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Carnaval Experience:  Carol Castro is another Muse we will be describing in our Carnival Queens Directory. through photos, texts and videos in HD.  Although this Brazilian actress had always been a lover of samba and carnaval, her first chance to participate in a true Carnival Parade happened in 2005 and 2006.  

And what a luck we had to see her on her first parade!  I´ll explain why:  Normally the Drum Queen post is reserved for very experienced celebrities or samba dancers.  When asked to explain her carnaval parading experience; she said: “It´s a surreal experience, I can´t explain it, it’s like jumping off a plane with parachutes: you have to experiment it, can´t describe it.  I always liked samba since I was a kid, I always had ‘Negro’ blood in my veins. ”

Below, we see Carol Castro in her 2006 parade with Salgueiro Samba School, she was only 20!

Castro Carol Carnival brazil

Photo Credit: João Miguel Junior - Contigo

Carol was invited to become Salgueiro Samba-School Drum Queen at the age of 20, with no previous participation.   She stated. “I was not expecting it, but I think it´s cool when the invitation doesn´t come through the easy way, which is when you are playing a sexy role.  In the soap opera, I play a character girl that doesn´t belong the inner circle of a fictitious samba-school”.   Carol´s presentation was a huge success, and was applauded even by the most conservative critics.  During that year, Carol took part of many samba rehearsals at Salgueiro, the samba-school she supports.  She would work her samba routines with the Bateria Drum Section, conducted by Mestre Marcão.    

In 2009, when Salgueiro was the Carnival Champion in Rio she declared: “Congratulations Red and White!  My red and white heart is beating stronger.”    

Carol in her 2006 carnival Parade below:

Castro carol Carnival

As many Carnival experts say, Salgueiro was very brave with the invitation of Carol for the post, since she had no previous experience.  The samba school is famous for always presenting charistmatic and famous carnival queens suchs as Viviane Araujo and Gracyanne Barbosa.

We have to thank both Carol  and Salgueiro´s Directors for such a successful carnaval experience and brilliant participation.   Way to go & keep your Salgueiro passion alive!

Short Biography:  Carol was born in March 10th, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro.   Being a daughter of Luca de Castro, an actor in Brazil, Carol demonstrated acting skills since very early ages, in theater school for kids.   Still in school, at the age of 9 she was already part of theater play.   After minor roles, at the age of 18 Carol signed contract with an important network in Brazil – Globo Network, and started starring in several soap operas such as “Beleza Pura” and “Senhoras do Destino”.    She also participated in a successful Brazilian video clips, such as "Esverdear", by Forroçacana, "Festa", by Ivete Sangalo, and "Morro no Brasil", by Farofa Carioca.  In the theater, the Carnaval also enjoyed great critic and public success, with the award winning Jorge Amado´s play ‘Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands’ play staged in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.   Follows some of Carol Castro´s works on cinema and TV soap operas:

Soap Operas and TV Series:
    * 2003 – “Mulheres Apaixonadas” as  Gracinha
    * 2004 –“Senhora do Destino” as  Angélica
    * 2005 – “Bang Bang”  as  Mercedita Bolívar
   * 2006 –“O Profeta” as  Ruth Ribeiro de Sousa
   * 2007 – “Os Amadores” as  Marta
    * 2008 – “Beleza Pura” as Sheila Cabral Pinto Soares

Below, in two nice shots from Anderson  Borde - Ag. News for Ego, the Muse shows all her passion for Salgueiro at the rehearsals:

Castro Carol Carnival

Cinema - Movies

    * 2003 – “O Caminho das Nuvens”  as Sereia
    * 2004 – “Perigosa obsessão”  as  Mariana
    * 2004 – “ Um show de verão”  as Salete Keli


    * 2008 – “Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos”   Dona Flor


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