Carnival Rio Girls Queen Shayene Cesario

Shayene Cesário: Eternal Diva & Former Rio Carnival Queen

Below will be able to learn the Carnival and Samba career of Shayene Cesario, a Brazilian Carnival celebrity.  In 2012, she paraded as Musa for Portela Samba School.  You will be able to watch videos of Shayene, great photos, and all about her career.

Rio Carnival Girls Queen


Let´s get to know this Carnival Goddess a bit more: Shayene Cesário is a 27 years old model and law student born in Rio de Janeiro.  The lovely Brazilian brunette has indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots, which clearly constructed that extraordinary look. 

Below, a recentwith Estacio de Sa Queen 2011: 

The Carnaval Goddess was raised in the traditional São Carlos neighborhood and started to parade at the early age of 8 with Estácio de Sá Samba School in Rio.  Here we see the charm of Shayene when she was the Queen of Estacio Sá Samba.



When the Official Rio de Janeiro Queen and Princess Contest was over, Shayene Cesário could never imagine she would be crowned the Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, winning over 12 other contenders.   The decision was made by a judging panel that considered several attributes for the final scores, including samba dance, overall charisma, sympathy, body elegance and facial expressions.

Below, Shayene when she was the 2009 Princess.


Above, the magical Shayene!


As part of her attributes of Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, Shayene Cesário will participate in a series of carnival balls, visit several samba rehearsal promoted by traditional samba schools like Unidos da Tijuca, Mangueira, Salgueiro, Portela, together with the other members of the carnival court in Rio: Talita Martins and Suellen Pinto, the two Carnival Princesses, and Momo King Milton Rodrigues. 

Below, Jorge Pelingeiro announces the 2010 Rio Carnival Queen: What a thrill!  This Carnaval Contest costume costed more than US$ 20.000,00

Shayene Cesario Queen

Those who think this marketing pampering campaign is just posing may be unadvised: The Rio Carnival Girls promotion marathon is extremely strenuous and fatiguing.  As an example of a classic carnival promotional event, the Rio de Janeiro Mayor hands the “city´s keys” to Carnival court and officially opens the carnival festivity.

Below, the Shayene Queen along with the Carnval King and Princesses and Tijuca President Fernando Horta.

Queen 2010 CArnival

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected By Law

But who said Shayene Cesário is only appealing to the eyes?  Shayene is finishing her Law School and will become a full lawyer in one year.  The new Rio Carnival Queen worked for two years as an intern at the Public Attorney in Rio, where she had a good chance to learn a bit of the profession’s routine.

Below, the samba dance routines were also evaluated at this concurred pageantry contest!  And nobody could avoid the looks!

CArnival Contest

Photo Credit: Divulgação RIOTUR

To maintain the amazing fit, Shayene Cesário works out everyday and also practices martial arts.  Shayene Cesário has nearly perfect measures: 5.74 feet (1, 75 m ) and 143 pounds ( 65 kg) in a proportional waist line.   Apart from parading in Rio´s Sambadrome, Shayene also paraded in São Paulo, where she enjoyed great success.   She also stated during an interview she does her cycling exercise even when she is at home watching TV!

Below, the full 2010 Carnaval court when they were officially awarded: What a party!

Rio Queen 2010

Finally, after Rio´s Carnival was over, some Brazilian press news agencies have speculated the Brazilian brunette is almost concluding a deal with a famous men´s magazine, for a sensual editorial.  I am sure Shayene Cesario will be one of Brazil´s 2010 next celebrity for everything she represents: her simple ways, her friendly smile, her colorful ethnic background and spontaneous personality.

Another close shot of the friendly new sensation of Brazil:

Shayene Cesario Muse

Photo Credit:  Shayene Cesario

For all of the reasons I described below, I genuinely consider Shayene one of the top new Carnival Muses in Brazil that should be announced and presented to the entire Samba world!

Good luck in 2013 and congratulations for your samba roots!

Below, a fantastic photo of Roger, in the 2010 Contest.  Congratulations Roger for this picture too! The light will surely glow with Shayene and make her all her dreams come true!

Sheyene by Roger

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly / Academia do Samba

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