Jaque Khury São Paulo Carnival Queen

Jaque Khury - Carnival Queen


The next Carnaval Queen in Brazil we will talk with photos and video has about has only a few years with samba, but that doesn´t mean she can´t be considered a true Carnival Muse: the marvelous model & actress from São Paulo Jaque Khury.

This 25 year old model and Drum Queen from Acadêmicos de Tatuapé Samba School is extra-ready for the Carnival marathon in São Paulo.   Jaque Khury has paraded as a Drum Queen for the Acadêmicos do Tatuapé, samba school in 2009 and will parade again in 2010.  The Samba School Acadêmicos do Tatuapé is part of the Access Group in São Paulo, and parades in the Anhembi Sambadrome in Sao Paulo.

Below, the Goddess of Carnival at Gaviões da Fiel, in a Sepia Styled photo edit.

Khury Jaque Goddesses of Carnival

Photo Credit; Iwi Onodera - Revista Quem

Last year in 2009, Jaque Khury stated she had to pause a little bit with the samba rehearsals and work out, due to excessive work: “I was working out with too much weight on, and had several activities on that day.  I was pumping iron and then practicing the samba dance routines too much.  I was feeling bad”, she said during an interview. 

Jaque Khury also reveled for the traditional Gaviões da Fiel Samba School for the second time in São Paulo.  At Gaviões Samba-School though, Jaque will paraded as a high-light, on top of a gigantic Float, which is a prestigious post.   The Brazilian model was seen in several technical rehearsals, including one with Sabrina Sato, another muse from Gaviões da Fiel, which proves her commitment with the samba schools she represents. 


The former reality show contestant and gorgeous model, also said she was very anxious in 2009 with her post as Drum Queen for Acadêmicos do Tatuapé Samba School.  Jaque Khury told reporters in an interview the post is a great honor, but it brings much responsibility.  She concluded this interview by talking about her  Carnaval costume: “I wanted a chic and elegant costume that was not heavy nor too big, but resembled a bikini.”

Jaque shows us there are also Goddesses of Carnival in Sao Paulo, right?

Khury Jaque Muses brazil

Photo Credit: Divulgação Acadêmicos do Tatuapé

This year has been a super year for Jaque Khury.  She has been participating in several TV shows, interviews, and requested for several photo shoots, including Paparazzo, Ego, and VIP.  Jaque was also recently cover-girl for the prestigious Tattoo Brazil Magazine.  Jaque Khury had full 7 page article coverage about her tattoo history.  The result was also a beautiful photo shoot of her tattoos, including her flying dragon on her back.  She was also part of a list put together by VIP Magazine in Brazil, with the 100 Top Sexy Women in the World.  She was also invited to join a new show called Interligado, on Rede TV!

Back to Carnival, below we noted a few comments the Muse made towards her passion and devotion to this spectacular show!

“During the parades, one important concern as a Queen of the Drums Sections is to cheer up the crowd, which is in full expectation.”

“To take part of the Carnival parade is an absurd sensation.  You feel just like a super-star, even though you are not.  It is a wonderful energy!”

“In 2010, I will parade as the Queen of Drums for Acadêmicos does Tatuapé, from the borough I grew up.”I will also take part at Gaviões da Fiel as a highlight!”

Below, the Diva in a samba rehearsal for Tatuapé Samba School at Anhembi Sambadrome.

Khury Jaque Goddesses of Carnival

Photo Credit: Adriano Lima / Futura Press -

Good luck Jaque Khury once again in your two Carnaval Parades in São Paulo! Keep the samba beat!

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