Caso Rosa Centro Cultural Laranjeiras Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Casa Rosa Centro Cultural constitutes itself as one of landmark constructions in the history of Laranjeiras neighborhood, noble region in the city of Rio de Janeiro.   The legendary mansion also remains as a vivid dream for those who had their sensual initiation done in one of its famous rooms.    The appropriately named “pink house”, or Casa Rosa in Portuguese,  hosts today a lively artistic center which investigates and promotes the Brazilian cultural identity.

Below, a photo of the Casa Rosa :

Casa ROsa Photo Laranjeirias

Photo Credit: Casa Rosa

The manor was built in the early part of last century as high class brothel, focused to please Rio de Janeiro cornels, politicians, and rich businessmen.   The cabaret would work until the mid eighties, period in time when it already faced a decline in its operation and consequent closing.  During the glorious days, it would be also common to find rich adolescents brought in by their fathers, for initiation rituals.  Many of those youngsters now older, experience a full myriad of emotions when re-entering the mansion.

In the 1990´s, Casa Rosa Centro Cultural re-opened its saloons, this time as an incipient cultural center.   In these days, different kinds of independent Brazilian music started to be presented there, such as forró, samba, jongo, and maracatú.   The events, always focused on the promotion of root based popular culture, attracted then a new kind of public, needy of new cultural attractions.   This success made possible a new phase of Casa Rosa in 2004, when the mansion became officially a cultural entity by the hands of a small group of friends, supporters and associates.

The old brothel went through a major renovation in order to accommodate this new audience, maintaining though, the existing architectural structure, as well as historic concept of the mansion.

Today, Casa Rosa became a new reference for Cariocas and foreign tourists, who want to taste Rio´s new local scene.   During week days, the mansion serves the local community with several lectures and workshops, ranging from Capoeira to poetry.

During weekends, Casa Rosa hosts a varied musical calendar which presents samba, forró, rock, Brazilian Popular Music ( MPB ) and regional sounds, groomed and mixed with an independent flavor.   On Sundays, Casa Rosa hosts one of Rio´s most hyped feijoadas, ( stew of beans ) , starting 5 PM accompanied with live samba and samba-rock performances.  One of the latest sensations is a band called Bandeira 2, who always playes there on Sundays.

Casa Rosa is located at the Laranjeiras neighborhood in the South Zone ( Zona Sul ) at Rua Alice,  550, in RIO de JANEIRO.

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