Tatiana Pagung – Rio Carnival Queen

Tatiana Pagung - Rio Carnival Queen


Tatiana Pagung is the next Drum Queen we will be describing in our Goddesses of Carnaval Directory: On this article we will see many photos, her career and an exclusive video at the bottom of this page.

Tatiana could be defined as one of the best examples of the true “roots” Carnval Queen at the Brazilian Carnival.   Unlike some other Queens, Thatiana has a deep connection with the samba world and as a child, loved to watch the samba parades at TV.   She was always fascinated by the magical aspect of the carnival parades, where she debuted in 1999, at the Rio Sambadrome with Vila Isabel, Caprichosos, Viradouro, and Tradição Samba School!!  Tatiana Pagung was predestined to work at the Brazilian Carnaval as we will see in this exclusive profile.

See below a short Video of the legendary queen:


Then, Tatiana started at the age of 11 to learn some acting skills at the “Retiro dos Artistas Acting School” where she stayed for three years.   She then moved to the prestigious Tablado Theater School in Rio, where she could improve her representation abilities.  To start this ‘carnaval connection’, we have to go back to the day she was born, which was Ash Day!  Thatiana´s father also contributed to her samba passion in other way.   He owns an amusement park in Rio´s West Zone, and since she was a kid, she remembers she would party with family and friends and at the park, along with several  “Carnaval Blocos” - Street Carnival.

 Below, the astonishing Carnaval Diva in 2009 Parade with Mocidade Samba School.

Thati Pagung

Soon, this Brazilian Beauty would discover that Carnaval festivity was able to unite several passions she had: music, acting, singing and dancing.    As to complement her musical background, Tatiana would graduate at the respected Villa-Lobos School of Music in Rio, having the Brazilian Popular Music as her main focus.   As an attentive student, the Muse also observed the importance of the Drum Section with Master Riko at the Villa Lobos Music School, where she learned to play some samba instruments.   Later, just for fun, Thatiana would join the first women´s- only samba-school Bateria at Tradição Samba School.  

As she moved from adolescence to adulthood, the samba passion grew stronger and she would ask her father to take her to the samba rehearsals.  The muse-to-be never gave up, and after many ‘no´s’ from her parents, one day they finally allowed her to visit the Tradição Samba-School´s practice facilities – quadra.  From that moment on, her identification with the real Carnaval world was instant, and she joined the Tradição Samba-School for 4 years , 1999-2002.

Thati Pagung

Photo Credit: Jaime Silva - Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

By 2003, Thatiana could already be considered a true Carnaval Diva in Brazil:  The owner and Director of the respected magazine called Rio, Samba & Carnaval, Mauricio Mattos, saw one of Thatiana´s pictures during a rehearsal and was amazed by her lovely smile.  To be the cover girl for this magazine in Brazil symbolizes the ultimate recognition and authority in the Carnaval scenario.  Initially, Mauricio thought of a portrait of her captivating smile, but as soon as he met her personally, he was even more impressed: He decided he wanted a full body shot!  And I can´t blame him! 

Tat pagung

Photo Credit: Rogerio Fidalgo

When asked to point out legendary Drum Queens and Muses in Brazil she says she mirrors herself in terms of conduct, personality and character at “Luiza Brunet from Imperatriz Leopoldinense and Luma de Oliveira from Portela, each one with its own style”.

thati fotos

Photo Credit: Thatiana Pagung / Inocentes de Beloford Roxo Divulgação

Apart from Tradição Samba-School, the beautiful Brazilian beauty lent her impressive charisma, smile and samba dancing gifts to the following samba-school ´parades.

•    Caprichosos de Pilares Samba School
•    Acadêmicos da Rocinha  Samba -School
•    Aguia de Ouro ( São Paulo 2003- 2004 )
•    União da Ilha do Governador Samba-School
•    Vila –Isabel Samba-School  -
•    Estacio de Sá Samba School
•    Mocidade Independente Padre Miguel – Drum Queen / Rainha de Bateria
•    Inocentes de Belford Roxo – Drum Queen / Rainha de Bateria

Mocidade Muse

Photo Credit: Thiago Mattos

Even though to be a Carnival Queen / Rainha de Bateria is the most coveted, disputed and prestigious posts for women the Brazilian Carnaval, (where she represents 2 important samba-schools) Tatiana Pagung has received a series of other representative awards since  her very  first parades:

•    Carnival Muse by the “O Dia”  newspaper
•    Carnival  Muse by “Extra” newspaper,
•    Carnival Muse by “Tamborin de Ouro”  site
•    Paparazzo Site Muse -  twice
•    “Musa do Alizirão” during world cup

Tatiana Fotos

Photo Credit: Jaime Silva - Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

2010, Thatiana Pagung will parade again as Drum Queen for the legendary Mocidade Independente Padre Miguel Samba School, that she supports since 2007. The multi-talented actress once stated during an interview that parading in the Rio Sambadrome feels like a Dionysian ritual, where all the magic, ecstasy and enthusiasm vibrate in perfect harmony.

The Samba muse recently signed with TV Bandeirantes, where she takes part of the TV show called “Uma Escolhinha Muito Louca”, where she plays Luana Baiana.   As an actress, Thati also had significant participations in “Zorra Total” and “Turma do Didi” comic shows, from Globo Network.    Please see below some of her other jobs on theater and cinema:

•    Documentary on Brazilian Carnival -  United States
•    TV Series – GNT – “Gente Lesa”
•    “Um Só Coração” – Globo Network
•    Comedy Play – “Sujou”
•    Reality Show – “O Jogo”
•    Canada Brazilian Carnival Ball

Mocidade Drum Queen

Photo Credit: Phillipe Lima / Ag. News

Finally, Thatiana Pagung has her own Carnival Blog column where she is an editor, with Sydney Rezende , and also taught at the Estacio de Sá, about the relationship of Cinema and Carnaval.

Now that I have described in a more biographical form Thatiana´s career, I will provide my personal testimony as why I consider here the most graceful and expressive Drum Queen in Brazilian Carnival: Thatiana´s passion for carnaval and samba is deeply rooted, community based and her beauty represents the color of Brazil.  In every shoot you can see her smile and gratitude for being there, and demonstrating the art of this culture to the world.   Thatiana is not afraid to explore new boundaries:  As a tough warrior, she never gives up, even when she has to pay her own costume, which can cost thousands of dollars.  She also works with the Kids Section of Mocidade, Estrelinha do Futuro with the same energy and grace, and dedication as if she was shooting for a prime time TV show.  

Mocidade Muse

Photo Credit: Jaime Silva - Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

 The Muse also never misses a samba rehearsal,  and always talks with journalists and photographers.  Even though Tatiana  Pagung came from a humble background, she is a good example that working hard, you can fulfill your dreams, help your family, and live life in a sweeter way.   This is how I see Thatiana; a true ‘soldier of the arts’, with body, mind and soul in perfect tune.   She is also a living proof that beauty can go together with serious and thorough content. 

Good Luck Thatiana in your 2010 parade and keep on with your unmatched samba, arts and carnaval passion that can be seen in each and every candid smile.

Mocidade Muse

Photo Credit: João Pedro Sampaio

And now, a excellent interview given by Thatiana in Rio´s 2010 carnival Parade:

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