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Samba-School Rehearsals: Getting Ready For Samba Dance 

One of the most exciting Carnaval Events in Rio is to visit the Samba-School rehearsals Tour.  ( If you don´t know what they are, please take a look at our Brazil Carnival Frequently Asked Question section – FAQ,  where we thoroughly explain them.) Following the Carnaval fever, is offering a personalized samba service for tourists visiting Rio.

 Watch below a brand new video to see what to expect at São Clemente Rehearsal


Samba Rehearsal Service

Photo Credit - Agencia FOTO BR- Alexandre Vidal

  • 2 way transfer from Hotel, Hostel, Apartment to the Samba-School facility and back;
  • One courtesy drink - Make Your Reservation with now!
  • Separate VIP Box located at the upper floor of the Samba School rehearsal facility
  • Registered VAN / Tour Bus with air-conditioner & professional driving
  • Van will pick up tourists at around 11:00 PM
  • Samba Rehearsal Tour approximate total time 2:30/3:00 hours.
  • Service provided every Saturday- Until Carnaval 2010
  • Samba Rehearsal is conducted in a closed club - extremely safe area.


Here, another example of a Samba School Practice at Estacio de Sá:

The samba rehearsal is an excellent way to start getting acquainted with the Brazilian Carnival.

At the rehearsals, you can listen the impressive power of the drum section, with more than 40 percussionists.

Service Samba Rehersal 

Photo Credit - Agencia FOTO BR- Alexandre Vidal

You will also be able to watch the beautiful choreography of the samba school flag bearer and master of ceremony, swiftly dancing through the samba court, presenting the school´s flag and tradition.   Another interesting activity is the samba dance itself, performed by community dancers. During these dry runs, community members and invitees take the opportunity to practice the samba routine steps.  Finally, all members at the rehearsal practice the singing of the samba parade theme lyrics, so everyone is in tune with the official interpreter and drum section.

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Rehearsal Samba Rio

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