Sabrina Sato - Asian Brazilian Carnival Queen

Sabrina Sato - Carnival Queen


Who said Sabrinas can´t dance?  Model, show host, and TV comedian, Sabrina Sato from São Paulo is another constant presence at the Brazilian Carnival.    Since she was a kid, Sabrina would love to watch samba parades and would join carnival balls with her parents.   Later, Sabrina would be a professional dancer and her transition to Samba was a question of time.   Sabrina Sato, known in Brazil for her multi-cultural background, has always been a supporter of the “Gavioes da Fiel Samba School” in São Paulo, where she paraded as Carnival Muse in 2008 and 2009.    Let´s learn a little bit more about the Carnaval profile of this true artist.

See below a new video of Sabrina dancing at the 2012 Carnival Parade!!

Sabrina Sato Vila Isabel


Below, the amazing energy of Sabrina by Orlando Oliveira, at the Gavioes Parade.

Sabrina Fotos Carnaval 2009

Sabrina Sato gained the confidence and trust of Gavioes da Fiel Samba School since the days she started to attend their samba rehearsals.   Then, the sensual Brazilian model participated in in numerous samba rehearsals and activities to help promote the loved school.  Sabrina parades for Gavioes da Fiel since 2005 and for the 2010 carnival, reveled in São Paulo as Drums Section Godmother, a true honor.

sabrina Fotos

In one of her first parades, Sabrina showed why she was destined for success.    On the middle of her 2008 parade, the top portion of her golden bikini costume ripped off.  The Carnival Queen had to dance all the way holding her bra or it would fall.  Many would imagine she would lose her grace or majesty right there…By the contrary, she gained even more fame and attention for being able to shine, smile and dance.

Below, Sabrina Sato Video in her preparation parade, for Vila Isabel 2012

Below, picture of the muse in Carnival in Sao Paulo by Edison Teofilo / Caras.

Sabrinas Fotos

Sabrina Sato also has a special passion for Rio de Janeiro´s Carnival too, where she ´s always seen.  The half Japanese, half Brazilian beauty says she loves the wonder city, its beaches and has paraded in 2008, 2009 and 2010 as a muse for the traditional Salgueiro Samba-School.    This is indeed a great distinction for the dancer since Salgueiro Samba School is known for its high-flying muses like Viviane Araujo.   In 2010, Sabrina was invited to join a third samba-school: Academicos do Rocinha from Rio de Janeiro. 

Another Great shot of Sabrinas by Daigo Oliva, of G1 site.

sato sabrinas Carnival

Congratulations Sabrina for all your success!

Sabrina Sato Biography:  Sabrina as born February 4, 1981, in Penápolis, São Paulo and is a Brazilian celebrity.  She is one of the sexiest Brazilian women and really represents the Brazilian beauty.  She is half Japanese, maternal side, 1/4 Swiss and 1/4 Lebanese (paternal side).   She was a cast member of the third season of the reality television program "Big Brother Brasil", ranking in 6th place.  During the show, she had a relationship with Domini, the winner of the edition.   Their relationship was covered by the media for a while after the show ended, but interest soon faded.

You can see the enjoyment and enthusiasm of the Muse by Wallace Barbosa, below:

Wallace Barbosa Ag News

Sabrina Sato reclaimed celebrity by joining Pânico, a comedy troupe that hosts a homonymous radio show on the popular, youth-focusing radio station Jovem Pan. In the show, Sabrina made fun of her own intellectual limitations and her small-town roots.   In September 2003, Panico's own television show, named Pânico na TV, premiered on Rede TV. Sabrina became the show's reporter, normally pulling risky or unusual tricks, such as having her body covered with bees, being buried alive and even eating bugs.

Vila Isabel Sabrina Sato

She posed nude twice for Playboy Brasil, being the first Asian Brazilian to be on the cover.   In 2006, she made headlines by announcing that she would leave Pânico. Soon after she released her first single, “É Verdade” (From Brazilian Portuguese to It's True; to which is also her catchphrase), talking about her departure.   She came back to the show later on and it was revealed that everything was just a publicity stunt.

Below, a wonderful picture of this Carnival Diva by Danielle Cezar/Fototeca - Prefeitura RJ.

Sabrinasato carnaval

Along with Grazielli Massafera ( who also participates at the Brazil Carnival ) Sabrina Sato is Big Brother Brasil's most successful contestant ever, in as much as she and Massafera are the only female participants from the reality show that were able to build a career following their departure from the show. Sabrina today has her own site and is developing a design jeans brand.

Sabrina sato Vila Isabel 2011

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