Raissa de Oliveira - Youngest Carnival Drums Queen

Raissa de Oliveira - Beija Flor Queen

If you were ask the carnival community in Brazil, who is the only Carnival Drum Queen that is 100% born, created, rooted at the Samba-School she represents, there would be only one answer in Rio´s Carnival|:  Raissa Oliveira from Beija-Flor Samba-School.

This is why we will talk about Beija-Flor ´s Goddess of Carnival Raissa de Oliveira. Carnival Drum Queen Rayssa de Oliveira is truly a special one, for several reasons we will point out. The first reason we think this Brazilian beauty is special resides in the fact Raissa is the youngest Drum Queens amongst the twelve muses that will parade in Rio´s Sambadrome in March 2011.


Raissa beija Flor

above, Raissa with the drummmers: Credit: Divulgação Beija-Flor

The second reason why this young model is a shining star goes back to her roots: Raissa de Oliveira is one of the few “native-Brazilian” Drum Queens within the elite samba schools in Rio de Brazil. Most of them today are either Caucasian or minimally mixed. Rayssa has more than any other Carnival Drums Queen,  the authentic African and Bahia roots in her genes.  Her samba dance surely reflects her passion and elegance.

Above, impressive samba!!!

The third reason why Raissa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor Samba School is special resies in the fact she was totally brought and developed at the Nilópolis community. In today´s professional Samba world, many of the Drum Queens are disputed just like in professional soccer players, and sometimes imposed by other interests.  But Raissa even at the age of 5, was always linked to her community ´s school, the Beija-Flor Samba School, and totally supported by the samba-schools Presidency. 

Below a picture of the Raissa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor at Rio´ Sambadrome from Danielle Cezar in 2007, with a great carnival costume.

Raissa Oliveira beija Flor

The Brazilian press says the Drum Queen post at Beija-Flor has been shielded by their President, who wants to bring back the days where the Carnival Drum Queen could only parade from the original community where she was raised. We think that´s the right thing to do!

Goddess of Carnival Raissa de Oliveira started to parade as Drum Muse at the incredible age of 13 and now, as an adult, starts to feel the real pressures’ of Brazil ´s professional carnival world.  

Apart from the patronage, Raissa has true samba dance routines.  She has as we say in Brazil "Samba no pé"!

Raissa Rainha beija Flor

Above, a great shot from Marcio Mercante from Extra, in an Editorial.


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