Cardoso Ellen – Carnival Da Mulher Moranguinho na Tuiuti

Ellen Cardoso

Following the example of many performers, Brazilian dancer Ellen Cardoso a.k.a. Mulher Moranguinho ( which means Strawberry in Portuguese ) , became too a Carnival Queen for a Samba-School in Rio de Janeiro.    The 31 years old brunette dancer decided to parade formally in Rio de Janeiro´s Carnival for the first time in 2008.  Ellen Cardoso, who observed great success in 2008 when she joined a Funk Group called "MC Creu", stated in several interviews that one of her dreams as an entertainer was to participate in a true Samba parade and it would be a “great honor to take part in that opportunity”.    At that year, nobody knew exactly which samba-school she would support, but her dream was close to come true.

Below, Ellen Cardoso 2010 Carnival by Flavia Almeida from Fuxico Terra.

da Mulher Moranguinho foto

During that year, the carnival gossip almost announced the astonishing Funk dancer as the Carnival Queen for the Niteroi based samba-school called Porto da Pedra Samba School.   After much speculation, in November 2008, Ellen Cardoso was officially presented as the Drum Queen for Paraiso do Tuiuti,.   

Below you will see an interview muse Ellen Cardoso gave in 2010, right before entering the Carnival parade!


the Paraiso do Tuiuti is not part of Rio´s Special League ( the top and most important Carnaval Association in Rio ), the samba-school is also very traditional and dates back to the 1954.  Paraiso do Tuiuti Samba-school is settled at São Cristovão neighborhood in Rio and its official colors are blue and yellow.  (Estação Primeira de Mangueira Samba-School is its "Godmother" samba-school. )

Below we see the marvelous Mulher Moranguinho in photo at Paraíso do Tuiuti - Divulgação

Cardoso Ellen foto da mulher moranguinho

The professional performer used her dancing skills to learn the samba routines in November and December 2008, so that when the 2009 Carnival parade came, she would be in shape.    The muse also stated in another interview she was totally impressed with the size of Rio ´s Carnival structure, which she labeled as “pharaohnic”, much different from Salvador´s Carnaval. 

Cardoso Ellen da mulher moranguinho

Above, in photo of Ricardo Almeida, the muse in Carnival

On 2010, the Brazilian beauty was supposed to parade for the prestigious samba-school Portela, the oldest and with the greatest number of Carnival Championships, but at the last minute gave up and decide to join forces with Porto da Pedra samba-school.    She stated "I was not going to take part of Rio´s Carnival due to my tour schedule.   But I took part of Porto da Pedra ´s technical rehearsal at Rio´s Sambadrome and became totally delighted!" 

Minutes before entering Rio´s Sambadrome for the 2010 Carnival, Ellen Cardoso revealed during an interview that she is extremely superstitious on special occasions:  She would always wear red underpants to repel evil spirits.   The reporter asked the beauty queen to show and indeed she was not lying:  Under her blue and silver carnival costume, she was wearing her red luck amulet.  On this parade, Mulher Moranguinho , or Strawberry Woman,  came dressed as Madame Rose Bertin, from France, evolved as a floor high-light, a very prestigious post.

Although the muse took part in Rio´s Carnaval, she was born in São Paulo and was discovered 3 years ago by a local Carioca funk MC, called MC Créu.   She gained then instant fame after many dancing performances in 2008.  

Below, on an excluisive photo shoot for Extra, Ellen Cardoso dressed up for a carnival ball:

 ellen cardoso

Keep on your samba & carnival career and good luck in your next parades!

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