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Juliana Portela - Carnival Queen


Juliana Portela is newcomer to the Brazilian Carnival, but not to Portela.  The reason could not be simpler:  the new muse has as its last name the name of the traditional samba-school- "Portela".  The  Brazilian beauty has just been announced two weeks ago as the new Queen of Drums section of the traditional Portela Samba-School from the Madureira neighborhood in Rio. The new Queen of Drums is what the ‘carnival community’ calls in Brazil, a “prata da casa”, which means she was raised within the samba-school´s boundaries.

Please watch Julina Dancing Samba in Video Below

 Below we see Juliana Portela photo:by Ary Versiani


Juliana Portela had previously been a Funk dancer and singer, in a group called “Jaula da Popozudas”.   One of her band mates, Valesca Santos, had trailed this path and became last year (2009) the Drum Queen for another Samba-school in Rio called Porto da Pedra.

Below, a sensational photo of Juliana Portela by a Top Brazilian Carnival photographer Alex Vidal

Juliana Portela New Portela Queen

Juliana Portela has a tough mission, and will replace in 2010 legendary Diva of all Carnival Muses Luma de Oliveira. But she recalls since she had been participating in Samba Rehearsals with Portela since she was a very young, and consequently she will not be disappoint Portela´s fans. During an interview, she stated: “To become a Queen of the Drums Section is a dream coming true. Everyone knows I support Portela Samba-School and attend the practices since I was only a kid. Today, my passion towards the samba-school is acknowledged as I am announced the new Queen.  I am sure I´m representing all sectors of the community, since it was their desire too. In the previous years, there was even a sign up list asking the board of directors to appoint me. Now, I am the Queen, but I still don´t believe!”

Below, an excellent shot of Juliana Portela by Ricardo Almeida at Portela´s samba rehearsal.

Juliana Portela 2010 Queen

During her presentation, Juliana took the opportunity to salute all the samba-school´s board of Directors.  She also commented that Portela Samba-School showed everyone its status as a traditional samba-school which always listens to its community”. Before the final announcement, it was said Jéssica Maia, former Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, would be Portela´s muse. She had even joined one of Portela´s samba rehearsal and samba danced all night. Lastly, Juliana Portela, the new queen, said she would do everything to make sure this important post well represented.

Below, the Portela Queen at the Samba City, by Fernando Azevedo from FOTO BR team.

Juliana Portela Fotos

Juliana was officially crowned as Portela´s Drum Queen Wednesday, December 9th.

Below, the two Brazilian Carnaval Goddesses:  Juliana & Adriane from Tijuca

Juliana Portela Photo & Adriane

Good luck Juliana!

Below we can see a HD video of Juliana Portela, interviewed by TV Litoral, at the 2010 final Carnival Parade  rehearsal.


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