Brazilian Queen of Carnival Fabia Borges

Fabia Borges - Carnival Queen


Today we will talk about one of the most charming Goddesses of Brazilian Carnaval; Drum Queen Fabia Borges.    Fabia´s relationship with Brazil´s Carnaval is probably one of the oldest amongst Carnival Muses since her mother called Juju Maravilha, was a respected samba-school Flag Bearer  - porta-bandeira for Unidos da Tijuca Samba School (a traditional samba-school in Rio.)   The Muse started to parade when she was only 5 years old, dancing samba in the kids section of the Nilopolis based samba-school Beija-Flor, her mother’s first Samba-School.    Then, her mother Juju Maravilha, was invited to become the Flag-Bearer ( Porta Bandeira) for Unidos da Tijuca Samba School, and the beauty also joined the traditional samba-school. 

Below we see the astonishing Carnaval Diva , between two percussionists in a samba-show offered by Rocinha to a luxury mall in Rio called Fashion Mall.

Carnaval Musas Fabia Borges

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by law.

Since Carnaval was literally a family question, Fabia would participate in all samba-rehearsals and events since she could remember.   Once she told the press her mother used to keep an eye on her when she was still very young, because of her precocious body: “My mother was right about being worried.  I have this body since I was 13".


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Fabia always wears beautiful costumes.  The one we see below was from the 2009 parade at Academicos da Rocinha, where she is seen in front of "her" Drum Section.

Fabia Borges Exclusive

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by law.

Fabia would debut as an adult at the Sambadrome runaway in 1996, when she dressed a small carnival bikini-type costume.   She also mentioned, even though she was wearing a small costume, she felt comfortable, since she had never had problems with this kind of issue.    She also stated that during that another parade, she had to change herself “in front of everyone at the Sambadrome”, since she arrived late at the concentração – parade meeting point.   The muse was positively surprised that no one overlooked her, since everybody already respected her because of her Carnaval career.    After parading a few years at Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School, Fábia Borges was invited to become the Carnaval Drum Queen for the Acadêmicos da Rocinha Samba-school, where she has supported since 2006.

Below, a perfect picture from photographer Alexandre Vidal, at the crowning ceremony in 2007.  For new samba readers, this is the moment where the Carnival Muse receives the crown from the samba school president and pledges allegiance to the samba-school flag.  We can clearly see all her passion and devotion to Rocinha and to the carnaval culture.

Exclusive Fabia Borges

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by law.

According to the Brazilian press, the Goddess of Carnaval Fabia Borges has been invited to pose for a men’s magazine several times in the past, but didn’t accept since her former husband (Fabia divorced in 2007) used to be very jealous.     Today, the beauty re-affirms she would have no problem posing.      Apart from her carnival profession, Fabia Borges used to be a sales manager for a company in Spain, where she lived for many years.    The Goddess goes to the beach whenever she can and works out several hours per week to maintain her physical fit.    When asked about her favorite exercise, she appoints regular running & indoor biking sessions.

Below, another magnificent photo of the lovely muse by Alexandre Vidal at Rocinha ´s official samba-rehearsal.

Exclusive goddesses of carnaval

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by law.

Drum Queen Fabia regularly participates at the samba-rehearsals promoted by Acadêmicos do Rocinha Samba-School in Rio, where she has the chance to practice her dance routines, as well as meet the samba- school´s supporters.

Rocinhas´s Muse once created an instant havoc with other Carnival beauties from Rio when she stated that all Drums Queens “hated each other.”    We can surely imagine, since we know this is one of the most prestigious posts at the Carnaval of Brazil, and competition can be tough.    The Brazilian model is now 28 years old, but looks far less.    She has proportionate measures: 1,68 cm, 92 cm hips; and weighs 50 kilos in body full of soul and magic.  In my personal opinion, Fabia is one of the most marvelous and graceful Carnival muses in Brazil!  Congratulations for being a wonderful samba dancer and passionate Carnaval Queen!

Below, another interesting pose to all samba fanatics! The Goddess is wearing a butterfly costume since it´s Rocinha symbol.

Goddesses of Carnaval Fabia Borges

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by law.

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