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Dani Sperle - Carnival Queen


On this page we will describe through photo and a video, a dazzling Brazilian brunette, who became since 2009, one  of Brazil´s Carnival most cheered and photographed muse.  Dani Sperle paraded in three samba schools in Rio de Janeiro´s carnival in 2009 and 2010 and attracted much attention from specialized media and general public.   Even Rio de Janeiro´s Mayor Eduardo Paes had to pay reverence for her spectacular beauty and shape in the 2009 parade.  The Brazilian muse paraded as a carnival highlight ( “destaque” ) for the ever modern Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel Samba School, next to the famous late carnival producer, Kiko Alves.

Sperle Dani Carnival Queen Brazil Carnival BR

Model Dani Sperle, who lives in Rio de Janeiro,  also supports Paraíso do Tuiuti Samba School, from the Access Group.  The samba school did a very good parade given its financial difficulties with an interesting theme about Rio´s Cassino at Urca.  (They described several Brazilian legends like Grande Otelo, Carmen Miranda, Emilinha Borba, Bing Crosby, Jean Sablon, Martha Eggerth, Pedro Vargas and Edith Piaf performed at the Cassino da Urca in the thirties and forties…)

Below, watch the interview given by the model to Mauricio Krubusly from Rede Globo TV.  She was explaning how come her costume fell during the parade.  She had eventually to revel half naked.  

Astonishing Dani Sperle was also at the center of the carnival hurricane when her carnival costume fell off and she broke a new carnival record, wearing the smallest bit of clothing ever in a Carnival parade. (The previous record was set last year by model Viviane Castro. )  The beautiful model wore a sparkly silver headdress, a necklace, matching arm bands and nothing but a 1.2-inch ( 3 cm ) patch of cloth.  Model Dani Sperle sported her Carnival look in front of 80,000 Sambadrome spectators on Monday morning, but did not lose her pose:  “I was wearing a clothing cover beneath my costume exactly because I didn´t want to show off if anything would happen during the parade.  Vivi used  paint in 2008..” said the 29 years old model Dani Sperle.  The muse already reveled on Rio´s Sambadrome for 6 times.

dahi sperle carnival queen

 In 2010 she reveled for Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel Samba-School from Rio de JAneiro.

For the new Brazilian Carnival muse, the overall results of her carnival parades were extremely positive.  “It was wonderful; everyone enjoyed and praised the parade.  Before I arrived at the Sambadrome, I was feeling very anxious, but as I felt the emotion of the public, all my nervousness simply went away, “she said.

Dani Sperle instantly (and naturally.) attracted fans all around the world with her new carnival outfit and became one of Brazil´s new Carnival Muses.  Brazilian Carnival model Dani Sperle is certainly a name to watch for the next parades.  After the 2009 Carnival, Dani relaxed at Fernando de Noronha Islands, in the Northeast of Brazil, to recover her energies.

Good luck Dani in your new projects!

sperle dani carnaval

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