Juliana Alves Carnival Diva from Tijuca Samba

Juliana Alves - Brazilian Carnaval Muse

Juliana Alves is the next diva we will portray in our Goddesses of Brazilian Carnaval Gallery.    The 27 years old Brazilian former professional dancer and actress is the new sensation on the entrainment scenario and is a long enthusiast of the samba and Carnaval. 

Let´s understand how this passion was born.  In an interview, Juliana Alves stated she began listening to classic samba composers like Cartola, Paulinho da Viola, with her father called Sebastião.   According to Juliana Alves, the samba was so embedded within the family that they even had a kind of ‘family anthem’, which was late Gonzaguinha´s famous song called “O que é o que é?"  . 

Watch the thrilling samba dance of Juliana in video at the end of this page.

Alves Juliana Fotos Agencia FOTO BR

Photo Credit - Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal

Juliana is a passionate samba fan and has been literally to all samba-schools ‘quadras’ in Rio, where she practices her samba routines.     The Brazilian Muse actually lives two blocks away from Unidos da Vila Samba-School premises.    In 2004, Juliana was invited to parade as Carnival Muse for traditional samba-school Salgueiro.  Also during that year, she enjoyed great success as full Queen of Drums for Império da Tijuca Samba-School, a coveted position in Brazil Carnaval.  Finally last year, in 2008, Juliana had a chance to present herself in two other samba-schools: Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel and Renascer de Jacarepagua.   In 2009, she was the muse for Vila Isabel Samba-School and Renascer de Jacarepaguá from Rio, and Pérola Negra from São Paulo.  This is what I call Carnaval passion and energy! 

Below, Juliana Alves dances next to composer Martinho da Vila!

Alves Juliana

Photo Credit: Ludavophoto

Even though the diva has rehearsed her samba routines in many samba-schools and joined the parade in at least 6 different samba-schools, when asked which one she supports,  Unidos de Vila Isabel is the answer! Apart from the spirtuall energy the carnaval provides, Juliana also says it helps to keep her physical fit!  After all, samba dancing is extremely calorie burning, and one session can consume up to 550 calories.  Not bad!

Juliana, congratulations for supporting the Carnaval in Brazil and making sure its culture is spread all over the world.

Below, Juliana and her beautiful smile at another Samba-School, Rocinha, during a samba-practice.

Alves Juliana Rocinha

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR

Short Life Biography:
Juliana Alves is a Brazilian actress & model, born May 3rd 1982.  Juliana started her professional life as a dancer.  Later, she gained famed after participating in a reality show in 2003.  She was then invited to join a Globo Network as contract actress.  

She participated then in a many TV series and soap operas.
•    "Chocolate com Pimenta" - 2003.
•     " Mano a Mano". – 2004
•    " Prova de Amor" - 2006
•     " Amazônia, de Galvez a Chico Mendes"  & “Duas Caras" - 2007
•    " Faça sua História", " Casos e Acasos"  “A Grande Família" - 2008
•     " Caminho das Ìndias" – 2009

Below, a fanstastic shot by Quasebart, from the Carnaval Diva Juliana Alves, during the parade dry run. Here she shows that her background as a professional dancer still runs in her veins. 

Quasebart Akves

Photo Credit- Quasebart

Below the beauty and elegance of Juliana in Video at Sao Paulo Sambadrome.


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