Rio Carnival Queens

Brazil Divas and Goddesses of Brazilian Carnival: Learn They Role

Brazil Muses and Queens are integral part of the Brazilian Carnaval show.  They have an important role and we could not imagine the parades in Brazil without their beauty and elegant dances.   Many who are not familiar with the Carnival culture of Brazil may suppose they are only there to show-off great bodies, but that is not their cultural purpose. Their magic is much more powerful than mortals like us can suppose.  On this page we are introduced through videos, photos and texts, to the elegance and glamour of these Queens.

Watch below two exclusive videos of a true Carnival Muses, in their full majesty!

Some say they are capable to hypnotize and cast a spell in unattentive hearts.  We have seen Carnival Goddesses and Queens during some carnivals "stealing" part of the show, because of their incredile performances.

Below we see the lovely Thatiana Pagung who has inspired me to keep thinking of the Carnival festivity as the most wonderful popular event of the world!

Tatiana Pagung pic


Samba historians have said that the figure of Brazilian samba muses go back to the beginning of Rio´s official Carnival celebrations.  In 1950, Elvira Pagã was elected the first Rio Carnival Queen through a contest arranged by the ACC – the Carnival Journalists Association.   The Drums Queen element on the other hand, was introduced in the 1970´s, and popularized in the 80´s.

Below we see the wonderful Leticia Guimaraes, Official Rio Queen of Carnival 2014 Marvelous!

Some Carnaval historians point out that the first real Carnival Drum Queen was the Brazilian model Monique Evans, when she paraded with great sensuality, energy and passion in front of Mocidade Independente´s Drum Section, in 1985.  Others still state that the first Queen of the Drums, was Nanana Meirelles, the mother of today´s President of Estação Primeira de Mangueira Samba-School.

Below, the Queen of Drums, or in Portuguese Rainha de Bateria from Unidos da Tijuca samba School, Adriane Galisteu, which celebrated 15 parades in 2010!

De Adriane Galisteu

Photo Credit: Alexandre Vidal form Agencia FOTO BR Team

Legendary Samba Muses include Luiza Brunet, Adriane Galisteu, Luiza Brunet, Nana Gouvea, astonishing Juliana Paes, Thatiana Pagung, and recently Sabrina Sato, Grazi Massafera, Alessandra Mattos, Fabia Borges and glorious Viviane Araujo to name a few.

At, we deeply respect the impact these Muses represent at the parades in Rio and understand all their devotion to the Samba-Schools they represent.   Carnaval Muses in Brazil are not objects for desire.  They bring glamour, color and cultural energy to the show.   We believe these wonderful women not only impress society with their exotic dances but enrich this magical festival, whether as parades high-lights-“destaques”, or in front of the Baterias, the Drums Sections

Below, one of the most astonishing muses of the Brazilian Carnival, Fabia Borges former queen from Rocinha.  As you can see, she has the power to hypnotize even the most experienced samba lover!

Top Brazil Model Fabia Borges

Photo Credit: Alexandre Vidal form Agencia FOTO BR Team

Every month, will pay homage to these fabulous queens and elect a Carnival Muse.   Apart from posting high quality photos of these artisits we will also provide a brief biography and present their Carnaval experience.  Also, we will always be adding newly elected Queens that are presented by the samba-schools and specialized media. We surely don´t want that these important figures to be forgotton in the History of samba and the Carnaval from Brazil.

Divas of Rio Carnival Parade:

Below, all the energy and samba passion of Alessandra Mattos former queen from Estacio de Sá Samba-School

Alessandra Mattos Muse from  Estacio

Above we can see a fantastic photo of  Muse Alessandra Mattos in a vibrating moment at Rio de Janeiro Samba Avenue Marquês de Sapucaí, also known as Rio´s Sambadrome or Sambódromo taken Alexandre Vidal/ FOTO BR Agency: Alexandre Vidal, Ari Versiani, Fernando Azevedo, Levy Ribeiro, Luiz Alvarenga.

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