Carnavale de Rio 2011: Rio De Janero Carnival Queen Contest

2011 Rio Carnival Queen & King Contest: Rio Samba City

2011 Rio Carnival Queen & King contest, which happened Thursday, November 19th,  was truly an emotional night. About 3.000 people gathered in Rio´s “Cidade do Samba” – Rio´s Samba City facility, located close to the harbor area to watch the much expected announcement of the new Carnival court.

The event started as the press members arrived and gather to mingle amongst themselves.  They too where placing their bets on who would win the disputed titles: Rio 2011 Carnival Queen and Princess, which had 8 candidates, and the Momo Carnival King, which had 5 candidates.

Below, an example of contestant presentatation in HD:

Slowly, family members, supporters and fans of the Queen and Princess candidates also started to position themselves close to the front stage.  Family members came in all ages: mothers of the carnival muses to be, kids, and even grandparents of more than 80 years old.

Below, a fabulous picture of Bianca Ferreira: 2011 Carnival Rio Queen

bianca ferreira carnival queen

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

The event was organized with the following format:  First the 8 Carnival Queen candidates would do a joint warm-up presentation with the Carnival King candidates.  Here, they would do their samba routines with appropriate samba-bikinis.  Officially, there were three important criteria for the selection process:  overall beauty / grace, sympathy, and samba dance abilities, evidently.   Communication skills were very important too, according to the judging panel.   

During this first round where all candidates danced the samba on the stage, many of my press colleagues already had decided on their 3 “winners”, at the photographers’ pit.   It was kind of funny, since many of them had a different rumor or gossip to talk about, explaining why candidate “X” or “Y”, would win.   Many backstage and conspiracy theories were placed…understandably:  The Official Rio 2011 Carnival Queen would receive R$ 20.000,00, while the 1st and 2nd Princesses would receive 15.000,00 (about US $ 7.000,00) each.

After the presentation of the Carnival King candidates, finally came the cheerful moment everyone was expecting.

Below we see Jessica Maia at her individual presentation at the runway!

 2011 rio Carnival

Below, the bikin video warm up of the Queen of Rio Carnival Contest:

Each of the Carnival Queen candidates would present themselves individually at the stage.   Here, they would wear specially designed Carnival costumes which could cost incredible 5 digit numbers.   Some of these tailor made carnival divas costumes, according to some sources, cost 15 thousand US dollars.   During this individual presentation, Queen Candidates were asked some questions about carnival and then invited to present their samba routine in one minute, with those glamorous carnival costumes.   At this time, overall crowd and especially family members went wild cheering for their candidates.

Details of the Carnival Costumes were extremely well made!

Carnival boots

These individual presentations followed an order, which we will reproduce below:

1- Jéssica Maia de Freitas, 27 years old

2- Isabella Magacho Picanço, 33 years old

3- Graciele Souza Ferreira, 28 - years old

4- Talita Martins Del Castilhos, 28 - years old

5- Bianca Salgueiro Ferreira, 22 years old

6- Suzan Maria Souza Gonçalves, 24 years old

7- Verônica Silva de Oliveira, 29 years old

8- Andréa Martins Machado,30 years old

Below, another presentation which enchanted the foreign press; Gracielle

Graciele Rio 2011 Carnevale

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Many the samba performances with the full carnival costumes were spectacular.  Local and foreign press were amused with the colors and intensity of the samba dance routines, but most of all, by the exuberance of the costumes.   The foreign press was also puzzled with the disclosure of some of the professions of the samba candidates:  Isabella Picanço, candidate # 2, for example, is a Police Inspector in Rio de Janeiro, working at the Homicide division.  Suzan Maria Souza Gonçalves, in the other hand, part of being a great samba dancer, is a math teacher and is working on her Engineering Degree… Interesting, no?!!

After the individual presentations, the crowd was in full anxiety and temperature was high.   A samba show provided by Dudu Nobre, a local samba singer, came in the right time to relieve the pressure until the final result was presented.  The show lasted for one-hour.

The first official announcement was made towards the Momo King:  31 years old bank account manager Milton Rodrigues was made for the 5th time 2011 Rio Carnival Momo King.  Many applauded, but much of the crowd was expecting another candidate…At this moment, everyone present at the “Cidade do Samba”, including fans, candidates ‘families and press members were really expecting the final Rio 2011 Queen of Carnival decision.

Below we see the final Rio 2011 Carnival Court!

2011 Rio carnival court

From left to Right: Bianca Ferreira Queen, Milton R, - Momo King, Jessica Maia , 1st Princess, and Isabella Picanço, 2nd Princess of 2011 Rio Carnival.

And it was made.  First, the two Rio Carnival Princesses were announced:  the gorgeous Police Officer Isabella Picanço was made the 2nd Princess of Rio Carnival.  She was almost cried and couldn´t believe it!  Jessica Maia, former 2009 Rio Carnival Queen was made the Rio´s 2011 Official Carnival Princess.  Finally, the moment the 3000 samba ad carnival lovers were waiting to hear...”The new 2011 Rio Carnival Queen is Bianca Ferreira!” shouted the presenter.  

At this time, all candidates cried, just like in Miss Universe contest and the samba exploded at the runway with the carnival court in full ecstasy!  

Below:  See an spectacular video of the samba routines!!


Congratulations for the beautiful spectacle!!

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