching bands start to warm up to two weeks before the official commencement data.  Therefore, we recommend you to arrive minimally one week in advance so you can party the way locals do.

Samba Dancer Rocinha

 Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by Law

 Rio do Janeiro Dates Carnival 2010 through 2030

2013: February 9th through February 12th --> Its just around the corner Book your hotel!

2014: March 1st through March 4th
2015: February 14th through February 17th
2016: February 6th through February 9th
2017: Feb 25th through Feb 28th
2018: February 10th through February 13th
2019: March 2nd through March 5th
2020: February 22nd through Feb.25

2021: February 13th to Feb.16th
2022: Feb. 26th to March 1st
2023: Feb 18th through Feb 21st
2024: Feb 10th to Feb 13th
2025: March 1st to March 4th
2026: Feb.14th to February 17th
2027: Feb 6th to February 9th
2028: Feb 26th to Feb.29th
2029: February 10th to Feb 13th
2030: March 2nd to March

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