Luiza Brunet - Queen of Queens in Brazil

Luiza Brunet – Queen of All Carnival Queens


Luiza Brunet is the next Brazilian Carnival Goddess we will describe and one of the most famous Drum Queens  - “Rainha de Bateria” of Brazil´s Carnaval.   Model and Brazilian celebrity Luiza Brunet, a passionate Carnival lover, holds the incredible record of 27 years of participation at Brazil s Carnival Sambadrome.   On this article, we will learn a bit more about the career of this astonishing Brazilian, and understand how she became a beauty icon.  We will learn that the Carnival festivity in Brazil, definitely paved her way to national fame: The world was able to see dozens of divas showing off their natural gifts, but very few magnetized crowds like she did.  Let´s see how all this started

Model Luiza Brunet visited Rio de Janeiro ´s Sambadrome for the first time in 1979 when she was still 17 years old:  “I couldn´t imagine one day I would actively participate at the parades.  Incredibly the following year , in 1980, I was invited by Carnival Producer Joãozinho Trinta from Beija-Flor to take part at a parade, as a highlight in a float”.  The star-to- become would visit the parade  again in 1981 as a spectator,  but 1982 she was back to become then an eternal Carnival superstar.

Luiza Brunet Foto Carnaval


Luiza became “Drum Queen”  ( the most important post for women in samba schools) for the first time for legendary Portela Samba School, where she paraded from 1984 until 1993.   The muse was then invited to join Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School, one of the most traditional ones in Brazil. 

At Imperatriz, the brunette showed she also had good fortune since in three years;  1999, 2000 and 2001, the samba-school was acclaimed Carnival Champion in Rio de Janeiro.  During these years,  Brazilian media, celebrities, and samba lovers would all follow Luiza´s footsteps since the first days of February.    She would be invited for parties, clicked by famous photographers and show up as cover girl for many prestigious celebrity magazines and newspapers.

During these golden days, Luiza would always be courteous with everyone, avoid sensationalism and other excesses.   The “Queen of all Queens of Carnival in Brazil”, as she is sometimes referred to at the Brazilian Carnival community, then became an inspiration to many of the young muses and soon-to-become carnival queens.  As an example, during  interviews, Luiza never has an extra word.   Her statements would always come sharp and thoughtful. 

Foto Ljuiza Brunet Modelo

Above, a superb photo by Jaques Dequeker of the astonishing Brazilian beauty.

Rio, samba and pregnancy

The model has a daughter and a son, but not even those pregnancies ( Yasmin in 1988 and Antonio ) gave her enough  reasons to deviate her passion for Carnival.  Luiza Brunet was one of the first famous celebrities to take part of the parade with a big belly:

- To take part in a parade being pregnant gave me a sense of freedom.   Of course, care should be taken, like avoiding sudden movements and dehydration.  But I can say that if you are in a good physical condition, pregnancy is not a problem.

Recalling her early 1980s, Luiza participated in numerous Carnival balls that were true family events:

- Going to a Carnival ball was then a true family event.   Entire families would dress up in carnival costumes, and “would compete” informally to see who was best dressed.   People only wanted to have fun those days.   It’s such a pity that nowadays there are no more fancy balls like those...

Luiza Brunet had many special moments during her Carnival career.  One of them, in 2009, was when she was invited to become the Cover Girl for the prestigious magazine called “Rio, Samba & Carnival” owned and promoted by local businessman Mauricio Mattos.   As she came into the shooting session, she stated “ I am very pleased to be invited” next to Brazilian Carnival photographer Alexandre Vidal.  ( Aside from Luiza, other top Brazilian Queens and Muses took part of this gallery, such as Pinah, Valeria Valenssa,
Adriane Galisteu, Juliana Paes,  and Thatiana Pagung. )

Luiz holds to the date another record:  The oldest model to take part of parade in Rio at the prestigious Queen of Drums post.  The Queen of all Carnival Queens in Brazil today has innumerous ongoing projects, as model for L´Oreal de Paris, and other top brands in world.  But one thing she never stops repeating: She will never leave the Brazilian Carnival passion.

Congratulations for representing with such dignity, class and style Brazil´s true culture of Carnival.

Below, a marvelous photo of A. Rodrigues of the Carnival Diva in Brazil with Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School.

Luiza Foto Brunet Foto Carnaval Luiza Brunet

Short Biography:
Model. From the heart of Pantanal, more precisely at a humble blockhouse surrounded by an exuberant and wild nature, was born Luiza Brunet, on May 24, 1962. Daughter of Luiz da Silva, a farmer from the Brazilian northeastern state of Ceará, and Alzira Botelho da Silva, a homemaker from Rio-de-Janeiro, she had a very poor but happy childhood. Then, Luiza Brunet was a packer at a tissue factory.   The greatest icon of beauty in Brazil, suffered exactly because of her beauty.   She had to switch jobs to get rid of her boss' harassment and went to work at a boutique. 

Luiza started modeling by chance, right after her wedding.    At the time, photographer Nilton Ricardo was charmed by the brunette's beauty and invited her to shoot a book for the first time in her life.  From that day on, Luiza's career took off like a shooting star, with joy, elegance and professionalism.

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