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Rio Samba Dance Show Groups for Hire

Who has never dreamed of filming in Rio de Janeiro, with the Top Samba dancers of Brazil, with full feathered costumes, samba drummers, security, carnival sculptures and adornments?     Brazil Carnival Ooah! is proud to announce that it has officially partnered with G.R.E.S União da Ilha do Governador Samba-School, winner of 2011 "Estandarte de Ouro - Golden Standard, to promote & produce Top Samba Shows in Brazil.

União da Ilha do Governador is a very traditional Samba-school in Rio, and was founded on March 7, 1953. Recently,they have presented marvelous carnival parades.  The last one, revolved around Darwin´s epic journey into the origins of life and was entitled: "O Mistério da Vida", translated to "The Mystery of Life".

Samba Show Dance Team

Photo Credit: Glaicon Emrich/ Uniao da Ilha

In terms of their Samba Show team, Uniao da Ilha Samba team has traveled to Argentina, Chile, China and several states within Brazil in several formats of shows in terms of sizes and production.  The samba dancers were hand-picked by União da Ilha Samba Show Choreographer, Claudinho, and are only approved after rigorous samba testing and extreme professional aspects, such as punctuality, reliability, and corporate commitment.  

Their samba show team has made over thousands of presentations since the foundation of the samba-school itself, and now offers several different types of samba shows.  Below we see some of the samba shows presented by this top team.

Rio Samba Shows for Hire


Traditional Samba Shows of Passistas – Samba Dancers in Rio

 Pocket Show

 Medium Sized Show

 Full Production Show

Queen of Carnival – Top Samba Dancers Elite Team

 Drummers  - Samba Drumming Workshop

This professional team of samba dancers involves not only dancers, but a full team of make-up artists, production assistants, scenography artists, as well as samba drummer masters – “mestre de bateria”.

These samba shows and performances can be tailored to meet your shooting and filming event.   The samba performances can be made in an indoor environment or outdoor, depending on your needs.   Every aspect of the “samba portion” will be catered, including the transport of the samba show members, food, and security.   This way you can concentrate the prime objective of your presentation, ceremony, event, and/or shooting.

Examples of Samba Group Contract Hiring

? International shooting for movies, TV series, documentaries

? Ads, promotional commercials

? Corporate Events

? Trade shows, like Automobile, Boat Shows, Machinery, etc.

? Feijoadas - Carnival Beans Stew

? Ceremonies and Awards – presentations to enrich and entertain the audience

? Celebrations and Weddings in Rio de Janeiro, or country-side, like farms, estates, etc…

? VIP Boxes in racing events, for cars, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Below we see some of our passistas!

Samba Passistas

Another competitive advantage of this team of União da Ilha Samba Show team, is that they have travelled to many countries and are aware of the International standards corporations are used to, in termos of discipline, timing, organization and high-level of specializaton.

União da Ilha Samba-School, jointly with Brazil Carnival Shop, inclusively assisted a Dubai based media production company, which filmed in July a TV-Series called "Samba" for Arab speaking countries.  The photos of this giant international production can be seen below, and was considered a huge success, by all parties envolved.   All of our Samba Shows are fully produced with costumes specialists, make-up artists, production assistants, experienced samba drummers and full support staff!

We hope we can somehow fulfill your requests.   Send us your needs and we guarantee to supply you with a detailed quote for free in 24 hours. 

Brazil Carnival Shows

Brazil Carnival Ooah! & União da Ilha Samba Team:  Fullfing your carnival fantasy

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