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Renata Santos - Carnival Queen


Today we will describe in our celebrated Brazilian Carnival Goddesses Directory, the gorgeous Renata Santos.    The muse has been a constant presence in the media recently both because of her lovely smile and also because she will star as Queen of the Drums Section for the legendary Mangueira Samba-School in 2010.  Renata is not a newcomer to the Brazilian Carnaval, by the contrary.  She started to join the parades a decade ago, with Academicos de Santa Cruz and other Samba-Schools.    Let´s learn a little bit more about this Samba diva and her past carnival experience.

Watch the lovely Renata Santos Video below:

The new Mangueira Queen is 28 years old and always loved the Brazilian Carnival, as she stated in interview: “ You have to love to be there.  It´s not be famous, but to identify yourself with the community, have love and show your empathy with the people.  It is also very important to have a harmonic relationship with the drum section.   In the beginning, I feared somehow the reaction of the people, since I knew they always wanted someone from the community, but I had no problems at all.  They know I have a Brazilian Carnival history and love to samba.”

The beauty as a Carnival Queen for Santa Cruz Samba-School:

Renata Photos

Before being invited for Mangueira, Renata  Santos was the Queen of the Drums Section for a Samba-School called Academicos de Santa Cruz from Rio, for 10 years.  During an interview for “O DIA” newspaper, she stated: “'I know Ivo Meirelles (Mangueira´s President) for long a time.   When he decided to make a complete turn-around at the samba-school, he also decided to invite me to become the Queen of the Drums Section:  I had never thought this could happen in my life, but I'm ready.   I went through a “Masters degree of 10 years” at Santa Cruz Samba-School and now it my time to join the Special Group.   I am very happy”, said the Brazilian Carnival beauty during the official announcement in a feijoada.

Below, the Brazilian Muse in a Carnival Editorial shoot.

Mangueira 2010 Queen Santos Renata

Photo Credit: João Laet/ O Dia

The new Mangueira Queen became a novelty too because of her natural body.   Differently from other Carnival divas, Renata decided not to implant silicone in her breasts not go through liposuction operation.   She proudly admits: “ I am different exactly because I am all natural”, being 5, 5 feet perfectly distributed in 138 pounds.   Maybe, this natural look is another reason why the Brazilian Playboy magazine selected her to become the cover girl for the February 2010 edition.

Now let´s take a look at an interview she gave a couple months ago:

Question: You were Drum Queen for Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz Samba-School, from Access Group for 10 years.   What’s the difference between Access Group and the Special Group in the Rio Carnival?

Santos-Renata:  In my opinion Carnaval is the same in any Samba-School, however, Mangueira is Mangueira.   Every woman dreams of being Mangueira’s drum queen.   It is as if you have climbed one thousand steps.

Renata as highlight of Porto da Pedra Samba School.

Santos Renata Photo

Photo Credit: Danielle Cezar - Arquivos Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

Question: People said you paid to become Mangueira’s Drum Queen.   Did it upset you?

Santos-Renata:   I knew that criticism would come from all over on to me.   Really, if I had 1 billion Reais, I would pay to become Mangueira’s Queen.  I  don’t mind.

Question: Some people stated after you were crowned, your relationship with the former queen of Mangueira and current queen of Vila Isabel Samba-School, Gracyanne Barbosa, was shaken, and now a days?

Santos-Renata:   We don’t speak to each other, I was sad when she said she doesn’t care for me anymore.   I do still care for her the same way.   I even went to her crowning ceremony at Vila Isabel….I was the only Drum Queen to prestige her there.

Question: How are you taking care of your body for the Carnaval?
Renata:  I work out and take swimming 3 times a week.  I also go an esthetics clinic and take manthus and massage.   And also eat every three hours.

Great shot of the Carnival Muse below by Luis Santana, at the Mocidade Rehearsal.

Photo Santos Renata

Photo Credit: Luis Santana - Olhar Folião

Question: Carnaval in your childhood:

Renata:  I spent it on square in Santa Cruz neighborhood in Rio, and also in carnival balls for kids,  in clubs.   I loved to dress up as a Ballerina. 

Question: What do you like the most on your body?
Renata:  I am proud of my waist.   But men talk a lot about my legs.

Question: Favorite Queen of Drums: 

Renata: Luiza Brunet (Imperatriz Samba School) she’s simple, elegant,  joyful, secure of herself and fun while parading.

Question: An Unforgettable Samba:

Renata:  “Vira Virou, a Mocidade Chegou “ (Mocidade Samba School, 1990)

Question: You haven’t had liposuction nor breast implants, why? 

Renata:   Because I like to be natural.   My President (Ivo Meirelles) said that I am different because I’m all natural.

Question: Until when do you intend to be Queen of Drums?

Renata:  If I can handle to reign for two years in Mangueira, I’ll retire from Sapucaí in 2011.  If not, 2010 will be my farewell.   I don’t want to parade for any other school. With Mangueira, I’ll end my history in Carnaval with a golden key and I’ll start to dedicate myself to my career as an actress and singer.

As we could see above, the muse has earned a series of credentials to parade as a Queen for the most tradtional samba-school in Brazil:  Several parades at Academico de Santa Cruz, Mocidadade Independente de Padre Miguel, and Porto da Pedra Samba-School.  We are sure the natural body and look of this samba lover will cause great success.  Good luck in your 2010 Mangueira parade!

Below, Renata shows she is all ready for the grand parade at Rio Sambadrome:

Santos Renata Photo Mangueira



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