Map Rio Janeiro – Mapa Sambodromo Brazil

To find a Sambadrome map that depicts with accuracy Rio´s Sambadrome may not be an easy task.   In many of them, you simply cannot understand where are the Sectors, where is the beginning or the ending.   For this reason, we placed below 5 different kinds of Sambadrome maps so you can have a better idea.   In the first set, we placed the Sambadrome Maps where their direction was facing east, in the sense the parade runway / or ending would be at the right side.  It will be easier to follow since the Praça da Apoteose, (Apotheosis Square ) , which marks the Parade End, is symbolized by a great M shaped sculpture.

Below, a video off SECTOR 1 of the Sambadrome, where Samba-schools warm up.:

Sambadrome Rio Map 1:

See below the first of the 4 Rio Sambadrome Maps we re-printed so you can visualize the samba complex in Rio and all of its sectors.  Sectors 1, Sector 3, Sector 5, Sector 7, Sector 9, Sector 11 and Sambadromo Sector 13 can easily be seen in very light brown and  yellow. 
 Samba Map
Sambadrome Map 2 Rio de Janeiro:

This second Sambodromo Map displayed below shows the Samba Run Way view from left to Right.  The Sambadrome in Rio is also called Sambodromo in Portuguese or “Marquês de Sapucaí”.    The Sambadrome Special Boxes – VIP area,  can be seen below represented in a long yellow thin rectangle, as “Camarotes Sector 2”, as an example.

 Rio janeiro Maps

Sambadrome Map 3 Rio de Janeiro:

Below, another Sambadrome Map written in Portuguse and English is shown.  This Sambadromo Map however, displays us a different perspective.   This Marques de Sapucaí Map shows the aerial perspective/ view as if you were located at the beginning of the samba complex, and could see until the end of the parade runway, which is facing north.  The other nice aspect of this Rio Sambadromo Map is its 3 dimensional perspective. Carnival Open Boxes, or Open Stalls, also called as Frisas in Portuguese, are represented in this map in pink.

Sama Pa

Sambadrome Map 4 Rio de Janeiro:

 Finally, this last representation of the Samba Avenue in Rio de Janeiro has a different perspective.   The Sambodromo Map is shown from South to North, as if the beginning of the parade was the lowest portion of the image and the ending of the parade represented at the top of the page.   You will clearly recognize the Apotheosis Square below, represented by a large “M” shaped structure.  Sambadrome Sector 9 is colored in Pink and the Open Stall tickets  also called as Open Boxes, are painted in light blue in this Samba Map below. 


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