Massafera Grazi In the Carnival of Brazil

Grazi Massafera - Carnival Queen


Grazielli Massafera is the next Carnival Goddess we will be describing in terms of her Carnaval experience.   We will see on this page photos of Grazielle and a video of her carnival experience.

After obtaining a tremendous success at a local reality show, former model and actress Grazi Massafera was invited in 2007 to join a samba school called Acadêmicos do Grande Rio.   The invitation was made by the president of Grande Rio, to the concurred position of Queen, luckily to all of us.    Just like most Brazilians, although Grazi knew how to dance samba, she had never participated in a full carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.   The blond muse then started to work on her samba dance routines, just after her announcement and would also participate at the samba school rehearsals

Watch Grazi in Video Samba dancing at the end of the page!

carnaval grazi

Above, Grazi in a momento of pure joy!

During the 2007 Carnival parade, although many still doubted of her dancing abilities, the carnival muse not only enchanted samba experts but even helped Grande Rio Samba-School obtain the prestigious award called “Estandarte de Ouro” and an honorable 2nd place, at the Carnival Contest.   Destined for success, she had two unexpected ‘surprises” at the parades.  Her handmade sandals unexpectedly broke during the parade, but she was able to fix them with silicone and small metal wires she found on the runaway floor.   Also at this parade, she also demonstrated another characteristic of successful people: she fell down at the runway but was able to transform the ‘fall’ in a ‘new samba dance routine’, being applauded.  Her green colored costume as the Carnival Queen for Grande Rio Samba-School was inspired by the tropical Amazon beauty and had more than 150,000 crystals. 

Below, all the exuberance and beauty of the 2007 and 2008 Queen of Drums for Grande Rio in a great shot made by FOTO BR team.

massafera grazi pics

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal

As a passionate samba lover, Grazi made public a few of her thoughts on the culture of Brazil´s Carnaval:

  • “If I have the opportunity, I will participate at the Brazil Carnival parade every time"
  • “I dance samba since I was a kid.  But to dance samba is one thing, and the other is to be a Queen, which requires a few extra dance steps.”
  • “Carnaval is beautiful, pure happiness.  We receive a beautiful energy from the public and we give them back, with the Carnaval performance!”
  • “The feeling of love and care by the crowd at the Sambadrome Avenue is priceless.”
  • “It's very hard to describe the emotion I'm feeling. It is so strong that no words can describe it.”


Grazi at the Parades with Grande Rio

Due to her great success in 2007, in 2008 Grazielli Massafera was again confirmed as the Drum Queen for Grande Rio Samba-School and did no disappoint her fans.  By the contrary, her parade was considered a great success, even though she had a strong fever during the parade. She told the press her synchronization with the Drums Section and the community in 2008 was even better than 2007´s performance, since she had learned some extra tricks and gained experience.    She was elected the best Drum Queen from all samba-schools, beating other Carnival Muses like Luiza Brunet, Viviane Araujo, Juliana Paes, Natalia Guimaraes, and Adriane Galisteu in popular poll made by a Brazilian site. 

Finally, still at the 2008 festivity, the Carnaval Goddess lived another dream.   She was crowned Queen of the legendary Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Palace Ball, which happens since 1924.  The carnival muse was wearing a dress made of gold plates which weighed 7, 5 kilos and priced at amazing US$ 450.000!!  “The dress had to be kept at the safe” – she commented.  Congratulations Grazi for your Carnaval experience and keep on with the Samba!

Grazi Massafera pics

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal


Grazielli Massafera is a Brazilian former model and TV actress born June 28, 1982 in Jacarezinho, Paraná, Brazil.  In 2004, Massafera won the Miss Paraná Beauty pageant contest, and represented the state in that year's Miss Brasil contest. She finished third, which earned her the title of "Miss Brasil International", which symbolizes the right to represent the country in the Miss International contest, held annually in China. On the international pageant, Grazi (as she is commonly known) not placed in the semi-finals.

Grazi, with her stunning looks and great personality, became the second Big Brother contestant to become a real celebrity (the first one being Sabrina Sato). After the show, she ended up on covers of numerous magazines and had several commercial deals and appeared in lots of events. Surprisingly, commercial deals and magazine cover pictures continued, even after the next Big Brother started (by the time the next Big Brother started, all contestants of the previous seasons are already usually forgotten).

Right after the show, Grazi signed a 1-year contract with Globo, Brazil's most powerful television channel. Trying to take advantage of her popularity with the audience, she was given a slot as a reporter on Caldeirão do Hulk and plans were made for her to become a children show host on the style of Xuxa.

Massafera Grazi Pics

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal

She frequently talked about her dreams of becoming an actress and she started acting classes at Globo acting department. Her first starring role was Renato Aragao 2005 movie: Didi, o Caçador de Tesouros. Renato Aragão (Didi) releases annually a family movie and his movies are usually among the most-watched movies every year.

At the beginning of 2006 it was revealed that Massafera would get a part in Manuel Carlos next soap, which was a huge deal since his soaps are critically-acclaimed and are usually the most-watched shows in the country. Initially, she only had a small role on the Rede Globo soap opera, Páginas da Vida, which during its airing was the #1 show on Brazilian television, achieving record ratings. However, due to her popularity, her part was expanded, and eventually became one of the main characters of the soap. Her acting was acclaimed by the press and the public alike and she became one of the biggest celebrities in the country. For her acting, she received a Prêmio Contigo as best newcomer and a Prêmio de Imprensa as personality of the year.

Her May 2007 cover of Boa Forma magazine was her 134th cover since 2005.  She also stole the spotlight when she participated in the parade of one of the most prestigious Samba schools in Rio Carnival in the 2007 carnival.  In Easter she played Maria in the theatrical version of "The Passion of Christ".   From 2007 to 2008 Massafera starred in the soap Desejo Proibido.  She also started dating Cauã Raymond and they're still together.

In 2008 she was given her first starring role in a soap, Negócios da China. She is considered as one of the most popular stars in the country and her appearance on TV shows are a guarantee of high ratings. Her "Cinderella story" of poor girl that after a stint in Big Brother became a respected actress, a huge celebrity, a millionaire and the girlfriend of one of the country's hottest actors are probably the reason people are so interested in her.

Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal


Below we can see a bit of her 2008 parade in Rio de Janeiro.


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