Valeska Popozuda Rio Funk and Brazil Carnival

Valesca Popozuda - Carnival Queen


Who could imagine Brazilian Carnival could mingle with Rio Funk Music?   Nobody, but that´s possible here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!   Today we will describe through HD Video, photos and texts, a relatively new Carnival Queen:  Valeska Popozuda Santos,  a.k.a.     “Valeska Popozuda” -   Queen for Porto da Pedra Samba-school.

Watch a video of Valesca Santos Dancing Samba.

 The 30 years blond Rio Funk singer made fame with a series of Carioca Funk songs where she preaches the liberty and the power of the free woman.  Valeska joined the official the Carnival parade in 2009 after a heated dispute and was invited to the parade again in 2010.  Let´s read a bit about Valeska´s profile in the Carnival of Brazil.

Below, Valeska photo in her 2010 parade with Porto da Pedra:

Valeska 2010 Porto da Pedra

Photo Credit: Luciola Vilella - Ego - Globo

The new Carnival Drum Queen has been photographed as a true Barbie Doll, Madonna, and inshorts in a fruit shop at a street market.  She also crowed several clubs with her FUNK concerts in Brazil´s cities.   But she admitted she had always had the desire to parade as a full Queen of Drums, with full carnaval costumes and everything.  Until 2008, the Porto da Pedra Queen didn´t have much formal involvement with the Brazilian Carnival, because of her strong ties with Rio Funk music style.   But she stated she always loved to watch the parades and one day tale part of the show.

Valeska Poppozuda Aguia de Ouro

Photo Credit: Orlando Oliveira - Contigo

In 2009, after much controversy of who would become the Drum Queen for Porto da Pedra Samba School, its President played his marketing cards, and suddenly several Brazilian beauties came up as contenders.    At least 5 different national divas were cited as candidates for the concurred Drums Queen during that year.    After much debate and heated dispute, Valeska Popozuda was finally announced as Queen of Drums in 2009.

One of the secrets for the sucess of this Rio Funk Singer at the parades is her constant presence at samba rehearsals, also called samba practices.  They are held at the samba school premises every Saturday, from August on, depending on the samba-school.

In the photo below, the Rio Funk singer showed she had the courage to parade without any carnival costume, but body paint, at the Mangueira Samba School.

Bpdy Painting in Rio carnival

The Brazilian singer was crowned in a Porto da Pedra samba rehearsal and after an impressive performance for a first timer; Valeska Popozuda was invited to remain as the samba-school Queen of the Drum Section for 2010 Carnaval.   Apart from Porto da Pedra, Valeska had enough energy to join the prestigious Mangueira parade, as a high-light in a float, and in Sao Paulo at the Água de Our Samba-School.  Good luck Valeska!

Below, Valeska at her first parade as a Carnival Queen in 2009.

2009 Porto da Pedra valesca gaiola

Photo Credit:  Agencia FOTO BR

Porto da Pedra Samba School has its headquarters in Sao Gonçalo, near the Niteroi region and will parade in the Rio ´

Below Photo of Valeska Santos posing in her site

Gaiola Popozudas


Photo Credit: Divulgaçao

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