Paola de Oliveira Grande Rio Carnival Queen

Paola Oliveira - Grande Rio Carnival Queen 

Paola Oliveira is the next Carnival Muse we will be describing on this page with photos, texts and videos.   Paola is a local actress which instantly fell in love with the Brazilian Carnival and samba.   This Goddess of Carnaval has a strong tie with Grande Rio Samba School, which many say is the preferred samba school amongst TV actors and actresses.   What is incredible to believe, as we will see, the beauty as an adolescent, was prohibited by her parents to join the Samba practices in Rio

See below on this page see 2 Videos of the lovely carnival queen at Rio´s Sambadrome!

Paola Fotos de Oliveira

Photo above by Alexandre Vidal - Agencia FOTO BR

The Brazilian Muse said innumerous times she will do everything she can in order to help Grande Rio Samba School to win the Rio Carnival Championship.   Paola Oliveira has been considered a good samba dancer by experts, and takes profit of the samba rehearsal every Saturday to keep up with the samba routines.  

The Carnival Drum Queen also says she loves pagode music and the samba genre, and listen to Zeca Pagodinho samba singer, even in her car.   In 2009, Paola de Oliveira Muse was elected the TOP Drum Queen for Sunday Carnival by a Celebrity site called EGO, because of her astonishing performance.

Below, let´s see some of her quotes that show her passion and fever towards the Brazilian Festivity and Samba.  One of her statements about her body, costume and Paparazzi gained an unexpected instant fame!

Paola Fotos Oliveira

About her Carnaval Love: “I am crazy about Carnaval, and since I am not shooting, I was able to devote myself to Grande Rio Samba School.  I hope I can parade again next year.”

About her Bra Costume:   “A lot was said about my body, but in terms of my costume, it will have a bra, an underwear and back-piece.  I didn´t ask for any recommendation for a more discrete model, I only asked for carnival costume that was not too exaggerated…At the parade day, be sure that I will not wear pants, I will show my tummy, thighs, bottoms, everything they want to see….”

About her Body:  “I have always worked out, and not only for Carnaval.   My body did not turn out this way from day to night.  I look this way for a long time.  The difference is that I don´t like to show off.”

Paola Fotos de OLiveira Muse

Photo Credit: Marcio Nunes - Photo Rio News

About the emotion of parade:  “There is always that thrill and emotion through your spine.  You can feel that thrill sensation.  You kind of get used to it with time, but it’s always very emotional”

About samba practice:   “ I had a very rigid education, my father did not allow me to go samba-practices. At the coronation day as princess, my stomach was pure thrilling. Imagine a girl that could not join a samba-rehearsal who later becomes the Queen of Samba-School Drum Section.

Good Luck Paola in your 2010 Carnival Parades with Grande Rio!

Short Biography:   Caroline Paola Oliveira da Silva was born April 14, 1982, is a Brazilian television and film actress. She played the lead role, Sônia, in the soap opera “O Profeta”

Paola Oliveira , as she is called, was born in São Paulo, São Paulo state and started working as a model when she was 16 years-old, but she eventually became an actress after finishing studying performing arts at the same time she graduated in Physiotherapy.

Below, the spectacular shape of Paola Oliveira by Alexandre Vidal - Agencia Foto BR

Paola-de-Oliveira Fotos

After starring several television ads, she participated in the TV Record telenovela "Metamorphoses" in 2004, and in the following year she joined the cast of TV Globo soap opera "Belíssima", where she played the role of Giovana Sabatini. Due to her popularity in Belíssima, in 2005 she was invited by "O Profeta's " production staff to play the  soap-opera lead role of Sônia.

The HD video from Paola below is from the 2010 Carnival Parade in Rio:

In 2007, Paola Oliveira played the role of Renata in TV Globo's end of the year special “Os Amadores” and in March 2008, she was hired to play the role of tennis player Letícia in "Ciranda de Pedra", which is a legendary soap opera set in the 1950s.  Her character's inspiration is Brazilian tennis player Maria Esther Bueno.

Paola Fotos Queen

Paola Oliveira also starred in the feature film "Entre Lençóis". Filming began in May 2008.  The movie was released on December 5, 2008.

See a bit of her charm on the Paola video interview below.

Paola Oliveira has reveled in the past two years for Grande Rio as Carnival Drum Queen, and in 2010 was invited to continue to remain at the disputed post.  Apart from her amazing body and perfect smile, the actress is known for her sympathy and grace!

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