Alessandra Mattos- Brazilian Carnival Queen

Alessandra Mattos - Carnival Queen


On this page of Brazil Carnival BR, you will be able to read the profile of Queen of Drums Alessandra Mattos, watch an official video and see up-dated photos of this astonishing muse.  Have fun while you read and inform yourself!  You will surprise yourself to know she has three kids!!

Watch below new video where Alessandra dances with a special Body Paint at her last rehersal in 2011.

Today we will describe the marvelous beauty of Alessandra Mattos - Muse of the Brazilian Carnival & former Queen of Drums for Estácio de Sá Samba-School and today Super Star for Imperio da Tijuca Samba School.  Muse Alessandra Mattos is 32 years old and since her adolescence, dreamt in participating of the Brazilian carnival parades in Rio do Janeiro.     She would watch the carnival parades through TV as her parents would travel to the beaches for vacations.   The diva then had a chance to parade for with a true samba-school called Estácio de Sá, a very traditional samba-school in Rio when she was 14 years. It was a dream come true which she longed for. 

Below, Alessandra Mattos at a samba event at Estacio de Sa.

Alessandra fotos

Photo Credit: Alessandra Mattos / Estacio de Sá

Alessandra started then to participate in all of the samba rehearsals at Estácio de Sá Samba School and never stopped to parade again.   After intense samba dance training, she was finally invited to become Estácio´s de Sá Queen of Drums in 2005, (Rainha de Bateria) , a very competitive post at the Brazilian Carnival which she holds for 5 years.   Alessandra also parades for another major samba-school in São Paulo called Águias de Ouro, and in 2009, she was also invited to become the Muse for Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School of Rio de Janeiro

Below we see beautiful Alessandra Mattos as a Super Highlight for Imperio da Tijuca Samba-School

Below, the muse shows her samba dancing routines...Many may think this is simple, but it takes hours and hours of training both in samba and also in terms of physical exercises!

Alessandra Fotos


Photo Credit: Alessandra Mattos / Estacio de Sá

The Brazilian Beauty works out twice a week with weights, but believes she has a genetic gift for her built.   Alessandra also goes through regular massage sessions and other cosmetic procedures to maintain the healthy look, especially during carnival.   She also avoids eating any kind of fried food.   When asked about the part of the body men look more, she admits is her thighs and legs.  The Goddess considers the legendary Luma de Oliveira (Queen of Drums of Portela in 2009) , one of the most influential and charismatic Drum Queens ever in Brazil. Alessandra Mattos considers the "A Dança da Lua", from Estácio de Sá 1993, one of the most energetic Samba-Parade theme songs ever performed at Brazil´s carnival.

Below, the beauty at Unidos da Tijuca Samba Rehearsal.

Alessandra Fotos


Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR

The astonishing Carnival DIVA Alessandra became an instant hit at the You Tube in 2008, when she posted a video explaining the make-up preparation process before parading.   The Queen for Estácio de Sá is also a perfect example that Carnival in Brazil goes together with family.   Unbelievably, the muse is a mother of three, Lucas 14, Mateus 8, and Natasha of 6 years old and told us her kids are already demonstrating interests in Samba dancing.   Finally, Alessandra is always participating in charity programs, directed to cancer prevention.  

Good luck Alessandra in 2011 Carnival´s Parade with Imperio da Tijuca!!

Alessandra Fotos

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