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Gracyanne Barbosa - Carnival Queen


The next Brazilian Beauty we will be describing in Brazilian Carnival Goddesses Directory is Gracyanne Barbosa , the new Queen of Drums for Vila-Isabel Samba-School.   The Brazilian brunette has been one of the new sensations of the Rio festivity and cherished by specialized media and the paparazzi.   Although the muse was born at Mato Grosso state, very far from Rio, she has always had an attachment with the Brazilian music.  ( The muse came to Rio when she was only 16 years old.)    Before Gracyanne came into the Carnaval scenario, she was professional dancer and part of a group called “Tchakabum”.    For 2010 Carnival, Gracyanne Barbosa will represent  the  Vila Isabel  samba-school from Rio.  Let´s take a look at her Brazilian Carnival Profile.

Barbosa Gracyanne Vila Isabel

Photo Credit:  Roberto Filho - Vila Isabel

Below, watch the Queen´s rehearsal for the parade:  She seemed very concentrated and happy!

 Gracyanne was natively “not part of the samba world” as she confesses:  “In the beginning it was tough.   My first time as Queen of Drums Section of a samba school was in 2007, with Salgueiro Samba-School.    I was not part of the samba scenario and the people didn´t know about me.   It took me some time to win the community´s trust.”   Even though in was her first year at Rio´s Sambadrome, the brunette accomplished a very impressive parade: Gracyanne reached the limelight and the Brazilian press would praise her excellent parade, sculptural body and strong personality.    This aura paved her way for another giant leap:  the invitation to join the most traditional samba-school in Brazil, Mangueira.

Below, Gracyanne in her 2009 Carnival Costume with Mangueira

Barbosa Gracyanne Mangueira 2009

Photo Credit: Estacao Primeira Org.

Still part of the musical group as a dancer, Gracy as she is also called,  was crowned in 2008 for the highly disputed post of Drum Section Queen for traditional Mangueira Samba School.  After the crowning event at Mangueira, the Carnival goddess stated: “It has been a wonderful time for me, but the initial steps are always difficult.   We have to mingle slowly and gently, so the interaction with the Mangueira community is made in a natural form.    Being the Queen, is a synonym to the bonfire of vanities for any woman.    This seems even tougher for those who represent the heart of a samba-school , which is the samba percussion section.”

Gracy at Vila Isabel Samba-Rehearsal

Barbosa Gracyanne Fotos

Photo Credit;  Vila-Isabel - Divulgação

Although Gracyanne had always a very strong built, her samba-dance routines were very well rated by several Carnival experts.    The Brazilian dancer was applauded at Mangueira-Samba-School, and the fact she never missed a samba-rehearsal  proved her professionalism.   The result was a second invitation in 2009 to parade with Mangueira-Samba-School also a huge success.    Still in 2009, Gracy was invited to become Godmother of a samba-school from Sao Paulo state called Império da Casa Verde.

Beauty Routines

To maintain her impressive body, the Brazilian brunette follows rigorous schedule.   Since everyone has asked about her fit, we decided to reproduce one interview she made detailing her beauty routines:

About her Physical Exercises
Gracy works out regularly every day.   She does weight training, aerobics, and stretching.

Food Diet

The brunette is disciplined with her diet.   She eats every three hours and its menu is composed primarily of carbohydrates, proteins and salads.

Gracyanne in her 2008 Mangueira-Samba-School Parade.

Fotos Gracyanne

Photo Credit: Estacao Primeira Org.

For skin care
Daily, uses sunscreen SPF 15 at her face and  SPF 60 at the beach.   The muse also does regular massage sections.

“Since I thought would be more proportional to my body shape, I decided for a breast silicone implant of 300 ml.”

Finally in 2010, Gracyanne will face a new challenge.    She was hired for the blue and white samba-school called 
Vila Isabel  samba-school. The expectations are high, due to her past 3 successes at Rio´s Sambadrome.   The muse stated a few weeks ago about her positive anxiety to join the new school.   "I am very happy to go to  Vila Isabel samba-school. It's a new school for me and clearly a new challenge. I will defend the colors with all my strength.   My new mission now is to make sure I ´m well received by the community.  This is my mission right now.” 


As we can see, Gracy came from a different background and evolved to an important presence in Rio´s Carnival scene.  Good Luck in your 2010 parade with Vila-Isabel.   We are sure it will be an enormous success one again.

Personal Life:

Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa was born in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul State, in September 1982 .   She started her professional carrier as a dancer and became famous after joining a Brazilian musical group called “Tchakabum”.

The Beauty will marry this year the famous Brazilian pagode music singer Belo.   The 26 year old model works out several hours a day with heavy weights and has a special nutritional routine.   She also loves going to the beach and watching soccer matches. 

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