Viviane Araujo, Araujo Viviane Queen of Carnival in Brazil

Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen


On this article, you will see a Viviane videos, updated photos and career information about the wonderful queen Viviane Araujo. 

Goddess of Brazil Viviane Araujo is today one of the most famous Carnaval Queen of Drums of all time.  Her name was linked to the Brazilian Carnival still when she was very young.   Viviane always loved Samba and started  to parade when she turned 18 in Rio´s Sambadrome.  Her official debut though at the Brazilian Carnaval, started in 1996, when she was elected “Muse of the Momo King Party”, because of her splendorous physical attributes.   As once with Luiza Brunet, today she is called "The Queen of All Brazilian Carnival Queens"


Below we see a video shot at Rio´s Sambadrome, in Salgueiro´s 2011 technical rehearsal.  Amazing her charisma!!



She always admitted her passion for Carnival and stated she had always dreamt of being a true Carnaval Muse, since the days when she worked as promoter, hired to distribute flyers, coincidently in Rio´s Sambadrome.   As we will see below, Viviane struggled at least a decade to be finally recognized in 2008 as the most sensual, charismatic Drum Queen ever in the Brazilian Carnival.  Let´s take a look how her career evolved through Carnival.


Below an excellent shot from Levy Ribeiro of the Diva in 2009.


In 1994, the model won her first beauty pageant contest, as  Brazilian muse Viviane Araújo increased her fame and popularity from 1998 through 2004, being tthe Panther Girl”.   Thehe cover-girl of several magazines and establishing several sales records.   After huge national exposure and an impeccable body, in 2002 the sensual Carnaval Muse had her first chance as a true Drum Queen at Samba School.   By then, the Brazilian deity already displayed one of the best samba dance routines in Brazil.  Viviane paraded with great success at Mocidade Samba-School and was invited to repeat her great performance for four consecutive years.  

Below we see a video of Viviane in Salgueiro´s samba rehearsals facilities.   


In 2004, the beauty showed all her charm and charisma at the Carnaval parade of the Viradouro Samba-School from Niteroi.  She came up as a beautiful high-light on top of a float.  Also in 2004 carnival, the goddess perfomed as the official Drum Queen from União de Jacarepaguá, from the Access Group in Rio de Janeiro.  In 2006, the voluptuous model paraded as “floor highlight”, a very prestigious post, at Vila Isabel Samba-School.

Viviane Araujo also takes part of the Sao Paulo Carnaval.


In 2008, astonishing Viviane paraded as Drum Queen for two very traditional Samba Schools:  Salgueiro Samba School in Rio de Janeiro and Mancha Verde in São Paulo.   By then, Viviane Araujo was recognized as one of the most respected samba professionals and unanimity amongst Brazilian Carnival community.  See below all the Samba-schools she has represented:

  • Mocidade Independente Padre Miguel Samba School.
  • Salgueiro Samba-School.
  • Vila Isabel Samba-School
  • Mancha Verde Samba School
  • União de Jacarepagua Samba School
  • Viradouro Samba School
  • Os Rouxinois

 Below, the Carnival Goddess with Salgueiro Samba-School

Araujo, Viviane in Salgueiro 2009

Photo Credit: Levy Ribeiro - Agencia FOTO BR

In 2009 Carnival, Viviane repeated the parade success recipe she demonstrated along her inspiring samba career and was acclaimed the best Drum Queen in Rio de Janeiro with Salgueiro Samba-School.   At this parade, Viviane also innovated at Rio Sambadrome, playing the Brazilian tamborim, attracting the media all over the world: She was the first official Drum Queen to parade with the instrument, and helped the traditional samba-school from Rio obtain its 9th Carnival Championship.

Below, Viviane Araujo & Fabia Borges at the Rocinha Samba-School Rehearsal.

Araujo, Viviane e Fabia Borges

Photo Credit:  Alexandre Vidal - Agencia FOTO BR

In 2010, everyone will be able to see this true Goddess of samba at Rio ´s Sambadrome and São Paulo.  She will be the Drum Queen for Salgueiro Samba-School  in Rio and Mancha Verde Samba-School in Sao Paulo.  For all this reasons, Viviane Araújo is considered one of the top samba dancers amongst all Drum Queens.   If you have a chance to go to the Salgueiro Samba Rehearsal, you will be able to testify what I say.

Good luck Viviane in your two parades in 2010 Brazil Carnival.

VIVI Araujo and Carlinhos Brown in 2009
Photo Credit: Levy Ribeiro - Agencia FOTO BR


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