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Viviane Castro Carnaval Diva Rio de Janeiro  

Viviane Castro Carnival lover gained worldwide notoriety as one of Brazil´s Carnival Divas, when in 2008 and in especially in 2009, when she paraded with a “body paint costume” of an illustration of Barack Obama, on her splendorous body.   Viviane then was cited during that year in most of the most important newspapers, tabloids and portals, such as BBC, CNN, Reuters, to mention a few... She was definitely decided to make a public and political statement, touching sensitive issues like the differences of developed and developing countries.  One thing is for sure, she truly graced the streets of Brazilian Carnival revelers with an astonishing sympathy.   On this article, we will learn a little bit about her carnival biography, as Diva, through photos, video, and her story.

Below, Viviane Castro in 2008, when she paraded for Portela Samba Samba School

Castro Vivi pictures

Photo Credit: Marcos DPaula/ AE

For those who don´t remember, Viviane Castro is a 29-year-old Brazilian model who came from country side of Brazil (State of Goias).   She comes from a family of beauties and decided to follow her mother’s footsteps.  Her mother is Gloria Castro, who was a famous model and dancer.   Her mother was a popular centerfold and pinup girl in Brazil in the 1960´.  That was all before she met and married Viviane’s father and set up a family.  They gave birth to a gracious girl, who was named Viviane.  Castro later said in a few interviews, her life seemed to follow a similar route.

Credit: Rede TV! 

The Brazilian model un-purposefully caused a great turmoil for the first time when she paraded in 2008 for São Clemente Samba-School as one of their Divas, a very coveted post.  Bruna Almeida was the official Queen of Drums, as she has been for 14 years.  The “problem” arose during the parade when her minuscule’s c-sting, measuring 1.6 inch wide fell during the Sambadrome, to the astonishment of many.  The Brazilian carnival parades contrary to what many may think, has strict rules regarding nudity and out of context sensuality.  Because of this incident, the São Clemente Samba-School during that year was penalized for nudity, although it was a complete accident, the falling of her bikini-pad.   

Below, the notorious parade,  where she suffered the costume incident with São Clemente

Viviane Castro Sao Clemente

Photo Credit:  Divulgação

Viviane Castro, as São Clemente diva was also wearing an elaborate feather and luxurious jewele-made headdress and high heels, which cost thousands of US$, but “the incident” turn her into an “instantaneous celebrity” almost from day to night.   Viviane Castro perfect body and glazing eyes also contributed to the immediate fame.  The Samba-School was demoted to the Access Group, certainly not because of this incident, since they lost many points in many important parade criteria, and even with the non inclusion of the penalty, she would be relegated.


Viviane was then invited to many talk shows, advertisement campaigns and to parade in 2009 for the São Paulo Carnival.  X-9 Paulistana Samba School decided she was the right carnival persona to literally embody the political message their parade-theme, which talked about Amazon forest and sustainable development.  Viviane Castro then had Barack Obama figure body-painted on her body, clearly not the first Obama body art but, a highly expected carnival body painting costume, due to her previous year´s controversy.  Viviane stated just before the parade: 

Viviane Castro Obama body painted

Photo Credit: Folha Imagem Lalo de Almeida 

“This year I will come back with minimal clothing again but honoring the great political figure Barack Obama”, Castro told the G1 portal.  X-9 Paulistana Samba-School President at the time concluded:  “Everyone, in a certain way, is looking at him to create a good government and help to get the world out of the crisis.”

X-9 Paulistana’s parade theme was about the Amazon, but Neiva said the school decided to add the American president to the mix because “Obama will be different in making sure the environment is preserved...”   Well are not sure about the Obama´s sustainable development accomplishments, however X-9 Paulistana Samba-School  from São Paulo definitely added some spice to that year’s parade and debate...


On 2010, Viviane Castro paraded for Rio de Janeiro Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, a traditional samba-school in Rio, with an elegant costume as one of their  Divas, and she was very applauded.   She was photographed and drew attention from media, but less naturally in proportion to the 2008 and 2009 bombastic levels.

 Viviane Castro causing "hurricanes" in Dubai...! 

Viviane Castro in Dubai

Photo Credit: Divulgação

Today, Viviane Castro is still a model and recently made a trip to Dubai, in the United Emirates.  She must have caused another hurricane on those sandy beaches due to her exuberance and natural beauty as we can see below.  Well, one thing is for sure. Viviane Castro wrote her name in the history of the Brazilian Carnival, consciously or un-consciously.  Nobody will ever know the secret of this enigma, but certainly the images will never be forgotten by those who were at those Sambadrome parades.

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