Rio 2016 Carnival Kicks off with Queen of Carnival Contest Rio de Janeiro

2015-11-26 15:48:01

Rio 2016 Carnival Kicks off with Queen of Carnival Contest Rio de Janeiro


Rio 2016 Carnival season is officially open.  At the City of Samba,  November 14th,  the new Rio Queen and two princesses for 2016 Rio de Janeiro Carnival were elected at an event organized by the Tourism body.  The samba dancers event attracted several fans and lasted for more than 4 hours.  See below video and photos!

The official competition was hotly contended specially because of the Olympic Games which will be held  in Rio and had as the grand winner "Clara Cristina Paixão",  re-elected as Official Queen of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.  The second prize as first Princess went to "Uillana Adães" and as Second Princess, "Bianca Monteiro".


Each samba dancer had the opportunity to present their samba routine for a minute with her full carnival costumes, adding another degree of difficulty.  (Many costume may weight up to 20 Kilos)  All candidates also answered questions from a panel of experts. At the beginning of the competition, 35 dancers were pre-approved, and after three qualifiers eight finalists remained for the grand showdown.

Rio 2016 Queen of Carnival

Follows the names of the eight finalists in the order of presentation:

1) "Deisiane Conceição"

2) "Priscyla Vidal"

3) "Cristina Clara Paixão" ; Elected Queen of Rio 2016

4) "Bianca Monteiro", Elected 2nd Princess of Rio 2016

 5) "Cynthia Barboza"; 

6) " Uillana Adães" : Elected 1st Princess

7) "Egili Oliveira"; 

8) "Georgia Gomes"; 

The Queen of the Olympic Rio Carnival won from the Rio city government a crown, a sash plus the amount of thirty thousand reais.   The runner-up takes the title of first princess of the Rio Carnival, a tiara, a sash and receives twenty-two thousand reais. The third place,  elected as the second princess, also won a tiara, sash,  and the same amount of the first princess. It is also important to remember that the contest has been around for over fifty years and officially marks the start of Carnival in Brazil.

Learn more about Queen of Carnival Contests

Most cities is Brazil have Queen of Carnival contests, but the most important of the samba dancing contest is the Rio de Janeiro ´s Carnival Queen and Princess contest promoted by the city´s official tourism body, called RIOTUR.    This contest is always held on October and November and is extremely concurred.   Each of the Carnival Queen candidates presents themselves individually at the stage.   Here, they would wear specially designed Carnival costumes which could cost incredible 5 digit numbers.   

During this individual presentation, Queen Candidates are asked some questions about carnival culture and then invited to present their samba routines in one minute, with those glamorous carnival costumes.    At this time normally, the overall crowd and especially family members goes wild cheering for their candidates.

The jury is normally composed of experienced samba dancers, choreographers, former Queen of Drums and important personalities in the Samba community.   Number of candidates may vary and range from 20 up to 50, in famous contests.    Some of the samba dancers come from very simple backgrounds, and they see this as a great opportunity to project themselves within the carnival community and media in general. Many of them, after winning these contests became authentic Carnival Queens, actresses and models.

Brazil Carnival ooah! App Launched for iPhone featuring Samba Celebrities and News

2014-04-21 17:57:09



Brazil Carnival App for iPhone Released !


Brazil Carnival ooah! ™ is proud to announce that the 1st Brazil´s  Carnival APP for iPhone in homage to Samba Dancers, Divas and Queens has just been released and is available at Apple® Store.  The App was the first one conceived by Brazilians, respecting and valuing the historic element within the Brazil´s Carnival, which are the samba dancers.  Samba Dancers and Celebrities where photographed in Rio´s traditional nature postcards, by Raísa Santiago and Alexandre Maciel.  A beautiful “splash” video produced by filmmaker Rowena Baines, featuring Samba Celebrity from Australia Mishel Finlayson, and adding spice to the APP opening.  

Brazil Carnival App


The Brazil Carnival ooah! App, apart from paying reverence to the art of samba dance not only in Brazil, but all over the world, delivers valuable information on the festivity, news on this gigantic festivity.  New releases will provide additional information on samba terminology, a calendar, important dates, as well as push notifications.  We invite Carnival and Samba lovers from all parts of the globe to get to know a bit more of this grandiose popular celebration, which is known as the “world largest party on Earth”, with more than 6 million revelers in Rio de Janeiro alone.   

The App was produced by the prized App development company based in New York, Maag Studios, able to grasp the “essence and soul” of the Brazilian Carnival spirit and vibration.  Again, important to emphasize that is the first authentic Brazilian Carnival App envisioned, designed, implemented and´produced by Brazilians.

 The Brazil Carnival ooah!™ App  is free.

This 1st version of the Brazil Carnival App is composed by 12 Carnival celebrities from 2 countries and 4 Brazilian States, many of them being Carnival Queens, Samba Divas, and “Passistas” ( top Samba dancers ) from elite Samba-Schools of Brazil including Rio de Janeiro. 

Below the name of the first set of Brazil Carnival ooah!™  App Samba Celebrities, where users will find five exclusive photos, their biographies, and samba dancing and parades terminology in each  of the photos.   These exclusive pics can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and messaging and were photographed on the most iconic postcards Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Follows below the names of the first set of Carnival celebrities presented on the Brazil Carnival ooah!: Analía Gonzalez, Bianca Fernandes, Danielle Silva, Ingrid Lima, Jessica Lopes, Jéssica Thaiara, Luciana Amaral, Mayara Nascimento, Priscila Mathias, Priscila Rubira e Vitória Duque.  

Below we see Mayara Nascimento 

Brzzil Carnival App 2014

Download now the Brazil Carnival App at  available for iPhones.


Brazil Carnival ooah to Partner with Justin Scott Parr New York Photogapher

2014-03-01 14:17:41

Justin Scott Parr: New Partnership Established

Brazil Carnival ooah! team in Rio de Janeiro and in the United States, is proud to annouce the newly established partnership with Photographer Justin Scott Parr, based in New York.  He has developed a passion towards the Carnival culture and samba, and has been super welcomed by samba-schools and communities , with care and affection.  

His talent will add extra shine to the our local team, and will show through a different perspective the Greatest Party on Earth: The Brazilian Carnival!  A bit more about Justin below! 

Great shots of Brazilian Carnival, but with careful attention to the artistic and emotional side of it:

Brazil Carnival 2014

Justin Scott Parr is an American photographer who specializes in dance, editorial, and fashion photography. He lives in New York and has photographed some of the city's most beautiful dancers and models in Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn, and Midtown Manhattan. 

Hapiness and Joy: Eternalized by Justin Scott Parr, in Rio´s Sambadrome

Carnival Joy

Justin has photographed dancers from the New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey Dance American Dance Theater, American Ballet Theatre, and The Julliard School, to name a few. He has a unique talent for creating elegant, classic pictures. 

Although this is his first time in Brazil, Justin has dreamed of visiting Rio de Janeiro his entire life. He is honored to work with BrazilCarnival Ooah and looks forward to sharing pictures from this year's amazing celebration.

Here we see the amazing smile, grace and color of Nanda Guimarães, captured by Justin!


carnival roots

You can view photos and contact Justin on his website at

Rio 2014 Technical Rehearsals Schedules: A great (and free) experience!

2014-01-24 15:39:46

Rio 2014 Technical Rehearsals Schedule January & February 2014!

Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2014 Technical Rehearsals have started last Sunday with great enthusiasm by revelers, samba lovers and media. Three Schools had a chance to practice many of the Judgment criteria, which after all decides on the official parade, March 2nd and 3rd, who will be the winner of the 2014 Premier League of Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Below we see Andrea Martins, Diva of Undos de Padre Miguel, whose costumes was hand painted by Madison, a famous body painter in Brazil.  It was a total success!

Body Painting as Costumes

Three samba-schools paraded last Sunday, GRES Cubango from Niterói, G.R.E.S. Unidos de Padre Miguel, and GRES Caprichosos de Pilares.   All of them had the opportunity to improve many important criteria such as “Harmony”, “Evolution of Parad e”, “Drumming”, “Opening Wing”, “Flag Bearer and Samba Host” presentation, to mention a few. 

Important also to note that the rehearsals are free, so attendance have been growing consistently over the last couple of years.  Also to note that overall infra-structure provided by LIESA and RIOTUR, the Rio de Janeiro  official tourism government body, has made significant improvements for the samba-school, for specialized media , with new boxes with air conditioning and bathrooms, and increased security for the general public. 

Below we posted the official Rio de Janeiro Technical Rehearsals Schedule, which runs through  Februray 23rd.   Also important to keep in mind they start about 8:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays.  Sometimes there are three samba-schools final rehearsals, and sometimes two.  If you have a chance, it’s totally worth a visit.   You will certainly feel the “carnival vibe” even before the “real deal” on the official parades.   Have fun! 

Technical Rehearsals Schedule - January 2014

     January Carnival Rehearsals

Technical Rehearsals Schedule - February 2014

     Rio February Reahearsal Schedule

Samba Feijoadas Fully Described

2012-11-23 20:37:06

Samba Feijoadas Defined: Learn how Brazilian National dish Relates to Samba-Schools

“Feijoada”, probably the most famous and distinctive Brazilian national dish, which can be roughly translated as “Beans Stew”, is significantly embedded within the Brazilian Carnival and Samba cultural environment and identity.  On this article, you will see photos, videos, and texts explaining how Samba Feijoadas are different from the typical Brazilian Feijoadas. 

Below, you see Erika Januzi and Ana Pérola at Imperio Serrano´s Feijoada.

Samba Feijoadas Defined


Feijoadas are very common within Brazil´s Carnival culture for many different reasons which most of the times, are intertwined.   One of the reasons, is that samba-schools, from all different levels ( leagues ) take the opportunity of the “Feijoadas” gathering to maintain the bond between the samba-school and its members / fans.   It is a perfect setting for entire families, normally emotionally or geographically related to that particular samba-school, to gather, mingle and enjoy the atmosphere of the particular samba-school´s novelties.

Please read the full article following this Feijoada Link. 


Shayene Cesario Brazilian Carnival Celebrity To Participate at Reality Show

2012-05-29 14:12:12

Shayene Cesario Carnival Celebrity at 5th Edition of Brazilian Reality Show "A Fazenda"

Confirmed: Diva Shayene Cesario, former 2010 Queen of Rio de Janeiro Carnival , 2011 Queen of the first Samba-School in Brazil:  GRES Estácio de Sá, and Diva for GRES Portela in 2012 parade, ( 21 times winner of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Championship) , will participate at the 5th Edition of the nationwide famous reality show called “A Fazenda” , translated to “The Farm”,  promoted by Record TV, originally created by Strix, Sony and Endemol.  

Below, a fabulous picture of Ricardo Almeida, when Shayene was the Queen of Rio Carnival.

Shayene Cesario clicked by Ricardo Almeida

This will the 5th Edition of the “A Fazenda” and the first time ever a true Brazilian Carnival Celebrity and personality, raised and born in the samba community, will be present at the a reality show that has such a great audience.    The carnival community is very excited with her presence, as noted in several social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Part of this commotion is due to that Shayene came from a very humble background, her mother being a true “passista” ( samba dancer) from Estácio de Sá, and slowly she persued her own dreams, to become a recognized Carnival celebrity.  But that took many years at strenuous samba dance routines sessions, fitness workouts and cosmetics investments.  

Below, Shayene Cesario clicked by Roberto Filho, also as the Queen for Rio de Janeiro Carnival;

shayene cesario by Roberto Filho

I had a pleasure to be first international reporter to interview her years ago.  She impressed me a lot when she told BRAZIL CARNIVAL OOAH!, very calmly, that she knew that her success was a consequence of a lot of hard work, but she felt that even though many of her dreams had been fulfilled, she still wanted to finish her law school degree.  And she did it.  She is a full lawyer, albeit her samba and carnival passion.

If you want to know more about the career of Sheyene Cesario, please take a look at Shayene´s Carnival profile we created 4 years ago , with all her carnival and samba history.  Brazil Carnival Ooah!  wishes Shayene the best of luck and be sure that the entire Carnival community in Brazil feels she is somehow representing them.

Below, a rare photo of Shayene, when still in 2010, when she was still in the try-outs phase, for the Queen of Carnival Constest for Rio de Janeiro, taken by Rogerio Neves!

Shayene in Bikini Costume

More about “A Fazenda”  in the Brazilian Format: 

“A Fazenda (English: The Farm) is the current Brazilian version of the The Farm reality television show based on the Swedishtelevision series of the same name that was originally created in 2001 by Strix and produced in association with Sony Entertainment and Endemol.

The show is based on a group of celebrities living together twenty-four hours a day in a Farm (located in Itu, São Paulo), isolated from the outside world (primarily from mass media, such as newspapers, telephones, television and the internet) while having all their steps followed by cameras around-the-clock, with no privacy for three months.

The contestants compete for the chance to win the grand prize by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last celebrity remains at the end of the season that can claim the grand prize. The show was presented by news reporter Britto Junior alongside with actress Chris Couto and directed by Rodrigo Carelli. Record's website and a Record-owned pay-per-view channel offer round-the-clock coverage.

Here we see Shayene in a more relaxed atmosphere, but still very charming!

Shayene casual

The show features 14–18 celebrities who are are sequestered in the Farm with no contact to or from the outside world. while having all their steps followed by cameras around-the-clock. Each week, the contestants take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win the power in the Farm.

The winner of the Farmer of the Week competition is immune from nominations. After a contestant becomes Farmer, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next Farmer of the Week competition.

All contestants except for the Farmer of the Week compete (as a teams or individuals) in the two-part Weekly Nomination Challenge on the pre-taped Sunday broadcast. The overall dead last loser will become the first nominee of the week.

On Nomination Night, all contestants except for the Farmer of the Week vote to nominate one of the fellow contestants on the live Tuesday broadcast. This vote is conducted by the host Britto Junior. In the event of a tie, the first nominee (the weekly challenge loser) must cast the deciding vote. Then, the Farmer of the Week must automatically nominate one more fellow contestant for eviction.

Here we see Shayene when she was Queen at Estacio de Sá, already in 2011, in one of the rehearsals, with the traditional colors of the "Lion School" Red & White

Shayene Estacio de Sa

Photo Credit: Rogério Neves

On Eviction Night, the nominee with the greater percentage of the public votes will be evicted from the Farm on the live Thursday broadcast, exiting to an adjacent studio to be interviewed by Britto Junior.

Prince Harry Samba Man: Carnival Lover too!

2012-05-28 15:35:24

Prince Harry: Drums, Carnival and Samba Spirit

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival News; May 28th 2012

As it seems Prince Harry, is following the footsteps of his father, at least in terms of learning and possibly loving Carnival and Samba.  Prince Harry of England was recently photographed playing the tambourine in a recording session for a song, produced by Gary Barlow & “The Commonwealth Band”, in favor of a series of commemoration events for the Jubilee festivities.   The celebrative “The Commonwealth Band “is composed of 210 musicians from all around the Commonwealth Community.  

Prince harry Uniao da Ilha Samba School brazil carnival


As mentioned on the beginning of this article, Prince Harry´s father, Prince Charles and Brazilian Samba Dancer Pinah, became protagonists in a legendary Brazilian Carnival history photography, when he “danced samba in a full smoking” while the elegant passista from Beija-Flor was wearing the typical Samba dancers´ attire, in sparkling silver. 

Below we see historical photopgraph of 1978 of Prince Charles and Pinah, Diva from Beija Flor Samba-School

Samba Prince Charles Pinah


During Prince Harry´s stopover to Rio de Janeiro, back in March, the friendly Prince visited the world-wide famous Sugar Loaf “postal card”, where he attended the launch party & campaign entitled, “GREAT”, to promote tourism in the UK, inviting investors to the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games and the Diamond Jubilee in honor of Queen Elizabeth, celebrating her 60th Anniversary as the Queen of England.

Below we see that as it seems, samba was not a momentary thing, he really enjoyed the tambourine: Recording session with Gary Barlow.

Prince Harry Tambourine man

Photo Credit: AP

As you will see in the photos below, Harry was received at the base of the Sugar Loaf Mountain by the first couple ( Flag bearer and Samba Host ) of the prestigious União da Ilha Samba School, from Rio de Janeiro and its powerful drums section.   In Rio´s 2012 elite Samba School parade, União da Ilha Samba-School, paid homage to the link between the Island, where it is headquartered, and the UK.  The parade theme was appropriately called "From London to Rio: Once Upon a Time ... An Island", since apart from both being located in an island, other commonalities are shared  by both parties: St. George as its Patron Saint, the colors Blue , Red & White, the storytelling characteristic of its people, and the musical and theatrical characteristics.

Prince Harry checking out the Brazilian Samba Drums from Uniao da Ilha Samba-School.  He liked it!

Prince harry Samba Drums brazil

Photo Credit  Uniao da Ilha Samba School / AP

So I guess now we may have now an authentic Prince who is a Carnival & Samba lover too!


Brazilian Carnival Parade Floats Development

2012-04-04 16:57:19

The Development of Carnival Floats in Brazil

Brazil Carnival Parade or Rio samba parade, as sometimes referred by foreigners, as we all know have impressive numbers.   Just as to provide some figures, the Rio 2012 Carnival itself (excluding all other Brazilian parades and expressions) attracted 5.3 million tourists, (being 850 thousand from abroad), had 215 samba-schools of different sizes (some with up to 4.000 revelers each), revenues derived from tourism of US$ 1 billion, broadcast reach to 180 countries, and more than 6.000 media professionals (from Brazil and abroad).   Samba dancers’ graciousness, as well as the glamour of the Brazil Carnival Samba costumes or fancy dress costumes carnival are also already well-known and even being exported, in mini-parades or pocket samba-shows.

Below, the first version or, embryo of Brazilian Carnival Floats, from 1925....

historic brazil float 1925


The samba beat  on the other hand, also faces a crescendo, with the increasing use of samba songs re-mixes into the “pop” music environment or even sung on their original style, but in many different and exotic languages such as Japanese, Finish, and even Arabic!   The stunning charm of the Brazilian Carnival Divas goes without saying, as many even consider them a world “synonym” for Brazil.    But still, there are many other elements that are still left un-explored by Carnival and festival parade lovers all around the world, and which without them, Rio´s Carnival not be celebrated as the  “the World´s  Greatest `Party on the planet”.    One of these items, is the subject we will explore today: The magnificent and ostentatious world of Carnival floats in Brazil.

To continue reading this article describing the magic of Brazil´s Carnival Floats, click on the link in Green.


Voluptuous, tanned and vigorous: Brazil Carnival 2012 Explosion of Joy

2012-02-18 00:05:14

Voluptuous, tanned and vigorous: Brazil Carnival 2012 Explosion of Joy

2012 Brazil´s  Carnival is per now officially open, with the parades already happening live in São Paulo´s  Sambadrome, Salvador, and at the gigantic Rio Carnival Street Parties.   We have taken a time to honor and make a tribute to these wonderful samba dancers from Brazil, called “Passistas”, who spend hours and hours training their samba routines during 8 months, 2 times a week at the samba-schools.  They also go through tough diets, cosmetic treatments, cardiovascular training, to show the world their immense joy and pleasure of their precious dance.

All photos from this article were gently provided by the great Carnival photographer, Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba.

The first passista we see, is a sythesis of the article, beauty, passion and joy, from Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School.

Passistas Brazil Carnival 2012

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Many of them come from humble families, some don’t.  It just doesn´t matter, their color, their “financial status”, their “social status”, since all they want to accomplish, is demonstrate to Brazil and the world, how happy and joyful they are.

Below, we a see a very young passista from the Inocentes do Belford Roxo, already a passista-starlet!

Passistas Samba Brazil

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Through these beautiful and authentic smiles, you will get a glimpse of this magnetic liveliness, no matter what place on earth you are in.  May you all have too a great carnival with this vibrant powerful, energetic and contagious atmosphere of delight.  

Below we the monumental and "exploding" happiness of this passista from Grande Rio Samba School: Breathless!

Passista World

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Below, a small selection of these amazing vectors of joy! Here we see an experienced and famed passista from Uniao da Ilha Samba-School. Great smile!

passista Uniao da Ilha

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Another great shot of Marcelo O´Reilly: An enigmatic expression from a Mocidade Samba School reveler!

Passistas from Mocidade Samba

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Below we see another beautiful samba-dancer, a blond passista from Porto da Pedra Samba-School, amazing smile.  This shows how samba has space to everyone!

Passistas samba dancers

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

African themes became per coincidence, as well as Northeastern themes, a constant in Rio´s 2012 Carnival Parade: This smile is another example of the joy of the samba dance and the parades!   Here, we see a passista from Vila Isabel samba-school

Samba dancer passista 2012

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

For the true passista, this is the moment they were wating all year long, the 60 minutes of pure samba, when all the adrenaline is released!  Even their photo poses are practiced! This Renascer passista surely did her homework done!

Passista Rensacer

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Now we see another kind of smile, one full of mysteries and and bit of sensuality:  Porto da Pedra Samba School from Niteroi is famed for their great passistas section!

Passista Rios Carnival 2012

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Below we see, Mary Cavalcanti, destaque-highlight for Sao Clemente, showing all of her charm and voluptous body! Impressive love she pledges to her samba-school!

Mary Cavalcanti Samba

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Finally, to close these series of fantastic photos from Marcello O´Reilly, we see the lovely pose and smile of a passista from Paraíso do Tuiuti from Rio de Janeiro.  As the name suggests, she is really close to the earthly "paradise".

Passista Tuiuti samba School samba

Photo Credit: Marcello O´Reilly, from Academia do Samba

Brazil Carnival Video Channel Hits 10 Million Views on You Tube

2012-02-16 14:59:21

Brazil Carnival Video Channel Hits 10 Million Views on You Tube

Brazil Carnival Ooah sets another record, 10 million views on You-Tube channel. Yes, that´s it! To be more exactly, to crown the Brazilian Carnival festivity, a new record was broken last week, and now the Brazil Carnival Com Br You Tube channel has 10.660,000 views in a total of 361 videos. The focus of Brazil Carnival Ooah videos are the backstage of the Brazil´s Carnival.

Below we see a samba-rehearsal of Sao Clemente in 2011 with more than 1,65 mi views! 

We try to show what really goes on the back scenes of this giant festivity. A great deal of the carnival videos are directed to the samba dancing, since there are so many people all around the world wanting to learn this precious dance, which brings so many health benefits ( cardiovascular, bones structure, brain – coordination, muscular resistance, to mention a few), apart from all the benefits from the social gathering and friendship that goes along.

Other natural focuses are carnival and samba drumming, interview of Carnival celebrities, and several other expressions of the Brazilian Carnival, like the Flag-bearer´s “samba-ballet”, the harmony of carnival wings, the exuberance of the costumes, the exhausting phase of samba –rehearsals, the planning of the carnival itself, the life of the passistas and the artisans of the carnival, not forgetting Street Carnival and so many others expressions.

This way, Brazil Carnival Ooah contributes to the expansion of this wonderful culture that dates back to the 17thcentury in Brazil and now gains a momentum all over the world, with great and organized samba-schools in Notting Hill , Helsinki, Copenhagen, Berlin, San Luis ( Argentina) , Asakusa parades ( Japan) and many major cities. Some of our videos have surpassed the 1 million views, which bring great pride to us. Party on: Carnival in Brazil is only one day close!

2012 Salgueiro Parade Theme Explanation

2012-02-15 18:30:49

2012 Salgueiro Samba Theme Explanation:

GRES Salgueiro is traditionally recognized as an innovative samba-school, both in terms of developing new aesthetics, but above all political themes,  having presented in Brazil´s Carnival historic parades .  For 2012, Salgueiro will present an extremely interesting and cultural parade theme based on the Cordel literature.  For those who don´t know exactly what it is, we will explain:  “Cordel” in Brazilian Portuguese, literally means “string literature” and is a very common and inexpensive format of printing pamphlets of printed booklets, which contain poems, folk novels, songs, satires and are sold by street vendors primarily in the Northeast of Brazil.    Adding to the explanation, “Cordel” literature booklets are generally hung from strings so that potential customers could browse through them.  

Viviane Araujo 2012

Above, a great close-up shot from Marcello O´Reilly from Academia do Samba.


Salgueiro´s Carnival Art Directors who signed the parade plot, Renato and Marcia Lage, are both renown Carnival artists having won combined 9 Carnival Championships in Rio de Janeiro´s competitive Special Group of Samba-Schools ( the elite team of carnival in Rio ).  They are especially known for their “clean and bold aesthetics” and narrative parade plots.    They  have named Salgueiro´s 2012 carnival parade as “Cordel Branco e Encarnado”, which in a free translation to English would be “White and Red Cordel”, bringing reference to the samba-school´s official colors, red and white.   

The synopsis of the parade theme, written by Renato and Marcia Lage, explains in a poetic form, mimicking the cordel literature itself in style, vocabulary and form, the essence of the parade.    They explain how the Cordel  literary style was imported from Europe,  (  The genre of literature was also found in Spain during the 18th and 19th centuries, and offered readers a wide array of topics, from basic instruction to political tracts. ) , makes references to Charlemagne  ( Charles the Great ) and later it developed itself in the Northeast of Brazil.    The synopsis also observes some of the iconic and most representative themes explored by the Cordel literature, such as the “ War of Canudos”, (a military conflict in the state of Bahia state 1896-1897), and popular historic personalities like Lampião and his band of outlaws and bandolier bandits who terrorized the region for almost 20 years, and finally legendary myths like the “wolf man”.

Below, the official Salgueiro Logo Theme:

Salgueiro 2012 Samba logo


The theme is indeed full of tradition and cultural richness.  We believe if Salgueiro  Samba-School is able to demonstrate in its parade, a bold plastic coherence without using past formulas of innumerous carnival parade plots based on the Northeastern culture of Brazil, then they will succeed.  Creativity is an adjective they do not fall short of, not refined aesthetic taste. 


Bodypainting in Brazil Carnival 2012 makes a comeback!

2012-02-13 16:24:25

Full Body Painting Conquered Brazilian Carnival: Body Art Gains Momentum

Brazilian Carnival News. Rio de Janeiro, 2012

Body painting definitely made a comeback in 2012 Brazilian Carnival, as Rio´s official samba rehearsals are almost over. There are only more two more practices to be held, one today, Saturday February 11th, and one tomorrow, Sunday February 12th.   Although the samba-schools hide most of their floats, costumes, tricks, and surprises for the Final Parade, one “fashion look” or “expression” seemed to have consolidated within Brazil´s Carnival: The use of the body painting techniques as “costumes” or visual ornaments.

After almost two months of official rehearsals, what was a novelty in the 90´s, now became a reality to many samba-schools carnival stylists, who now more and more, use this interesting, but very time-consuming technique, to “clothe” some of their Carnival divas.   Andrea Martins from Renascer Samba-School, was one of them, which enjoyed tremendous success, in both of the technical rehearsals in Rio´s Sambadrome she participated.  She told us during an exclusive video interview, her assistant took five and a  half hours to hand paint her “costume and adornment” in her body.   During the video interview, which Brazil Carnival Ooah! was able to record, she described the benefits of samba dancing without the “formal carnival clothing”.   

See below, a great shot of Marcello O´Reilly from Academia do Samba, from Andrea Martins...

2012 brazil carnival news

She stated that the lack of clothing allowed for “more freedom” in terms of the dance routines she has to go through.  “It’s a wonderful experience”, she stated.   As we know, some carnival costumes can weigh from 3 kilos (6.6 lbs) all the way to 25 kilos, (55.1 lbs) as an example, the average weight of a Flag-Bearer costume, called “Porta-bandeira” in the Brazilian Carnival terminology.

See full article here, and complete carnival body painting celebrities on the article, clicking on the yellow link..

Below, a video of Alessandra Mattos, dancing in full body paint plus, nice costume made in satin and crystals!


Rio 2012 Carnival of Celebrities at samba Rehearsals

2012-01-25 13:27:17

Rio 2012 Carnival of Celebrities at samba rehearsals at Rio´s Sambadrome

Rio Carnival News: Last Sunday , January 22nd 2012, during the Rio de Janeiro 2012 Carnival rehearsals, several national and international celebrities were present.  Three schools had their chance to practice their parade at Rio´s Sambadrome:  Santa Cruz, Academicos do Grande Rio, and finally Vila Isabel Samba School.  Grande Rio Samba School, as a tradition, had several celebrities, including Brazilian Super model Fernanda Motta, TV hosts Mirella Santos & Ana Furtado, model Mayra Cardi, Wellington Muniz comedian, a.k.a “Ceará”, to mention a few.   Latino dancers were also present, like Jessica Salty.

Below, an exclusive interview with supermodel Fernanda Motta in English.

At Vila Isabel Samba-School, three times winner of the Rio de Janeiro,  the Carnival Queen of Drums caused huge frenzy, the also comedian, model and TB host Sabrina Sato.   Other carnival celebrities present that presented great outfits were Quitéria Chagas, eternal Queen of carnival and Bianca Salgueiro.    Well, it was definitely a hard task to all “Brazilian paparazzi.” 


Brazil Carnival 2012 Events: Queen of Carnival Contest

2011-10-16 15:34:18

Brazil Carnival 2012 Events: Queen of Carnival Contest full of Samba & Passion

Brazil carnival Ooah! witnessed one of the most important parallel events which opens the 2012 Brazilian Carnival festivities: The Queen of Carnival Rio de Janeiro Contest.  This preliminary event took place Friday, October 8th and was held in the City of Samba, aka, “Cidade do Samba”, close to the harbor area.  The competition is being organized by Rio´s Tourism department and started out with more than 100 registered candidates, from girls ranging from 18 up to 35 years old.   The objective of this night, the official semifinal, was to select the top 8 elite samba dancers from a total of 33 contenders:  A tough mission not just for themselves, whom of which sometimes dedicated a full year for this contest , but to the specialized panel of judges.   Let´s see how this samba festivity all happened.

Below, a video of the initial presentation Luciana Abreu.

As journalists gathered at their allocated spot, family, friends, and supporters of the Queen of Carnival contestants kept arriving, creating an atmosphere of excitement.  Journalist were betting on their favorites and also comparing to last year’s edition, which was very competitive and had real carnival muses disputing for the title, won by Bianca Salgueiro, the current Queen of Carnival in Rio. 

Each candidate would have a chance to present themselves to a panel of judges, respond a question about Rio de Janeiro, and finally present in a 1 minute and half, the samba routine.    The candidates would be judged upon several criteria including friendliness, ease, body harmony, sociability, carnival spirit, elegance, and finally samba dancing skills.  To be noted, many of the samba dancers were very nervous when they were in front of the panel of jurors, somewhat natural, since some of them were 1st timers. 

Below, a great photo of the Final Contestant, provided by RioTur:

queen of carnival rio 2012

Of the 33 candidates enrolled on this semifinal phase, 27 attended.   The winner, besides the crown and sash, will receive the amount of R$ 20,000.   The second place will hold the title of 1st Princess of Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2012, a tiara and sash, plus R$ 15,000.   The third placed will receive the title as the 2nd Princess of Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2012, winning a tiara, sash plus R$15,000.  The mandates of the official Rio de Janeiro 2012 court of the carnival will begin on the date of their election ( October 28th 2011) and end on February 27, 2012 ( Official Brazilian Carnival closing in 2012).   

The samba dance of Cris Alves, who became later the Official Queen of carnival!

It was a true pleasure to see the emotion of the contestants when they spoke about their struggle to be participating of the contest, the support received by friends and family.  Many of them inclusively praised God for helping them overcome so many financial and other struggles.   But when the samba drums started playing, as if by magic, positive samba spirits blessed the catwalk and all of them presented beautiful samba routines full of energy and harmony.   Another marvelous aspect of the contest was to see the variety of the Brazilian identity & samba culture, with women from many ethnic backgrounds: brunettes, native Brazilians, “mulatas”, white, black pearls and blonds, full and embodied in the spirit of their roots.  This alone was a spectacle on its own, to see how Brazilian women are proud of their body, shape, ethnic background and color. 

Below, Flávia Rodrigues Da Costa, candidate #6, who didn´t make it to the finals, but made too a charming presentation.

Flavia Rodrigues da Costa Passista

Photo Credit: Papo de Samba - Ana Cristina Victória

After the presentation of all candidates, the panel of judges decided after almost 2 hours of a closed meeting, the final 8 candidates would be the following:

01 - Suzan Maria Souza Gonçalves (candidate #7)

02 - Patrícia Pontes Pereira Costa (candidate #10)

03 - Ângela Denise dos Santos (candidate #12)

04 - Letícia Martins Guimarães (candidate #13)

05 - Luciana Cordeiro de Abreu (candidate #14)

06 - Jaqueline de Jesus Rocha (candidate #15)

07 - Egili Aparecida de Oliveira Conceição (candidate #23)

08 - Cristiane de Souza Alves (candidate #30)

See you then on the great final, to be held October 28th 2012, certainly an event no samba enthusiast can miss!

2012 Brazil Carnival News: England on Parade with Uniao da Ilha Samba

2011-10-03 14:40:43

2012 Brazilian Carnival News: Uniao da Ilha 2012 Parade Theme

União de Ilha do Governador in 2012 will present its parade theme based on England, and as a consequence paying homage to England, and per extension, the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  With a title called “Once upon a time”, or in Portuguese “Era Uma Vez”.  The “Islander School” , as it is tenderly known in Rio, since it is located  non-coincidently in an island within the Guanabara Bay, believes since 1380,  stories in English language are initiated in that particular format, and became a convention in narratives, just like the ubiquitous  “and lived happily ever since”.    The oral tradition of storytelling of myths, folklore and fairy tales also became a mark in the English literature, and by consequence, influenced world literature and why not, history.   União da Ilha Samba School has several “similarities” if we can put this way, with Great Britain: The colors of the Flag of the samba-school are the same ( red, blue and white ), both of them are based in an Island, and finally, both of them hold Saint George as its patron Saint. 

Uniao da ILHA 2012

Photo Credit: Glaicon Emrich - Uniao da Ilha

União da Ilha Samba School in Rio,  which was one of the 3  samba-schools which suffered great losses on the 2011 carnival warehouse fires, will use exactly the Olympic pyre (and fire), as a link and symbolism for representing  the “overcoming” attribute.   The triumphing spirit is a common language and expression for Olympic athletes, and will also be used as a parallel for União da Ilha´s  transition and presentment of the parade theme; both about England, and the 2012 London Olympic Games itself.  English literature is perhaps, one of the finest contributions to Western civilization.   If União da Ilha Samba School is able to present with richness and creativity a visual representation of the British literary strength, certainly it will be a serious contender for the 2012 Rio Carnival title.

Below we see the new logo for Uniao da Ilha 2012 Carnival Parade Theme

Logo 2012 uniao da ilha new


The parade theme was developed by Alex de Souza, Carnival Art Director.  He is part of what´s called Rio´s "new generation of Carnival Art Director talents".  Together with Fabio Ricardo, from Sao Clemente, Cahe Rodrigues from Grande Rio, Paulo Barros from Unidos da Tijuca amongs others, have been presenting beautiful carnival parades.   One of their great innovations was to mix creativity, beauty with inexpensive materials.  Over the past years, these new Carnival Art Directors ( Carnavalescos ) have been obtaining good positions in Rio´s Carnival parades, sometimes running on tight budgets!  Alex de Souza, as part of this new generation of talents, will certainly be able to blend the tradition of Great Britain´s literature and history´s  with Brazil´s irreverence, tropicality and joyfulness.  Sounds like a recipe for success!

Uniao da Ilha Carnival photos

Photo Credit: Glaicon Emrich - Uniao da Ilha

Sao Clemente 2012 Parade Theme - Description of 2012 Plot

2011-09-24 14:07:12


GRES São Clemente  2012 Carnival Theme Development

São Clemente is the only Rio Samba School from the “South Zone” of Rio, which could be the equivalent to New York´s “Upper East Side”.   The samba school has great sympathy by the majority of the Cariocas for its joyful irreverence ( one of its main characteristics ) and the warmth with which the Samba School welcomes foreign guests.  The samba-school has a few exchange programs from abroad and has been increasingly professionalized.  In this Year, São Clemente, born and raised in Botafogo neighborhood, will present a “carnival” approach to the history and the magic of the Musicals in the world and their reflection in the Brazilian society.    

Sao Clemente 2012

São Clemente parade theme official name in “Enredo: Uma Aventura Musical na Sapucaí” freely translated from Portuguese to “Parade Theme: A Musical Adventure at Sapucaí”.   The cheerful samba school has its head-quarters, or “quadra” to use the Brazilian Carnival vocabulary, totally renovated and will use this to attract even more revelers.  The samba-school announced theme and synopsis will relay to famous and legendary Broadway musicals such as “Cats”, “The Beauty and the Beast”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Victor Victoria” and “Les Miserable”.  Classic movies will also be present such as the Brazilian Oscar Academy Award winner “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, “Yes, We have Bananas” and “Wizard of Oz”.   If São Clemente´s traditional frolic is well dosed, we are sure to see a promising Parade.  The parade theme is signed by Carnival Art Director Fábio Ricardo.

Sao Clemente logo



Brazil Carnival 2012 Parade Themes in English: Summary of Grande Rio Samba School

2011-09-22 12:55:20

Grande Rio 2012 Samba-School Parade Theme Description and Logo


For most of foreigners, Brazilian Carnival 2012 will only happen in February 18th.    Few know that such frenzy has already started in the more the hundreds of samba schools all over Brazil.  Right now, in the middle of September, we are going through a phase called Samba Cuts”, or in Portuguese, “Corte de Sambas”.   This is the phase where the Samba Schools, having already chosen their plot themes for their parades, called in the Brazilian Carnival vocabulary as “Enredos”, are choosing their songs.   The “Enredos” are stories which will be told during the parades, where thousands of revelers in Brazil, along with gigantic floats, will unfold their message and narrative.  From this week on, Brazil Carnival Ooah! will be presenting a  summary of the most important samba-schools in English.

While the samba schools go through this interesting, but exhausting eliminatory phase of deciding which samba song will be used to musically enrich the parade theme, we decided to explain and anticipate a little bit of what they will show in 2012.

In Rio de Janeiro, there are 12 samba-schools on the Special Group.   We will describe and walk through each of the parade themes defined by the samba-schools so Brazilian Carnival lovers all over the world can familiarize themselves with each of the samba-schools and their themes for 2012.  The order we decided to post is totally random, and does not follow any kind of preference, or categorization.   Today´s post will describe Grande Rio Samba School´s parade theme

GRES Grande Rio Samba School

Grande Rio Samba School was one of the 3 samba school which went through that horrific fire, that burned 90% of their warehouse where all costumes and floats were being finalized a month before the parade.    Inspired by the tragedy, and the overcoming of such events, the samba-school decided for the theme “I believe in you! And you?” in Portuguese, the official is name "Eu acredito em você! E você?”   - The supersession of humanity is the main argument of Carnival Art Director, Cahe Rodrigues.   In his explanatory document on the theme, he transcribed a famous phrase from Eastern philosopher Confucius: “Our greatest glory lies not in fact never falling, but in getting up after each fall.”  In essence, the school will describe virtuous characteristics necessary to overcome such decisive episodes, like force of will, faith, hope and endurance.    If they are able to show creativity, luxury, harmony with this interesting theme of hope, endurance and motivation, they will certainly present a great carnival.

Below, we see the logo of the Grande Rio 2012 Theme Logo

Grande Rio 2012 Carnival


Brazil Carnival Ooah! Supports International Samba “السامبا” Media Production in Rio

2011-07-22 11:26:35

Samba - “السامبا” - TV Series from Iraq - Dubai shot in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Carnival Ooah! for the 2 last weeks,  was hired to provide support for an International shooting revolving Samba, soccer and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.   The Dubai based Etana Media Production group, hired Brazil Carnival Ooah! to provide an elite group of samba dancers team, carnival costume rentals , and samba drums support for a new TV series to be broadcasted in Arab speaking nations, through three satellites.    For this giant enterprise, Brazil Carnival Ooah! partnered up with the winner of the Rio´s Carnival Prize “Estandarte de Ouro 2011”, União da Ilha Samba School.  The samba-school helped to put together a team of more than 15 top samba dancers, 5 traditional Baianas, 5 samba percussionists and a myriad of more than 120 different colorful carnival and Samba Costumes.  The Samba School was also present through its Director of Institutional Affairs, Otavio Paranhos and Claudinho, the samba-school´s main samba team choreographer.     (Uniao da Ilha Samba-School will present in Rio´s 2012 Carnival, a parade theme based on the London 2012 Olympic Games.)

Below a picture of famous Dalli Singer, at the "Quinta da Boavista" location, which served as the Palace for Brazil´s Emperor.

Dali Singer Rio Samba

The TV Series, which will be launched next September in dozens of Arab speaking nations, was shot in Rio de Janeiro, and included a series of video-clips too.   It should be called  “السامبا” or just “Samba”, and tells the story of romantic couple in the backstage of Rio´s Samba and soccer culture in the marvelous Rio de Janeiro.    The main actress was the famous Iraq singer Dalli, and Set locations for this TV series included the legendary Botanical Garden, the “Quinta da Boavista”, the Flamengo  Park, the Rio Lagoon, the Guanabara Bay and the old City Center.  Adding to these unique natural beauties, the Executive Producer also sought after many Rio de Janeiro classic and grandiose buildings for the shooting.    The samba shootings would always start very early, as 5AM, so as to maximize Rio´s golden´s sun exposure and light.   Logistics were also a true challenge to Brazil Carnival Ooah! team and União da Ilha Samba-School, so as to coordinate the samba dancers’ team,  marvelous costumes, make-up and support staff.    Some of the carnival costumes provided to this international production costs more than US$ 30.000,00 and evidently needed a special attention.

At the end of two weeks, Brazil Carnival and União Da Ilha do Governador Samba School were able to provide full support for Etana Media Production executive with excellence, and the original shooting was even extended for one extra day.   Both samba dancers and carnival members were very happy to participate at this enormous production, which in one scene, involved more than 130 samba dancers and “extra” actors.    Brazil Carnival Ooah! believes a new phase of international shootings and filming of documentaries, commercials, TV series will be developed in Rio de Janeiro naturally  because of the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  

Rio Samba Movie

Viva samba, Carnival, soccer and the amazing colors of Rio de Janeiro.   We welcome more of these amazing international media productions! 

The Myth of Brazil Carnival “Made in China” Explained

2011-05-30 21:24:09

The Myth of Brazil Carnival  “Made in China” Explained:  Brazil Carnival News

Ferraris made in Germany, Cartier watches made in England, Brazil Costumes made in….Brazil, of course.   Browsing in the Internet, I have been observing all kinds of “reports” and “analysis” erroneously stating Brazilian Carnival costumes are made everywhere else, but Brazil.  In March 2012, Samantha Pearson, journalist for the Financial Times, wrote an article with an enticing (should we say marketing?) title: “Brazil’s carnival: made in China”, which may clearly mislead those who are not fully aware of the Brazilian Carnival industry and entertainment business.   Though I might admit I found the title “catchy”, and working on the industry for years, I fortunately see the argument doesn´t stand itself and does not represent the truth.   This is what I will carefully detail in this article.   As examples, I read around the web that Brazilian Carnival costumes are  “made in China”, Brazil Samba dance bikinis are “made in Thailand”, and carnival costumes head pieces  are “made in Poland”.    How could this be?  Does Thailand now has Carnival tradition, with designers, stylists and artisans specialized on the Brazilian Carnival aesthetics?   If yes, then this is “real” news to me.   The objective here is not to be “anti-global”, by the contrary, but to demonstrate how the world´s largest Carnival party is really crafted.   We will see that Brazil´s Carnival unlimited creativity, is probably the main reasons for its planetary success, uniqueness and magnitude. 

Legendary Ferrari, just like the Italian Pasta, is one of Italy´s most iconic symbols for most of the people I know. To associate Ferrari to Italy is as obvious and equivalent,  as to the association of the Eiffel tower or the Cartier Brand to France.   Certainly, both Ferrari and Cartier are “inserted” not only in the subconscious minds of foreigners, but also in the hearts of those who follow those industries.   Now comes the question, do you think legendary Ferrari models, like the 1984 Testarossa, or to mention a newer model, the 2005 Ferrari FXX, both pinnacles of the car industry assembled in Maranello are made with 100%  of its components made in Italy?   I can assure you with 100% of proof they are not.   Tires for example are made by Goodyear, ( or Dunlop),  the aluminum is provided by American Alcoa, and its modern electronics are provided with inputs from several countries and suppliers, including China and Japan.   Is this to mean Ferrari is a global product then?  Should we count the origins of all raw and manufactured inputs of a Ferrari car, see who has its largest percentage of it in its final product,  and then label the car by that country?   It doesn´t sound logical to me, as to it would not sound logical for anyone.  Ferrari maker is a great, if not the best,  assembler of premium cars in the world, but that doesn´t make it “un-Italian”, in the hearts and souls of their admirers, consumers, and ordinary people just because it has inputs from many parts of the world.   It is an “Italian Car” as far as we all know, nevertheless their global inputs.   It is “Made in Maranello”, “Made in Italy”, not “made globally”. 

Below authentic Brazilian carnival artesans and craftsmen: Artistic creativity Made In Brazil!

Brazil Carnival made in Brazil

The case is exactly the same with Brazilian Carnival Costumes.   90% of real “Brazilian Carnival costumes” are in fact “made in Brazil”, and not in China, or anywhere else.   They are manufactured in Brazil; assembled, styled, and made in Brazil.  The phrase used by Samantha Pearson : “Although the final outfit is often decorated or put together in Brazil, the vast majority are made from Chinese polyester….” is completely misleading.   If you care to do a minimal research in the outskirts of Rio, you will find dozens of Carnival costumes ateliers, that produce, assemble, sew for more than 200 samba-schools from all over the country.  The simple use of the word “often”, is a complete injustice with all of these hard working and creative professionals, as matter of fact.

Brazilian Carnival costumes use much more than “cloths and polyester”.   We can go further and say these inputs indeed, are the cheapest part of true Brazilian Carnival costumes, where traditionally, feathers and beads are essentially the most expensive items in these luxurious costumes.    As anyone can research over the Internet, a dozen of 36 inch lady Amherst pheasant tails feathers, are produced in many parts of Africa and China and can cost up to US$ 72.00.   Imagine how much an authentic Brazilian Carnival costume, with hundreds of these pheasant feathers and plumes, plus Svarowski crystals can cost:  Thousands of US$ for sure.    But can you find them “ready for deliver” in Alibaba website for example?  Not a single one of them.  True Brazilian Carnival costumes use inputs, raw and manufactured materials from all over the world, including Brazil.    But this doesn´t mean there are “made in China”.

Below we see an exhuberant Brazilian Carnival Costume inspired in an Egyptian theme: Made in Brazil, again.



Just like the case with the Italian Ferrari cars and Cartier watches, Brazilian Carnival costumes´ essence and soul rely exactly upon their innovative design, not their composition.   This is the main argument:  The exhaustive hours of testing of new materials, embroidery work, artisanal sewing is exactly what makes the “Brazilian Carnival” costume what it is universally known for, and not its “polyester” component.  Brazilian Carnival costumes are considered the most glamorous and impressive in the world, exactly because of this intrinsic artistic nature, which has to re-invent itself every Carnival season.   This is where it’s magic and fantasy relies upon, and not in a grey colored sky factory located in China.   Again, Brazilian Carnival costumes ( by the way, not only costumes, but floats´ technology,  mobile adornments, and special parade effects…) have reached global fame, like the Ferrari´s cars, fundamentally because of its style, soul and spirit.   These three elements are those of a kind that (fortunately) simply can´t be reproduced or assembled in a “factory”.   For all of these reasons I can affirm Brazilian Carnival costumes as the name states, are thankfully “Made in Brazil”, and not in China, or elsewhere.   Not to mention the “Carnival” itself.   If it was, the Brazilian Carnival festivity surely would not be able to maintain its status of the “world´s largest Carnival on Earth” for so many years, with millions of passionate lovers and admirers.  

Thankfully, most Carnival lovers around the world acknowledge this argument above as a proven fact, which inclusively made possible its expansion.   Today, we are able to see incredibly fantastic Carnival parades in Helsinki, Notting Hill, Frankfurt, Asakusa, San Luis, Paris, Copenhagen, and innumerous other cities, using the “Made in Brazil Carnival” model, as a healthy basis for the cultural intertwining of its own Carnival parades. 

Full Rio Samba Show Team for Hire: Samba Dancers and Performers in Rio de Janeiro

2011-05-17 13:28:38

Hire Samba Shows in Rio - Press Release Samba Dancing

Who has never dreamed of filming in Rio de Janeiro, with the Top Samba dancers of Brazil, with full feathered costumes, samba drummers, security, carnival sculptures and adornments?     Brazil Carnival Ooah! is proud to announce that it has officially partnered with on the most traditional Samba-Schools in Rio: Uniao da Ilha Samba School.   

The samba dancers were hand-picked by the most famous Claudinho choreograher from Uniao da Ilha, and are only approved after rigorous samba testing and extreme professional aspects, such as punctuality, reliability, and corporate commitment.  

Their samba show team has made over thousands of presentations since the beginning of its operation and now offers in Rio de Janeiro ,  several different types of samba shows including:

Traditional Carnival Samba Show of Passistas – Samba Dancers

• Pocket Show 

Queen of Carnival – Top Samba Dancers

Drummers  - Samba Drumming

Read full article by clicking on this link: Rio Samba Shows for Hire
samba shows to hire

 For information Request, follow our Contact Form, on the link provided.

Buying Samba Costumes: Brazil Carnival Costumes Differences

2011-05-02 10:37:40

Samba Dance Costume X Parade Costumes

Samba Costumes, Brazilian Costumes, Parade Costumes,  Show Girl Dancers, Baianas costumes: After all, what are their differences?   On this article, we will try to explain a recurrent questions among Brazil Carnival lovers.  Many think a true samba dance costume is the same as a carnival parade costume, or vice versa.   Others don´t understand why there is a difference in the prices of carnival and samba costumes, and their purposes.   The objective of this post is to explain basically 2 types of Brazilian Carnival costumes:  the samba dance costumes, and the parade carnival costume.   Foreigners may think Rio and Brazil carnival costumes “are all the same”, with the “bikini look”  or “lots of feathers”.   There are huge differences within these two types of costumes, and the main reason for the difference is its use and purpose.   In future articles, we will talk about the Baianas, Queen of Carnival, and Opening Wing Costumes.  

Samba Dancer Costume – Passista Type and Show Girl Type

True authentic samba dance costumes, are traditionally worn only by the famous “passistas wing”, ( see definition in link) , professional samba dancers that devote their lives all year long for the samba dancing profession.   These costumes in general are subdivided into two categories: lighter type samba costumes, made specifically for one parade, and the “show-girl” samba dancer costume, as the name implies, made for samba dance shows.   The latter, the “show girl samba dancer costume” type, is supposed to be much more resistant, since they will be used over and over.   Samba dance shows, just like a theater play, may be scheduled for a tour and go on for months.   For this reason, this kind of samba dance costumes must be resistant, normally covered with some feathers, but overall comfortable so as to make sure the “passistas” use all their skills on the show. 

Below we see a the "Show Girl samba dancer costume": Normally with a large headpiece and confortable padded bikini. 

Samba Dancer Costume Show Girl

The other kind, the “parade samba dancer costume”, is lighter than one we mentioned earlier, and are normally used once or twice, during a specific event.   These costumes may have less clothing, to make possible open air performances, and have a different kind of assembly.   They are usually not made with materials made to last innumerous parades.   This is not to say they are supposed to “fall apart” after the parade, obviously.   But they definitely have much less adornments like shoulder / wings, back-pieces, excessive plumage.  What both have of them have in common - samba dancer costume, again -  is that they have less clothing then all other wings, so as  to aid the samba dancing ( which is different than parading ) and therefore proportionally cheaper than full Carnival costumes, for the simples models without luxurious pheasant feathers, for example.

Below we see a true samba dancer costume, but because of its luxurious materials like pheasant feathers, Swarovski Crystals, it can also be used for shows.   If this costume had less feathers on the headpience, it could be a became a simple "passista" costume, or a true samba dancer costume.

Samba Dancer Costume

Above we see a phenomenal photo of Raísa Santiago, of famous Brazilian Passista, Diana Prado from São Clemente.


Brazilian Carnival Parade Costume Type: Compose the Parade Plot 

Now Rio or Brazil Carnival costumes make part of a whole new kind of category: These where made basically for “normal” revelers, members of a samba school.   They were not made for samba dancers on the strict sense of the meaning.  They were made to aid the Carnival Art Director, the Carnavalesco ( see definition ), build his plot for a parade.   Normally, these kinds of costumes have even a name, since they are attached or part of a specific parade wing within a samba school parade.   Generally, these costumes are larger, fancier, and heavier.   These costumes normally have shoulder pads for example, called “esplendor” in Portuguese, many feathers all around the costume, and much more of clothing overall.  They are rarely have the “Brazil bikini or thongs” look. 

Now below, you see a typical "parade" Brazil carnival costume. Observe how the purpose and general outlook in completely different.

brazil Carnival parade costume

These “parade costumes” also use prime materials, but are generally heavier than samba dancer costumes. Revelers who use the traditional “parade costumes”, normally don´t dance at the parade, they “parade” within their wing, or have a special choreography determined by its Wing Director or Carnival Art Designer.   Of course, prices within parade costumes can also vary dramatically: The more quality materials used like pheasant feathers, silk, embroidery (hand-made ) work, can make these costumes very expensive, but also built to last if treated with care.   As mentioned above, the final objective of these costume in the authentic Rio / Brazilian Carnival parade is to help compose the parade theme/plot.  So  naturally the costume is a “moveable” adornment on itself,  unlike the samba dance costume, which is there to enhance the samba dance, and not the parade plot.

Well,  I hope this short article was sufficient to help you new Carnival lovers to distinguish between two types of costumes, the samba dancer costumes and the traditional  carnival parade costumes.

A full variety of Brazilian Carnival Costumes can be found at:

Brazil Carnival Costumes Exclusive Videos: Astonishing Costumes

2011-04-09 19:52:51

Brazil Carnival Shop Costume Photo Shot Session: Stunning Carnival Costumes


Brazil Carnival Shop, in association of Brazil Carnival Ooah!, produced the making of its first session of Brazilian Carnival Costumes Photo Shoot.

The Brazil Carnival Costumes Photo Shoot was taken on Beija-Flor Samba School premisses, on Rio´s Cidade do Samba.  The production was directed by Bruno Villaça Art Director.  The professional photograher was made by expert Rodrigo Esper.   The amazing Rio models were Lilian Duarte, from Mangueira and Cubango Samba-School, and Marcella Diniz, a marvelous model, which now follows her carreer at Rio´s Police.  The fabulous production also included make up artist and drag queen performer Leo Rangel.  Special thanks to Mr. Jose Antonio from Beija-Flor, Ms. Vania and Karine.

Assitant Producers included Beija-Flor´s team Leo Midia and his styling crew.  The shooting was done in one morning in December 2010, and it was extremelly hot!  It was about 35 degrees Celsius, therefore a huge effort by everyone at the team.

Bruno Villaça Art Director also did the final editing of the Carnival Costumes Photos and re-touch. (Alltough these models didn´t need them...)

Below we present 2 videos which made a huge impact to all of us.  Hope you like them:

Brazil Art Costume Queen Hatshepsut Of Egypt: Celebrity Costume


Warrior Celebrity Carnival Costume With Voluptuous Feathered Wings



All design and photography of this web site is owned by Brazil Carnival Shop.  The Carnival Costumes Design are owned by their stylists, who made the costumes above. Copying, borrowing or otherwise utilizing any information herein without specific written or verbal permission can and will put you at risk of legal action.  

New Brazil Carnival Costumes & Celebrity Costumes Shop re-launched

2011-04-03 17:19:53

Luxury Brazil Carnival Costumes Shop Launched

Dear Carnival and Samba Lovers around the world

It is with great honor and enthusiasm we communicate the official launch of website. After years of research within the local carnival community and abroad, we noticed the lacking of a detailed site, which truly represented the authenticity of Brazilian Carnival, Samba & festival costumes.  

It was our desire to present original carnival & samba costumes of many different categories, made in Brazil, by Brazilian craftsmen using superior quality, allied with sophisticated design.  We wanted to show traditional and innovative costumes in full details, describing every element of the costume. presents a full portfolio of costume designs, from samba dancing show costumes, to exuberant art costumes, made exclusively for one parade “destaques”, or costume for museums, galleries and special presentations.  

Brazil Carnival Shop

We are able to deliver costumes for entire wings upon a specific request, designed to fit your budget and deliver it directly to your address.  We also present a catalog of existing costumes ready to be purchased immediately.  Finally, we have an express service which can tailor a costume for a specific event and deliver it within 48 hours upon the final briefing request / contact.

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Beija-Flor Samba School performs parade to Nilopolis community

2011-03-23 13:17:32

Beija-Flor de Nilopolis Samba School Community Parade

Last Saturday, the 2011 Rio Carnival Champion – Beija-Flor de Nilópolis Samba School performed an emotional parade at their home city.  The samba-school, which had their parade-theme based on the Brazilian legendary singer “King” Roberto Carlos, brought legitimate emotion to thousands of people of their community, who anxiously waited until midnight for the beginning of the parade.

Beija-Flor came to this community parade almost complete, with 90% of its stars: The official flag bearer Selmynha Sorriso was there, Claudinho – the Samba Host, Neguinho da Beija-Flor, the official interpreter, Raissa de Oliveira – the Queen of Drummers – “Rainha de Bateria”, Master of Drums – “Mestre de Bateria” Rodney with at least 200 percussionists, Carlinhos de Jesus with the opening wing, and most of the Carnival Commision: Director Laíla and Fran-Sergio.

The crowd went literally wild when the parade began.  I witnessed children from all ages - starting 3 years old, singing the parade song “A Simplicidade de um Rei” – The Simplicity of a King.  Beija-Flor enthusiasts were seen at windows from all buildings of the Av. Mirandela, waving and singing loudly. The parade was truly organic and exciting spectacle for the all Brazilian carnival lovers.

Below we see a Carnival Video clip of the presentation of Selmynha & Claudinho:

Beija Flor with its theme based in Popular Singer Roberto Carlos to Win Carnival

2011-03-09 17:54:41

Beija Flor to Win RJ Carnival with its theme based in Popular Singer Roberto Carlos

Beija-Flor won its 12th Rio de Janeiro Carnival title with a significant advantage over the runner up.  The theme was based on the famous local singer called Roberto Carlos.  

The official theme is called "A Simplicidade do Rei" - The simplicity of a King.  Carnival Director Laila dedicates the Carnival Title to the Nilópolis community.

Below the Logo of Theme of Beija-Flor:

Beija flor 2011 Theme

Below we show Raissa de Oliveira, the Queen of Drums for Beija-Flor since 11 years old:

Rio In Expectation for Carnival Champion Decision

2011-03-09 15:56:25

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Community in Expectation for Final Results

Rio de Janeiro and the entire Brazil in great expectation to see how will be the official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Champion of 2011.  The envelopes which have the judges scores are scheduled to be opened at 4:15 PM local time.

Directors and fans from samba-schools are already a Rio´s Sambadrome, to cheer and try their luck with the results.  Carnival specialists appoints Unidos da Tijuca (Champion of 2010 ), Beija-Flor ( 9 times winner of the Rio Carnival ) as the main contenders for the so desired upon prize.  Other samba schools that also presented a very thorough Carnival parade like Imperatriz ,  Vila Isabel and Mangueira still hold their hopes.

Below, we see a marvelous picture, ( for me one of the best of Giselle ) of the uber Model Giselle Bundchen by photographer Rodrigo Gorosito from G1.

Giselle Bundchen w vila Isabel

In two hours or less we will see who will rein Rio de Janeiro´s carnival for this year.  Hold your breathing!

2011 Rio Brazil Carnival is Officially Open: Read About the Kick-Off Event

2011-03-05 01:33:53

Rio 2011 Carnival Officially Open by Mayor Eduardo Paes

"I declare open the 2011 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro”, proclaimed the Rio mayor, Eduardo Paes, while delivering the “city keys” to the Momo King. According to Paes, this is perhaps the most solemn and important act of the city. The animation character called Blue ( a blue Macaw) , scheduled for release in April in "Rio", also attended the event. The traditional “Confraria dos Garotos” – type of oldies revelers brotherhood, also promoted the ceremony and offered a sprig of “arruda” herbs, wishing good luck to the Carnival Brazilian Momo King .

Below, photo of Ceremony by Ricardo Almeida - from the site SRZD

2011 carnival ceremony open

The official band of the Rio de Municipal Guard and the Drums Section of Unidos da Tijuca Samba School, Carnival champion of the Special Group of 2010, also attended the ceremony. Mayor Paes expressed he is very happy with atmosphere the city is experiencing: "I'm very happy with what Rio is living now. And I hope that people enjoy the festivities safely, in a clean manner and also taking care of the cultural heritage of the city. "

The Secretary of Tourism, Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, stated that the celebration of the "Momo King ( Rei Momo) is an extremely important symbol of the carnival, ( learn the exact meaning of the word Carnival) who symbolically represents the right to party, revel, and runs the city during the carnival. " According to the secretary, the city expects to receive about 150,000 extra tourists during these 4 days.

The hotels in Rio have almost reached the 100% occupancy rate. Bianca Salgueiro, the official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen completed the Carnival opening, aided by two lovely Carnival Princesses.

FBI to Aid in Rio Brazil Carnival 2011: Joint Operation to Identify Suspects

2011-03-02 21:35:24

FBI Deploys Id Software at Rio Carnival 2011: More protection for Revelers

The safety of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival will receive an important contribution from the American FBI.   The feds will provide to Rio ´s  Military Police an intelligence system able to store data from criminals and assist in identifying suspects in the days of revelry.  The operation of this system, called “SVC” (Virtual Command Center), will be in charge of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police, called “PM”, but will be interconnected with all security forces, city, state and federal.

Rio Carnival FBI

Suspects detained in real time 

The SCV is above all, a great website with restricted access, where trained officers can collect and send data and information about people, vehicles and any suspicious situations in real time.  “This should facilitate the identification of a delinquent” for example, says Police Officer Brassanini. 

By radio, mobile phones and computers, agents will be able to record the presence of unauthorized street vendors, fights or robbery.  The information will be reproduced by the system and categorized into degrees of danger and emergency.  For Rio Street Carnival, this software should be a great tool.

FBI agents will transfer the technology to this special unit of Rio´s Military Police, who was appointed by central command of the corporation this week.  In total, there are seven FBI agents in Rio for training. Later, the system will be fully expanded and deployed at State level.

2011 Rio Street Carnival Partying Tips: What to Eat to enjoy the Party Marathon

2011-02-22 15:23:51

What to Eat Before Rio Street Carnival Party Marathon

Wondering what to eat before going to the Street Carnival partying is common question.   The samba days may be exhausting if you don’t eat appropriately.  

We have talked to a few Doctors and specialists and most of this article follows their recommendations (but we are not Doctors, ok ?) Basically, you will lose a lot of energy at the Rio Street Parties, / Blocos de Rua (also called Street Marching Bands ), since many routes can last up to 8 hours.  

carnival food party

The recurring recommendation is to eat light carbohydrates before joining the street carnival partying or even the carnival parade at the Sambadrome.  During these events, you lose a lot of calories (no wonder why Brazilian dancers are thin!) and you naturally sweat a lot.   If you don’t eat enough though, you will lose the best part of the fun when the partying is picking up.  Carbohydrates will give you the energy to start up and maintain you for a while, but the second tip is equally important: Keep yourself hydrated. 

Since the "Blocos de Rua"  routes can last up to 8 -10 hours, if you drink a lot of beer and do not hydrate yourself, you will eventually get drunk, tired, or both.  You also have to keep in mind that it always gets hot and packed at the gathering points and routes, even at open spaces, where most of the street groups or “blocos de rua” are played.   These places can pack up anywhere from 1.000 to 15.000 partiers easily.    

In most of the closed spaces, you can always grab something to eat, but try to carrying extra energy too.  One of my tricks is to carry power bars (one or two) in my pockets.  (Those bodybuilders use before their training, in gel and full of carbohydrates and proteins).   This way, you can concentrate in getting hydrated and on the partying without worrying about eating.   Add the sun, the beer, the romance and your energy level can let you down.   So to recap:

Eating Tips for Rio Street Carnival Marathon

1) Good Carbohydrates meal before leaving for the Blocos

2) Constant Hydration Process during the routes: try for every beer (if you can´t avoid them), one bottle of water

3) Carry some extra energy, like protein / carbohydrates bars or stop by to eat a light sandwich in a place that looks clean and decent.

For the complete list of the 2011 Street Carnival Marching bands, see our special article, clicking on the link.

Party on!!

More news on Rio Street Carnival 2011 at our @brazilcarnival Twitter

2011 Rio Street Carnival Marching Bands List: Top Blocos de Rua List w address & locations

2011-02-20 13:57:09

     2011 Selected List of Rio Street Carnival Marching Bands: Blocos de Rua !

As a tradition Brazil Carnival Ooah! publishes the list of the 2011 top “blocos de rua” – Rio Street Carnival marching bands in English so visitors from all over the world can easily follow.  The hours were translated, so the gathering points, in order to facilitate understanding. Prepare your costume or no costume and join in!  Everything is free, except for the beers of course!
February 25th, 2011 – Friday
Centro, Santa Teresa

Cordão do Bola Preta
Gathering Point: Mauá Square / Praça Mauá - Start Time: 6 PM
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Áurea, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 6 PM
 February 26th, 2011 – Saturday
Centro, Lapa, Santa Teresa

Céu na Terra
Gathering Point: Largo do Curvelo, Centro  - Start Time: 7 hs
Gathering Point: Odilo Costa Neto Square, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 5 PM
Catete, Laranjeiras

Gathering Point: Mercadinho São José, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 3 PM
Copacabana, Leme, Urca, Botafogo

Fogo na Cueca
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Maestro Francisco Braga, Copacabana - Start Time: 12 AM
Só o Cume Interessa
Gathering Point: General Tibúrcio, Praia Vermelha - Start Time: 2 PM
Os Imóveis
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Sousa Lima, Copacabana - Start Time: 2 PM
Cutucano Atrás
Gathering Point: front of  La Fiorentina, Leme - Start Time: 7 PM
Ipanema, Leblon, Lagoa, Jardim Botânico

Imagino! Agora Amassa
Gathering Point: Rua / Street José Linhares, Leblon  - Start Time: 10 AM
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Dias Ferreira, Leblon   -  Start Time: 2 PM
Simpatia é Quase Amor
Gathering Point: Praça General Osório – Ipanema  -  Start Time: 3 PM
  February 27th 2011 – Sunday

Escravos de Mauá
Gathering Point: Largo de São Francisco da Prainha, Maua Square - Start Time: 10 AM
Ipanema, Jardim Botânico, Lagoa, Leblon, São Conrado

Suvaco de Cristo
Gathering Point: Bar Joia, Rua / Street Faro corner w Rua / Street Jardim Botânico
Start Time: 09 AM
Se Não Quiser Me Dar, Me Empresta
Gathering Point: Av. Vieira Souto, Ipanema  - Start Time: 12 AM
Empoga às 9
Gathering Point: Posto 9, Ipanema  - Start Time: 4 PM
Tambor Carioca
Gathering Point: Parque dos Patins, Lagoa - Start Time: 4 PM
Copacabana, Botafogo, Urca

Boka de Espuma
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Marquês de Olinda, Botafogo - Start Time: 6 PM
Laranjeiras, Glória, Catete

Gigantes da Lira
Gathering Point: General Glicério Square, Laranjeiras  - Start Time: 8 AM
Quem não Guenta Bebe Água
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Gago Coutinho, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 2 PM
February 28th -2011 – Monday

Devotos da Madá
Gathering Point: Cachaçaria Mangue Seco, Rua / Street do Lavradio, 23 – Lapa  - Center
Start Time: 9 PM
March 2nd - 2011 – Wednesday

Gathering Point: Quisoque da Keka (14) Parque do Cantagalo, Lagoa Start Time: 6 PM
March 3rd  2011 – Thursday

Centro, Badalo de Santa Teresa

Banda da Rua / Street do Mercado
Gathering Point: Rua / Street do Mercado, Praça XV - Start Time: 5 PM
Badalo de Santa Teresa
Gathering Point: Largo dos Neves, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 6 PM

Cobra Sarada
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Gago Coutinho, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 6 PM
Ipanema, Lagoa

Cariocas do Mundo
Gathering Point: Calçadão do Arpoador, Ipanema  - Start Time: 5 PM


Mamelúdicos Eufóricos
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Visconde de Caravelas, Botafogo - Start Time: 7 PM
 March 4th 2011 – Carnival Friday

Centro, Santa Teresa
Gathering Point: Esquina da Ladeira de Santa Teresa corner w Rua / Street Dias de Barros, Santa Teresa
Laranjeiras, Catete
Concentra Mas Não Sai
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Ipiranga   - Start Time: 7 PM
Ipanema, Leblon

Vem Ni Mim Que sou Facinha
Gathering Point: Praça General Osório, Ipanema  - Start Time: 6 PM
Azeitona Sem Caroço
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Dias Ferreira corner w Av. Bartolomeu Brito, Leblon
Start Time: 6 PM
Rola Preguiçosa Tarda Mas Não Falha
Gathering Point: Avenida Epitácio Pessoa corner w Rua / Street Maria Quitéria, Ipanema
Start Time:  8 PM

Banda do Lido
Gathering Point: Praça do Lido, Copacabana  - Start Time: 7 PM
March 5th 2011 – Carnival Saturday 

Centro, Santa Teresa, Lapa, Gloria
Céu na Terra
Gathering Point: Square; Praça Odilio Costa Neto, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 7 AM
Cordão da Bola Preta
Gathering Point: Cinelândia - Start Time: 8 AM
Cuíca Carioca
Gathering Point: Rua / Street do Ouvidor corner w Rua / Street do Mercado, Praça XV
Start Time: 2 PM
Gathering Point: Largo das Neves, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 2 PM
Laranjeiras, Flamengo, Largo do Machado

Carnaval Japonês
Gathering Point: Flamengo Park (Pavilhão Japonês), Flamengo  - Start Time: 4 PM
 Estica do Flamengo
Gathering Point: Square; Praça Sandro Moreira, Flamengo - Start Time: 7 PM
Botafogo, Copacabana, Leme

Dois Pra Lá Dois Pra Cá
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Álvaro Ramos corner w Rua / Street General Góes Monteiro, Botafogo
Start Time: 10 AM
Galo da Santa Clara
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Santa Clara 415, Copacabana - Start Time: 12 AM
Bloco do Barbas
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Arnaldo Quintela, Botafogo - Start Time: 4 PM
Empolga às 9
Gathering Point: Avenida Atlântica corner w Rua / Street Francisco Otaviano, Copacabana
Start Time: 5 PM
 Pinta Mas Não Borra
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Voluntários da Pátria 34, Botafogo  - Start Time: 5 PM
Banda da Bolívar
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Bolívar, Copacabana - Start Time: 5 PM
Ipanema, Leblon, Gávea
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Orsina da Fonseca, Gávea - Start Time: 2 PM 
Empurra Que Pega
Gathering Point: Avenida Delfim Moreira corner w Rua / Street Rita Ludolf (Posto 12), Leblon
Start Time: 3 PM
Banda de Ipanema
Gathering Point: Square / Praça General Osório: Start Time: 6 PM
 March 6th 2011 – Carnival Sunday 

Centro, Gloria, Santa Teresa

Cordão do Boitatá
Gathering Point: Rua / Street 1o de March, Centro - Start Time: 8 AM
Banda dos Inválidos
Gathering Point: Rua / Street dos Inválidos, Centro - Start Time: 4 PM
Acadêmicos dos Arcos
Gathering Point: Arcos da Lapa, Lapa - Start Time: 8 PM
Ipanema, Lagoa, Jardim Botânico, São Conrado

Gathering Point: Rua / Street Jardim Botânico Corner w Pacheco Leão – Jardim Botânico
Start Time: 10 AM

Que Merda é Essa?
Gathering Point: Bar Paz e Amor na Rua / Street Garcia D’Ávila, corner w Rua / Street Nascimento Silva, Ipanema  Start Time: 2 PM
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Dias Ferreira com General Urquiza, Leblon - Start Time: 2 PM
Simpatia é Quase Amor
Gathering Point: Square; Praça General Osório – Ipanema  - Start Time: 3 PM
Gathering Point: Square; Praça Ministro Romeiro Neto, Leblon - Start Time: 3 PM
Ipanema, Copacabana, Urca, Botafogo
Benjamim no Escuro
Gathering Point: Avenida Pasteur in front of Instituto Benjamin Constant, Urca  - Start Time: 3 PM
Gathering Point: Square; Praça Chaim Weizmann, Botafogo - Start Time: 4 PM
Boca Seca
Gathering Point: Avenida Atlântica corner w Rua / Street Anchieta, Leme - Start Time: 5 PM
Banda da Bolívar
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Bolívar, Copacabana - Start Time: 5 PM

Gathering Point: Rua / Street Henrique Novaes, 14 (Casa da Matriz), Botafogo
Start Time: 6 PM
Banda do Lido
Gathering Point: Square; Praça do Lido, Copacabana  - Start Time:  7 PM

Laranjeiras, Catete, Flamengo
Laranjada Samba Clube
Gathering Point: Square; Praça General Glicério, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 10 AM
É do Pandeiro
Gathering Point: Square; Praça São Salvador, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 4 PM
Cachorro Cansado
Gathering Point: Square; Praça José de Alencar, Flamengo - Start Time: 5 PM
March 7th 2011 – Carnival Monday 

Centro,  Lapa, Glória, Santa Teresa
Gathering Point: Largo do Guimarães, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 2 PM
Gathering Point: Square; Praça Odilo Costa Neto - Start Time: 3 PM
Humaitá, Botafogo, Copacabana, Leme
Os Imóveis
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Sousa Lima, Copacabana - Start Time: 2 PM
Cordão da Confraria do Peru Sadio
Gathering Point: Avenida Atlântica, in front of Sindicato do Chopp, Leme   -  Start Time: 3 PM
Bloco de Monday
Gathering Point: Cobal do Humaitá na Rua / Street Voluntários da Pátria 446, Humaitá
Start Time: 6 PM
Ipanema, Leblon, Gávea, Lagoa, Laranjeiras

Corre Atrás
Gathering Point: Rua / Street General Urquiza, Leblon - Start Time: 12 AM
Pede Passagem
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Jardim Botânico, em frente ao Jóquei, Gávea - Start Time: 3 PM

Volta Alice
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Alice, Laranjeiras - Start Time: 9 AM
 March 8th 2011 – Fat Tuesday

Centro, Lapa, Santa Teresa, Flamengo

Gathering Point: Largo do Guimarães, Santa Teresa - Start Time: 8 AM
Banda das Quengas
Gathering Point: Rua / Street Washington Luís, Centro - Start Time: 2 PM
Orquestra Voadora
Gathering Point: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Aterro do Flamengo
Start Time: 3 PM
Rio Maracatu
Gathering Point: Avenida Vieira Souto corner w Francisco Otaviano, Ipanema - Start Time: 2 PM

Bagunça Meu Coreto
Gathering Point: Square; Praça São Salvador, Laranjeiras Start Time: 10 AM
March 12th , 2011 –  Saturday

Mulheres de Chico
Gathering Point: Leblon Beach, Posto 12 (palco), Leblon  - Start Time: 3 PM

New 2011 Brazil Carnival Videos: Highlights of Technical Rehearsals

2011-02-17 10:46:18

2011 Brazil New Highlights of  Rio Carnival Videos 

Last weekend, Rio de Janeiro had the chance to see more a few more technical rehearsals by the most important samba-schools.  Since these rehearsals are for free, more than 60,000 people went to Rio´s Sambadrome.  Traditional Samba Schools like Império Serrano, Império da Tijuca, São Clemente, Mangueira and Estácio de Sá, had a second chance to practice for their official parade that happens in March 6th, and March 7th. ( Sunday and Monday).

We hope you like these new Videos.  For more info, check our Brazil Carnival Twitter Account with more than 8,000 followers:

Happy Brazil Carnival to all of you who are coming down here!


Below we see the team of "Passistas" ( Pro Samba Dancers)  from São Clemente 


Now the Brazilian Carnival tradition at it´s best: the legendary Baianas from Salgueiro 


Vivian Dourado: Here we see a samba enthusiast and starlet of Império da Tijuca 


Fianlly, another "champion Wing", the team of Pro- Samba Dancers of Salgueiro 

2011 Brazil Carnival International Celebrities to attend the Festival

2011-02-16 12:21:39


2011 Brazil Carnival International Celebrities to attend the Festival


Which celebrities  ( and carnival celebrities ) are finally to be expected at the Brazilian Carnival 2011? This is a question that puzzles locals & press to the last minute, after heated debates and rumors. Last Carnival, 2010, there was list of real international celebrities that attended the Rio Carnival Parade, which included Paris Hilton ( invited to launch a brand new Brazilian Beer ), Nicole Scherzinger, Ronaldo, to name a few. 

On 2011 Brazilian Carnival, a few International celebrities supposedly have confirmed their participation too. Some of the celebrities will participate at the parade itself and some will attend the party at the VIP boxes, promoted by large corporations. Confirmed international celebrities presences are the following: the Über model Giselle Bundchen, soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho, Paris Hilton and legendary model Kate Moss.

Kate moss brazilian Carnival

Above, Kate Moss in a new campaign for a fashion brand.  The model was shot by Mario Testino in Rio de Janeiro and stayed at the legendary Copacabana Palace.

Giselle Bundchen, which will participate on a giant Carnival float, simulating a runway-catwalk, revealed during an interview that her presence at the Brazilian Carnival was a great dream coming true: “'I always wanted to participate at samba school parade, but never had a chance. This year I will achieve my dream. The parade theme of Vila Isabel Samba School has everything to do with me “. Vila Isabel Samba-School parade revolves around the hair and has a famous cosmetic company as one of its main sponsors.

Other international celebrities that are being speculated to come visit the Rio parade include Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio and her girlfriend Bar Refaeli. Not bad for Rio de Janeiro, who is expecting 3 million revelers from all over the world and other parts of the country. If you are coming to visit the “world´s largest party”, maybe you´ll have a chance to bump into these celebrities. Why not give it a shot?

Follow us for latest news of the Brazilian Carnival on our Twitter: @brazilcarnival

Former Brazilian Reality Contestant to seduce King Kong at 2011 Parade

2011-01-31 15:07:21

Brazilian Carnival Parades 2011: King Kong is Present!

Former Brazilian Reality Show contestant, known as “Claudia Cacau” , will also participate at the 2011 Brazilian Carnival parade.  She was invited by the traditional Salgueiro Samba-School ( which won in 2009 ), to parade in an exquisite role.  The Samba-School which will talk about Rio de Janeiro and Cinema, will place Cacau in a float, starred by legendary King Kong.

Below a photo by Marcos Serra Lima, from Paparazzo, of Claudia Cacau, during a photo shoot.

King Kong at Carnival

According to Salgueiro Samba-School,  Cacau has the perfect profile for this role, which requires a sweet and defenseless touch as the film heroine presents.  Just like in the famous movie scene, this Brazilian beauty will be “secured” by  a massive King Kong.  Lucky Brazilian Carnival King Kong!

Below a montage created by Diário do Carnaval, of Cacau on the hands of the "monster".

Cacau Carnaval 2011

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Brazilian Cop on Bikini no Longer Rio 2011 Carnival Princess

2011-01-27 02:41:53

Brazilian Cop on Bikini no Longer Rio 2011 Carnival Princess

The much heated debate whether an astonishing Rio Civil Police officer could at the same time serve during the day as an Police Inspector and during the Brazilian 2011 Carnival festivities, as the official Rio de Janeiro 2011 Carnival Princess - sponsored by the Government -  has come to a sad end.

Below great photo by Brazil Carnival Ooah! during the contest: the first from left to right.

Isabella Magacho Cop

Last week, Police Officer Isabella Magacho, who won with all the rights the post of 2011 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Princess, declined the position.  The alleged reason was that she was supposedly “not wearing the outfits recommended by the Carnival Queen Program Coordination.  At the backdoors though, rumors say Isabella was outshining more than she was supposed to, other Carnival Celebrities.  

During her official presentations, she had a spectacular feedback from the general public, presenting both great sympathy, samba dance and perfect Carnival costumes.  Even the Official Rio de Janeiro 2011 Queen, Bianca Salgueiro, who is equally splendorous, stated during an interview “it was a great loss”.  Through her personal press release, Isabella Magacho restated the fact she was in fact using Carnival Costumes made by her private stylist, but not a single line or item at the Program Regulation stated anything upon this issue.  Rio Carnival observers agreed to the rumors she was in fact attracting too much attention, and soon pressure mounted.

Rio Bikini Cop  Isabella

I personally believe this movement was a big loss to the city Rio 2011 Carnival, since she is an example of how someone can be a public official during the day (specially a Police officer) and at her leisure, a Carnival princess.  During this blessed period of peace in Rio, where violence and crime is being finally curbed, Isabella was a positive example of this re-conciliation.  Below we posted some of her impressive photos, as well as an exclusive interview given to Brazil Carnival Ooah: pity now, as an ex-Rio 2011 Carnival Princess.

isabella picaço Magacho 2011

Below the interview given by former 2011 Rio Carnival Princess Isabella Gamacho:

Finally below, the Police-Princess when she was Crowned Rio 2011 Princess: First from Left to Right.

Rio Carnival Cop 2011

Photo Credits; Brazil Carnival Ooah!

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Uncut 2011 Brazil Carnival Openings: 5 Videos Anticipate Partying

2011-01-19 12:36:53

2011 Brazil Carnival Uncut Videos

Season for Brazilian Carnival 2011 is definitely open with the Official Rehersals that are happening at Rio´s Sambadrome and also at the Samba School´s "quadras", which are their main practice headquarters.

For this reason, Brazil Carnival Ooah decided to post 5 uncut videos, directly shot from the inner side of Rio´s famous Carnival Runway - The Marques de Sapucai, so Carnival and samba lovers all over the world can have an idea of what to expect.  

The videos which where chosen, cover most areas festival lovers usually like: Drums Sections, the marching of the Wings, the marvelous Carnival Queens, the special dance of the Flag Bearer and samba host, and even one very exclusive VIP access shooting of how the samba-school leaves the "concentration / gathering " area to actually enter the Sambadrome Runway.  

I hope you guys like the selection!!  

2011 São Clemente Samba School: Typical Evolution of Wings full of joy


Raissa de Oliveira - Carnival Queen from Beija-Flor practicing her Samba Routine


Drums Section / Bateria  from São Clemente Samba Schoo Rehearsal 2011


Opening Wing, Flag-Bearer and Samba Host Presentation from Alegria Zona Sul


Two Samba Muses: Natalia Norbert & Andreia Fonseca show their dance talents 

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Rio 2011 Street Carnival Expects 3 Million people and 424 Street Carnival Bands

2011-01-10 17:53:55

3 Million People in Rio´s Street Carnival

Riotur, the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Development Department officially announced today the list of all Street Carnival Marching Bands, known as “blocos de carnval”, allowed to parade in 2011 Rio Carnival.

There will be in total 424 street carnival bands, which of them, one third of them, located in the South Zone, as an example Mulheres de Chico, Orquestra Voadora, and Empolga as 9.  The center of Rio comes in second with the highest concentration of the free for all marching bands, with 74 authorizations. 


ABOVE: A great shot by Rodrigo Esper from I Hate Flash

On the other hand, RioTur vetoed the presentation of 41 other groups.  To minimize the inconvenience caused by the passage of the Rio Street Carnival Bands, the city will hire 500 extra agents to assist transit employees and the Municipal Guard.  For RioTur, Rio´s street carnival is expected to attract about 3 million revelers, in comparison to 2.4 million from 2010. 

Source: Rio Tur

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Brazil Carnival Twitter Reaches 8,350 Followers

2010-12-30 00:48:42

Directory of Twitter Accounts: Brazil Carnival & Samba-Schools

The Official Twitter of Brazil Carnival has reached today the mark of 8,340 followers.   It is an important record for all of us, since a good portion of Brazil Carnival Ooah! Twitter Followers are true enthusiasts of the Festival samba and carnival lovers.

Working 24/7, with links directed to samba-school and carnival events, we consider this routine almost as a “public utility” one, since we are always pointing out and indicating the most relevant Brazilian carnival & Samba events.

We truly consider these passionate carnival lovers part of Brazil Carnival Ooah ! team,  since they are always Re-tweeting  our Tweets, asking  us questions, discovering new samba spots and encouraging our mission.  These passionate Samba and Brazilian Carnival Twitter followers also suggest us new discussion topics about this marvelous culture. 

We are proud to have amongst our reciprocated followers, legendary Icons of Brazil´ Carnival like the Official Twitter Account of Mangueira Samba School @gresmangueira,  and Estacio de Sá @estaciodesa_ Twitter Accounts of Street Carnival bands like Mulheres de Chico @mulheresdechico;  Brazilian Carnival Celebrities, like Thatiana Pagung @thatianapagung and Shayene Cesario @Shayene_Cesario ; promoters of Rio de Janeiro Culture like @modernalapa and even @lonelyplanet, along with vivacious and committed samba lovers.

Brazil Carnival Twitter

We are happy to achieve this significant number.  And to celebrate this achievement, we decided to post and share with our readers, a Directory of Brazilian Carnival Twitter Accounts, with samba and many significant Official Twitter Accounts.  

Have fun & Feel the samba vibes!

2011 Carnival Brazil in Peace with Police Officer: Isabella Picanço and Julia Liers

2010-12-10 12:53:39

Rio Police Officers Become Carnival Celebrities in 2011 

After these last events involving the Rio de Janeiro police, with raids and capture of many important drugs cartel members, Rio de Janeiro will have several pleasant surprises in 2011 Carnival.  Apart from the a more organized structure for street carnival, with the increase of public bathrooms, and better infra-structure for these "blocos de rua", some surprises came from the Police itself.

Two police officers, Isabella Picanço from the Civil Police and Julia Liers, from the Military Police, are already causing great expectation and up-roar as Carnival celebrities, exactly because of the paradigma of being from the police, which is normally associated with force, and not beauty or partying. Below we see Isabella with a custom made Carnival costume designed by Guilherme Alves.

Isabella Picanco 2011

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Isabella Picanço is 33 years old, blond, has a sculptural body in 5,45 feet.   She was recently elected the official Rio 2011 Carnival Princess, with all the majesty the post deserves, in a though competition.  Working at the Homicides Division at Rio Civil Police, she told us all of her Police colleagues support her in her passion for Carnival and samba, and that she knowns how to divide her life accordingly.   Below we can see the all the work our Isabella goes through for the spectacular shape.

Brazil Carnival news

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Isabella Picanço is originally from the Niteroi region in Rio de Janeiro, which is technically another city just across the Guanabara Bay. The Civil Police inspector has two dreams :  on the professional side she says she wants to become a full Police Lieutenant, called in Brazil "Delegada", which is ultimately in charge of a full police station in Rio.   For this position the Inspector and Carnival Diva would have to continue her studies and go through a very tough examination, with thousands of candidates.  The post is very disputed not only because of the status but also because of the high salary.  On her cheerful life, she says she wants to become a full "Queen of the Drums Sections" - "Rainha de Bateria"  - read defintion in our Samba and Carnival Glossary.

Below, we see Isabella, the first from left to right, with her prize as official Rio Carnival Princess 2011.

Rio Carnival news

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Finally, Isabella has another passion: Pole Dancing.  This is where she said much of her physical fitness comes from to prepare for the Carnival season, apart from the gym sessions.  Good luck Isabella Magacho Picanço in both of your careers, Police and Carnival.  We are sure you will continue with all your success, as result of your effort and dedication.  The photos above were taken at the Rio 2011 Carnival Queen and Momo King contest.

Rio Brazil Carnival news

Photo Credit: Brazil Carnival Ooah!

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2011 Rio Carnival Queen Contest

2010-12-01 12:48:56

Rio Carnival 2011 Queen Contest News

2011 Rio Carnival Queen & King contest, which happened Thursday, November 19th,  was truly an emotional night. About 3.000 people gathered in Rio´s “Cidade do Samba” – Rio´s Samba City facility, located close to the harbor area to watch the much expected announcement of the new Carnival court.

The event started as the press members arrived and gather to mingle amongst themselves.  They too where placing their bets on who would win the disputed titles: Rio 2011 Carnival Queen and Princess, which had 8 candidates, and the Momo Carnival King, which had 5 candidates.

Slowly, family members, supporters and fans of the Queen and Princess candidates also started to position themselves close to the front stage.  Family members came in all ages: mothers of the carnival muses to be, kids, and even grandparents of more than 80 years old.

Full Article at Rio 2011Carnival Queen & King Contest page - See below some of our Art Photos:

Rio 2011 Carnival Photos


2011 Rio Carnevale


2011 Carnival in Rio


Rio-2011 Carnival


Rio 2011 Carnaval Rio


Brazil Rio Carnival 2011


Rio Brazil 2011 Carnival


Rio Brazil 2011 Carnival Queens


Rio Brasile 2011 Carnival

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Below a video of the Contest:

Broken Samba world record Guinness: Mocidade 840 simultaneous dancers

2010-11-18 01:30:03

Samba World Record Broken: Mocidade Independente Padre Miguel Samba

Tonight, at approximately 10:00 PM, the world has seen a new record established.  Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, one of the most traditional samba-schools in Rio, has officially broken a new world Record with the Guinness Book of Records.

The objective, measured by a Guinness Book representative who was at the site, was to have more than 500 samba dancers, using a standardized dance clothing, as well as a trained choreography plus the singing!!  They needed at least 500 members of Mocidade doing this samba routine for at least 5 minutes.  And they did it - for more than 10 minutes, but with 840 + samba dancers!! Yes, 840 + samba dancers as I could recall.

Below we can see all the rows and columns of samba dancers getting ready for the record!

Samba world Record Guinness

Photo Credit: Bruno Villaça

Everybody was very cheerful after the conclusion of the process, and to a certain point, releived as the official Guinness Book representative stated everything was OK.  It was indeed an emotional night!

Congratulations Presidente Paulo Viana, Elisa Fernandes, and all the 840 plus samba dancers that practiced for more than two hours until everything was set and perfect!

Below, the President of Mocidade Paulo Viana with Bruno from Guinness Book of World Records!

Samba Guiness Nook Record

Photo Credit: Bruno Villaça

Below, check the Video of this impressive World Record:


Special report brought by Brazil Carnival Ooah!

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New Mocidade Queen of Drums: Andrea Andrade Crowned

2010-11-17 13:28:15

Andrea Andrade Queen of Mocidade Coronation

Samba, Carnival , and Divas lovers can´t miss the Coronation Ceremony of the new Queen of Drums of Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel:  Andréa Andrade.

Andrea Andrade Mocidade 2011

The Beauty has 24 years old and has been parading with Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel for 4 years already, in floats and as a high-light.

The new Mocidade Queen is already famous for her astonishing built and charisma too.  The Drums section is in total harmony with the muse.

Andrea Andrade Mocidade Rainha 2011

Above, the new Queen at the Video Clip shooting.

The Coronation Ceremony will happen November, 20th - Saturday, at the Samba-School premisses.  Please contact Elisa Fernandes at Mocidade site for more details.

Brazil Carnival ooah!

Official: Gisele Bundchen to Samba at Brazilian Carnival Parade?

2010-11-11 00:38:40

Gisele to Parade with Vila Isabel: Rio Sambadrome 2011


Insiders information from Unidos de Vila Isabel board, one of them most traditional Samba-schools in Rio, indicate that Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen will actively participate at the Rio 2011 Carnival, on their samba-school carnival parade.
Vila Isabel Samba School was founded in 1946, has as its colors Blue and White ( see profile in our Samba-School section ) and have won 2 Carnival Titles.  This rumor can really be true, since in 2011, Vila Isabel will have as its parade theme-plot, the following title: "Myths and stories intertwined by the hair." - in Portuguese : "Mitos e histórias entrelaçadas pelos fios de cabelo", and will be partially financed by Pantene, maker of shampoos and cosmetics and starred by Gisele in commercials.

Gisele Carnival 2011

It all makes sense.  Lets wait and see what carnival costume she will wear, what float the Diva will be staged and if she really has "samba no pé", as we say in  Brazil.  Independent if she knows how to dance, we are all sure Brazilians will love to see her at her home country, taking part of one of the most famous national festival. 

Check out some of the other muses & Carnival Divas that will be parading in 2011 Brazil Carnival. There are 22 to choose!

The samba-school already gained these last few weeks extra notoriety when Asian-Brazilian Actress and model Sabrina Sato was announced as its Drum Section Queen:

Sato Sabrina

Photo Credit: Vila Isabel / Divulgacão

Good luck Gisele!


Carnival Costumes Presented by Estacio de Sá 2011

2010-11-08 20:16:48

Estacio de Sá, one of the most traditional Samba-School in Rio, presented last Friday, its prototypes of the carnival costumes for the 2011 Carnival Parade.

The Samba School will have its theme parade based on Roses.  The theme-plot will revolve around the history and development of Roses across mankind.  They will talk about many aspects of the Roses, like their color, odor, myths, romance and magic.

Estacio´s plot  will voyage across India, Greek Goddesses, and Brazil samba personalities identified with Roses, like Cartola.

Brazilian Costume News

Below, the Carnival Costumes prototypes, photographed by Diego Mendes.

brazilian Costumes Estacio

Most of the costumes had red, pink and white as its main colors.

Brazilian Carnival Costumes

Good luck Estacio!

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Baianas Section on Rio Carnival Parade: New Regulation Defined

2010-10-30 15:09:15

The famous legendary Baianas wing at the Brazilian Carnival, specifically Rio Carnival, just suffered a minor alteration for the parade.  Until 2010, samba-schools obligatorily would have to present minimally 100 Baianas and maximally 120 Baianas at the formal parade.  Now the association that regulates Rio Carnival has changed the minimum number to all samba-schools of the Special Group to 70. 

Below we see a marvelous photo of Alexandre Vidal from Agencia FOTO BR, from the Baianas Wing of Rocinha.

baianas wing Brazil

This means that every school will have to march with its "Baianas Wing" with at least 70 Baianas, or else the samba-school will be penalized at this criterion.  Some say that new regulation was made since Baianas are becoming scarce, so the reduction from 100 to 70 would help the samba-schools in general. 

Let´s hope and see if new young Samba lovers see the importance of this classic wing and volunteer themselves for this important role, so we can have more and more Baianas at the parade.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Sato Sabrina Asian Brazilian Appointed Queen of Drums at Rio Carnival

2010-10-19 18:04:17

Sabrina Sato, one of the most well known comedians in Brazil was announced last week the new Carnival Queen of Drums for Vila Isabel Samba-School in Rio de Janeiro.   Vila Isabel, whose samba-school colors are blue and white, are among the most traditional in Brazil and is located at the North Zone of Rio.   Twenty-nine year old model and actress Sabrina Sato started her professional life as a ballet and jazz dancer, gained notoriety after participating in one of the editions of the Brazilian Big Brother, a reality show.

Sato Sabrina

The famous and sexy Asian-Brazilian participated in several carnival parades at the co-sisters samba-schools called Academicos do Salgueiro in Rio and Gaviões de Fiel from São Paulo, but never as a full Queen. ( At the samba-school and Carnival world, this is the highest ranking post in terms of status for a woman, in terms of celebrity. )  Her previous appearances at Salgueiro and Gavioes were as Carnival Muse, and a Queen...

Below, Sabrina at the samba wit her new followers clicked bt Francisco Alves - Ag. News at Vila Isabel:

Sato Sabrina

We have a full profile of Sato Sabrina at our Muse galleries.

Finally, a shot by Diego Mendes of the 2011 Queen of Drums for Vila Isabel:


Good luck Sabrina!

Samba and Carnival Caricatures: Vivid and Colorful Expressions

2010-09-30 11:30:49

Carnival Caricatures

Caricatures of Brazilian personalities have always been a constant presence in traditional media.  Soccer players and politicians being the most popular figures chosen by artisits.

Lately I have found a great number of samba and carnival caricatures on the Internet, which I would like to share.  These artists are very talented and creative, just like the samba the characters they pictured produced. 

Below, we selected a few caricatures so you can have some fun.  See it for yourself and choose your best.  I have decided already. 

Noel Rosa by Venancio

Noel Rosa Caricature  

Pixinguinha Samba Musician by Lula Palomares

Pixinguinha Sanmba Image

Nelson Sargento by Paulo Barbosa

Nelson sargento Image

Cartola By Baptistão:


Cartola Caricature

Adorinam Barbosa by Liberati

Adorinam Barbosa Caricature

João Nogueira by Paulo Baptistão


Joao Nogueira Image

To see specific Cartola caricatures, follow this link.

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Presented: How does the Emblem looks like?

2010-07-09 01:19:11

2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup Emblem

The mystery is over: The 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup Emblem is now officially known by all.   The emblem submitted today by the local organization committee today, has an obvious reference to the FIFA Cup itself.   The event was held in Johannesburg and marked the kickoff for the competition at Brazilian soil.

The 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup logo is an outline of an image of the World Cup trophy being formed by three hands.  The colors are predominantly green and yellow, just as Brazil s Flag with the number 2014 painted in red.   Below we see the drawing, which says "FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup) in blue and" Brazil "in green.

Below we see the image of 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup Logo / Emblem.

FIFA 2014 Logo Brazil World Cup

The choice of this emblem, officially printed on the shirts of all teams which will participate in the World Cup qualifiers and also at the competition to be hosted by Brazil, was put together a committee of notables:

•    Ricardo Teixeira: the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF)
•    Jerome Valcke: the executive secretary of FIFA,
•    Oscar Niemeyer:  Legendary Brazilian architect
•    Paulo Coelho : Brazilian best seller author Paulo Coelho,
•    Ivete Sangalo:  Brazil´s pop singer from Bahia
•    Gisele Bundchen  - model
•    Hans Donner: Brazilian Designer   

The 2014 Fifa Brazil World Cup Emblem was selected upon suggestions of several design agencies.

2014 Fifa Brazil World Cup Emblem official launch took place at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg,  and was attended by the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Ricado Teixeira, Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) President also attended the event, who heads the local organizing committee and FIFA president Joseph Blatter.


2011 Rio Carnival Schedule Defined : Sambadrome Parade

2010-07-05 17:19:02

2011 Rio Carnival Parade Schedule Defined

The official preparations activities for 2011 Carnival in Rio has begun.   The 12 samba-schools which compose the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro´s Premiere League, met late on Wednesday (June 30th) for the lottery which determined the order of which the samba-schools should parade.   The event was held at Samba City at the Gamboa neighborhood in Rio, close to the harbor area.

2011 rio carnival

To maintain the balance between the two samba nights, the samba-schools were divided into pairs.  By regulation, São Clemente Samba-School, winner of the Access Group in 2010, will be first to go through the Sambadrome on Sunday night (March 6).   União da Ilha Samba-School, placed 11th in the Special Group in 2010, opens Monday night.

The defending champion of the 2010 carnival in Rio,  Unidos da Tijuca, will be the fourth school to enter the Sapucai Avenue on Sunday (6), with  plot "Tonight I will take your soul," directed by Carnival Producer Paulo Barros.   He promises to take to Rio´s Sambadrome icons of Brazilian terror, such as B-Movie Director Zé do Caixão and spook the Carnival crowd. 

Traditional Beija-Flor, one of the greatest samba-schools of today, will be the last school to cross the Marques de Sapucaí Avenue, on early on Tuesday (8), with a plot that will honor the Brazilian singer and live legend, Roberto Carlos.   The proposed storyline has inspired composers from the Beija-Flor and has already registered more than 80 songs to take part of the qualifying process which will select only one through a series of events.

Order 2011 parade

Check the Samba-Schools Schedule of the 2011 Carnival Parade:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1) Sao Clemente
2) Imperatriz Leopoldinense
3) Mocidade Padre Miguel
Unidos da Tijuca
5) Vila Isabel

Monday, March 7, 2011

1) União da Ilha
2) Salgueiro
3) Portela
4) Grande Rio
5) Porto da Pedra
6) Beija-Flor

2011 rio carnival schedule

Story Plots

Besides the Unidos da Tijuca, Grande Rio and Beija-Flor, seven other samba schools of the Special Group in Rio have set their plots for 2011 Carnaval.  Traditional Vila Isabel and Portela Samba Schools have not yet released their themes.

Imperatriz Leopoldinense has bet on the health issue to try a new championship:  "The Empress advises: Samba dancing  is good for health" (“A Imperatriz adverte: sambar faz bem à saúde”)   to win the carnival.  União da Ilha will narrate whimsical plot "The Mystery of Life", developed by Carnival Producer Alex de Souza.    The 2009 Champion, Salgueiro will base its theme on Rio viewed by Cinema, in a US$ 2,5 million partnership with Fox Films Brasil.
Mangueira, the largest samba-school in Brazil, will honor legendary composer Nelson Cavaquinho ( dead in 1986 ) , with the theme "The faithful son, always Mangueira” – (“O filho fiel, sempre Mangueira “ in Portuguese.   Mocidade Independente Samba-school by its chance, will to tell a philosophical plot-story: "The Parable of the Divine Sower."   Finally, São Clemente bet on the theme "Yours, my, our Rio, blessed by God and beautiful by nature!" .

Below, the video of the lottery / draft of the Samba-School Schedule Event in Rio filmed by Mario de Carvalho.

Good luck to all samba-schools

Shayene Cesario & Estacio de Sá: Bateria Queen for 2011

2010-06-23 17:46:34

Shayene Cesario, the current Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, has just been announced as the new Queen of the Drums Section for a very traditional samba-school in Brazil:  Estacio de Sá.   Shayene will be join the 2011 Carnival parade, in front of Estacio de Sá “Bateria” , called “Medalha de Ouro”.  The choice became official by the voice of Estacio de Sá President, Marcos Aurélio Fernandes, who stated:  “The criterion for this preference was singular:  Shayene is from the community was raised here, and everybody knows here.  She will honer the position with all the grace and competence she showed in 2010 Carnival parade.”

Below, a wonderful photo of Shayene by Roberto Filho, another great photographer.

Cesario Shayene

For Shayene Cesário, it was a full dream come true, as she stated: “To become Queen of Drums for Estacio de Sa Samba School was a great gift from God.  I started my Carnival history this samba-school and had always dreamed to take up to this very special position.  I am happy since I feel at home” said the new Queen.

Shayene was one of the first Muses anticipated by Brazil Carnival Ooah, as the new Brazilian Carnival sensation, as seen in a 2009 article by the website.

Shayene Cesario has an exclusive profile also at our Muses Directory.

Congratulations Shayene for your success as Estacio de Sa Queen of Drums.

Grande Rio Samba School was the forth to parade

2010-02-26 07:25:39

Grande Rio 2010 Parade Review

The school was one of the highlights of this year’s carnival parade with the plot theme in honor of the past 25 carnivals at Rio´s Sambadrome.   The parade was very creative and was not afraid to honor other samba-school ´s successes and the tragic moments, such as a fire on a float in 1992.   The parade lasted for 1 hour and 21 minutes and would later prove why it deserved the second place at the final contest standings.

grande rio float parade

Grande Rio Samba School parade explored many distinguishing facades of the world wide famous carnival parade in Brazil:  legendary characters, the public, the VIP boxes, historic samba composers and the talented carnival producers.   The floats were very interesting, and one of them represented a dump with rats and sewers, a tribute to Beija-Flor legendary parade of 1989 by Joãozinho Trinta Carnival Producer.   The drum section’s costume was another tribute to famous and anonymous garbage me,  who clean the avenue  year after year, at each parade end.  Another aspect which called the attention of the public to the school was their impressive team of celebrities.  Grande Rio is known to be the samba-school of the famous and glamorous.

The opening wing showed two of the greatest symbols of Brazilian Carnaval, the "mulatas" and the "malandros".   Dancers dressed as "malandros" made a floor choreography while a team of "mulatas" came on top of a tripod.   But a detail is important: only one of the "mulatas" was real, the other ones were statues.   The "trick" was revealed when the real life woman came down the tripod to dance with the malandros.

Grande Rio 2010 Parade

The greatest tribute made by Grande Rio Samba School was to the carnival producer Joãozinho Trinta The reverences to the artist began at the "Baiana wing”, dressed as "Ladies of the garbage".   They made reference to the use the carnival producer devoted to recycled materials.   They were followed by a wing which represented the hoboes who the carnival producer brought to the Beija-Flor parade of 1989.

The third float placed the carnival producer on the top of a pile full of litter and garbage.   At the bottom, sculptures of giant rats moved and merry makers dressed as rats crawled out of sewer tunnels, which were lightened up by red lights.   On top of this pile of “dump” who Joãozinho Trinta transformed into art in many of his parades, a vulture flapped his wings on the Sambadrome.

Drum Section Grande Rio Janitors


The Drum Section was another highlight of the parade:  they were all in bright orange, dressed up as Rio city janitors.  Carnival Queen of Drums, actress Paola Oliveira made a great spectacle also leading vibrant drummers.  In rhythm, the drum section made small stops, called “paradinha” in sequence while the drum queen samba danced and walked amongst them.   The drum section also played a part of the samba-theme without the singing, which drew attention of the public.

The forth float took a "dream factory" to the parade, celebrating the samba city.   Merry makers twirled umbrellas which resembled ferris wheel in green neon.  Alongside, Christ the Redeemer statue covered up by a cloth with an inscription "even forbidden I shined" was place on the float.   This was another reference to a carnival of Beija-Flor, which had in one of her parades, a “prohibited float”, due to the use of a religious image.

This beautiful parade ended with the "Carnival of the stars", a luxurious silver space ship which foresaw how the Carnaval of the year 3001 would look like in Brazil: This float was a tribute to the carnival producer Fernando Pinto.   In 1985, he imagined how the Brazilian Carnaval parades would look like.  It was a very emotional moment to many…  At the centerpiece of the float stood as a high-light Renato Sorriso, a true Rio de Janeiro city janitor who gained fame while sweeping the Sambadrome avenue with samba, grace and a natural smile.  Today, Renato a.k.a. “Sorriso”, ( which means smile ), is a notable celebrity in the Carnaval scenario in Rio.  The homage was more than welcomed.

Grande Rio Stars parade 2010

Portela Samba School was the second to parade

2010-02-25 23:46:38

With a parade that lasted 1:20 minutes, Portela Samba School took to the Sambadrome a plot theme inspired on the digital world.

The costumes and floats showed the dedication of the carnival producers Alex Oliveira and Amauri Santos. One of the most remarkable trades of the floats was the lighting, including the opening wing float that carried the school’s symbol, decorated in neon lights.

The opening wing the school showed the samba-dancers connecting to a tripod that accompanied the group through wires placed on their outfits.   At least one of the members had problems with the costume that opened on the back.

On the opening wing float, the float high-light Val Carvalho had to sit during part of the parade.  She felt sick and after drinking water and recovering, ended the parade standing up.   At the end of the parade she said she had an alteration on her pressure due to the heat and huge emotion.

The "Baiana wing" made a tribute to the city of Rio with costumes entitled "Digital bayside: free internet". They accompanied the opening wing float that highlighted the pioneer project that makes Internet available to all in great part of the most important streets.

Below, the photo of Flag Bearer Lucinha Nobre by Agencia FOTO BR:

Lucinha Nobre portela 2010

The drum section promised no funk beat in the small stop, instead they would make a Rave stop in order to let their Drum Queen Juliana Portela show all her grace.

With 36 wings divided between seven flats, the school wanted to prove that the internet is a mean of social inclusion and must not be seen as a excluding technology. The first wing showed the digital portal, a future of 100% coverage in Rio.

On the second wing, the social excluded were invited to join this universe in order to be transformed.   The third and forth wings showed the distance schooling and the benefits of telecommunications. On the fifth the school showed the improvement and resources that are now available with the technological medicine.

On the ending sector, they showed the social inclusion as a condition to transform. To do so, the school presented the universe of blogs, chats and networks. The seventh and last part of the parade made reference to games.

The float that ended the parade showed the real life game, where Police officers and criminals confront each other on the slums. The school placed on the float the word "Peace" and the acronym "UPP" that is the pacifier unit of local police. The back of the float shower through a screen images of Santa Marta slum that was the first to be assisted by the UPP.

Porto da Pedra samba school was the second to parade

2010-02-25 23:44:21

The school showed the history of the trends and decorated the Sambadrome with bows and drapes. The plot theme made reference to contemporary fashion as well as the sweetheart designers of the fashion world. The school paraded for 1:19 minutes.

As the opening wing float, a giant Tiger with an open mouth showed the pierced tongue. The float carried characters of the cartoon “The Flintstones” down the avenue and remembered pre-historical era. Following a chronological order, the following wings made a “obligatory stop” through Egypt, Greece and Rome. This time to show how people dressed centuries ago.

On the wing entitled “com que roupa eu vou” (same name as the plot theme in English something like what clothe should I wear”, the merry-makers could pick which costume they wanted to use. Another wing was entitles “I want to be Naomi” remembering a clothe that top model Naomi Campbell wore on the last Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion show.

The influence of faith on art, as it occurred with the gothic movement was the second float’s theme. On the following float, the Renascence and the Baroque. The sixth float made reference to Art Nouveaux and made a tribute to Coco Channel. The school ended the parade with the “Sapucai fashion day”, last float’s theme. They made a DESFILE inside a parade to revered fashion’s glamour.

Mocidade Samba School was the first to parade on Monday

2010-02-25 23:24:54

The school paraded with 37 wings and the plot theme was divided into two very well defined parts. The opening wing float and the two following floats represented the connection of paradise with the biblical image of the Genesis – the traditional vision of paradise. The last floats were connected to the paradise of earth where everything can be bought.

The second float told the story of the Black kingdom of Preste João, where people believed the paradise of middle age was. The third float told the story of the Discovery of the new world with the arrival at the tropical paradise, afterwards being named Brazil.

The astonishing beauty of Tatiana Pagung in 2010: by Luciola Vilela / G1

Tataiana pagung 2010

The forth float set the division of the plot theme in two parts. On it, the Eldorado was represented, when man lost the path, stops thinking of the fauna and flora, because of the ambition for wealth. On the fifth float, a joke with the Real Bill (local Money) on the tax heaven.

The float "Universal Shopping: the paradise of consumption" took to the Sambadrome real cars and motocycles. On the bottom part of the float a Motel room was represented remembering the pleasure paradise.

The last float was the Carnival paradise materialization. Three carnival producers that made history on the school were honored. Arlindo Rodrigues and Fernando Pinto were honored in huge statues.

Below, a great picture of Vinicius Eduardo

mocidade 2010


The local actress Myrian Martin paraded as one of Mocidade’s muses.   Thatiana Pagung is the Drum Queen. The Drum Godmother was Elza Soares, 72 year old local personality and paraded on top of a kind of small float due to a problem with her ankle.

Beija-Flor Samba School was the last to parade on Sunday

2010-02-18 14:41:08

The school took to the parade the 50 years of the capital of Brazil: Brasilia. For the first time after three carnivals, the symbol of the school wasn’t featured at the opening wing float. However, he was present at the beginning of the parade at the choreography of the opening wing.

The school, once again showed the professionalism of a champion with impeccable huge floats. The samba school opted not to show the reality of the capital, instead they showed the myths of the pioneers and even made mention to Egypt.

The school innovated and divided their over 120 "Baianas" into two different wings. The total of 60 "Baianas" paraded as Indians to help tell the story of the capital, the parade lasted of 1:22 minutes ending this way the first day of special group parade.

Salgueiro Samba School takes the history of books to parade

2010-02-18 14:31:47

In the search for the second consecutive title, Salgueiro decided as plot theme the history of classic book of world literature as well as local. The school paraded for 1:19 minutes and there is no record of great problems.

Amongst the things that was used during the parade, acrobats, giant tripod and to close the parade a giant robot with smooth moves. The opening wing showed monks with papires that spelled the school’s theme and at the end the monks undressed of the robes and remained with a golden clothe with fans that formed a huge sun.

The opening wing float represented Gutenberg’s shop with the mobile press. The float that had wholes showed acrobats on swings, at the front of the float a huge stamp turned to stamp ths floor of the avenue with Salgueiro’s name.

The drum queen, Viviane Araújo, paradeded as Sheradade, from “Arabian Nights”, a character that had to tell the sultan in order to remain alive. The wings made allusion to great pieces such as Romeu and Juliet, Don Quixote, The Three Mosqueteers, Divine Comedy, as well as local pieces from writers such as Jorge Amado. Other wings represented classic childhood literature such as "Little Prince".

Viradouro Samba School was the forth to parade

2010-02-18 14:21:07

The school decided to search for the title by showing the Mexican culture. The parade took 1:22 minutes to end. The parade started at 1:36 a.m of Monday. Diego Rivera, Frida Khalo, Emilio Zapata and Gadalupe Vigin were a couple of characters that helped the school set the mood.

The school paraded with 9 floats and 34 wings. Approximately 4,000 merry-makers. The opeing wing showed Frida Khalo’s room.

The opening wing float showed the miscigenation of Mexican people, represented on a float composed of 2 smaller ones put together, representing a painting by Diego Rivera. In the artist’s point of view the people were miscigenated at their origin and was shown lightened by the sun.

The seconf float showed the sun stone that represents the Aztec calendar, showing the beginning of Aztec civilization and the third float showed Hernan Crtez that ended the Aztec civilization.

One of the most fancy showed the botton of the sea with a huge sea monster. He involved a pirate ship as if he was taking the ship down to the bottom of the sea. On top of it, pirates fought for the latin riches.

The last float had trouble, feathers that decorated the back of the float fell and the school paraded the float even without the details.

The drum section paraded as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribean, as drum queen the president’s 7 year old daughter. The drum master Jorgão presented once again at the small stop the Funk rhythm.

Unidos da Tijuca Samba School was the third to parade

2010-02-18 14:02:22

The school told the story of the secrets of humanity, taking to the avenue many special effects on this Sunday. The school showed magic tricks, a float with gangsters, GQ characters skied down at the parade, and even a tribute to Michael Jackson.

The school was the third to parade and used 1:19 minutes to complete the circuit. They paraded with 6 floats and 3,600 components divided in 32 wings.

The school caused an impression from the beginning when the opening wing showed a dressing room that defied the audience to discover the magic tricks. Dancers used illusionism to change clothes in seconds, for six times during each dance routine. The dresses changed the print, the fabric and at last wrote the school’s name in the avenue.

Everything happened without the audience figuring out the trick. The members of the wing played with a cloth that covered the entire group showing a new outfit. Other times, a tube made of fabric covered the members reveling another outfit when pulled down.

The drum section used a costume in allusion to the mob and the drum queen, Adriane Galisteu, pregnant, used a costume of the mob as well to show their secrets and codes. The drum section made the traditional small stop so that an old car would go by the section carrying the mob members with their guns.

On the opeing wing float, the school showed the mistery of Alexandria library’s fire, setting off the public on what was written on the parchments. Other misteries were told on the parade such as the Trojan horse, King Salomon’s mine and the disapearence of the arch that had the 10 commandments.

One of the most impressive floats was the second that proposed to make the Babilonia gardens one of the wonders of carnival. The float took to the avenue real life plants nurtured for weeks. The school remembered as well the secret youth formula and the misteries of nature such as the butterfly.

Another part of the parade that called attention was the wing that showed the mistery surrounding Cleopatra’s thumb. Egiption slaves carried a small floatin honor of the queen.

The third float made the merry-makers play the part of archeologists, looking for remains of their forefathers. Plates at the bottom of the float turned revealing other parts that symbolized the remains of history.

The forth float played with the identity of the GQ characters. A huge platform was used so that merry-makers dressed as Batman could skii down the ramp and once they had skied down, the same ramp was used as lader for Spider mans to climb up.

The fifth float showed Area 51, the military base in the desert of Nevada (USA), a tribute was made to Michael Jackson with a lookalike moon walking. "Michael lives in all stars" sayd a sign placed on the float.

The school ended the parade with a chorus of "winner" by the public.

Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school was the second to parade

2010-02-18 13:44:49

Imperatriz used the experience aquiered on the 8 titles she has to approach a delicate theme: Brazilian’s religion. The school captivated the audience with the beauty of their drum queen: Luiza Brunet, the beautiful floats and the theme. The school started parading a 10:28 p.m this Sunday. The school however had to rush at the end of the parade not to exceed the permited time and lose points since they used 1:21 minutes, only one minute under the permited time.

It was the first of their eight floats, the responsible for the tension during the parade.The school members had difficulty conducting the opening wing float this almost compromised the school’s evolution.

The school presented 46 wings, each with approximately 100 people, achieving approximately 3,800 people. The school maintained the traditional small stop at the drum section maintaining only a kind o beat to keep the rhythm of the school. Besides that, the school created a wing of small "baianas" (traditional wing necessary at the parades). The wing came right after the children’s wing and the "baianas" were all girls with ages between 7 and 12. Because of the time limit, the wings whent through fast.

União da Ilha Samba School is the first to parade on sunday

2010-02-18 13:26:27

This Sunday, the first day of special group parade in Rio de Janeiro, União da Ilha was the first to parade. Coming from the access group after last year’s win, the school paraded the plot theme of Don Qixote, one of the most famous characters of world literature in a parade that lasted 1:18 minutes.

The plot was well exploited in the avenue in a parade made by carnival producer, Rosa Magalhães, an experienced and well known producer. The school brought very beautiful floats to the avenue.

In search of the title, the school showed a well sincronized opening wing with bulfighters throwing roses to the public. Following that, the school brought a wing filled with fans introducing the opening wing float that consisted of a giant figure of Don Quixote surrounded by books, working as platforms for the centerpieces.

União da Ilha parade

Photo Credit: Dhavid Normando/Riotur / Flickr

The following float showed a Sancho Pança, Quixote’s wing man, jumping on a springboard. The forth float, represented another delirum of Don Quixote, the wind mills he fought. Members of the school twirled making acrobatic moves. This float created an unforseen moment to the school, one of the centerpieces had trouble getting up on top of the float. This created a delay and a hole was created in the parade, having the school lose points.

The school took to the avenue seven floats, 35 wings and approximately 3,500 components.

Old costumes reproduced at Macidade’s parade

2010-02-11 17:17:39

Mocidade samba school, that will present at the Sambadrome the plot theme “Do paraiso de Deus ao paraiso da loucura, cada um sabe o que procura” (from God’s heaven to Maddness heaven, eachone knows what to search for). From carnival producer Cid Carvalho, will reproduce old costumes that created history.

The last sector of the parade will represent the madness paradise, which is the carnival. Besides taking to the Sambadrome a float with all carnival producers, excluding Renata Lage (Salgueiro) and Paulo Menezes (Porto da Pedra), the school will show six wings with old costume’s reproduction, created by carnival producers Arlindo Rodrigues, Fernando Pinto, and Renato Lage, as a tribute to the carnival producers that set history at the school.

Mocidade will be the first school to parade on Monday the 15th at the Sambadrome.

Justice invalidates forbiddance of sacred images on carnival parades

2010-02-11 17:06:41

Rio de Janeiro's court of justice ruled unconstitutional the Law that forbade the samba schools

to parade using sacred images. They ruled in favor of city hall and concluded that the rule approved by Rio de Janeiro’s councilman violates the freedom of consciousness and is characterized as previous censorship.

With only four articles, the law characterizes as sacred objects the crucifix, monstrance, saints and other martyrs. The samba school that disobeyed, besides the law sanctions they would also lose the right for the subsidiary help given by city hall.

the ruling was that the forbidding of use of sacred objects and images, instead of protecting the faith of a portion of the population, violates the freedom of consciousness, which results in freedom of cultural expressions, essential cultural benefit to be preserved on samba school parades.

beija-flor float

Photo credit: Beija-Flor official site / publicity

One of the most known cases of censorship practiced by Catholic Church happened in 1989 in Beija-Flor samba school parade. With the theme "ratos e urubus larguem minha fantasia" (rats and bultures leave my costume alone in English), the carnival producer Joãozinho Trinta would take to the Avenue of Samba the image of the Christ redemptor as a hoboes. Forbidden to do so, the school opted in covering the statue with a black plastic bag with the saying "mesmo proibido, olhai por nós" (even being forbidden take care of us).


International celebreties will make apearence in Rio’s Carnival

2010-02-11 16:53:39

Every year Carnival in Rio is filled with celebrities from all over the world. This year is no different. Amongst the confirmed presences Madonna and Paris Hilton. Paris was disputed between two of the best boxes of the Sambadrome, both belonging to beer brands. At the end, Nova Skin won. The information going around accounts that they offered 500 thousand dollars for her presence. these are only rumors.

Madonna on the other hand, not only is confirmed, but she is already in town. The box she’ll be attending is shared by the city hall and the state government. To avoid flashes, a vip place has been organized for her and President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Inside the vip area, proof sound walls were installed, dining table, a white bathroom, sofas, LCD TV, and a complete security system, all to assure the celebrity she will be the most secure box in the Sambadrome.

Grande Rio launches man to the future

2010-02-11 16:47:23

Grande Rio samba school can change the samba anthem for this year’s carnival. From the verse "the man can fly" to "the man will fly". However, a little different from what happened in 2001, the astronaut will fly at the end of the parade, precisely at the last sector of the school. He will leave the tripod "flying to the future" neer the float "carnival of the stars".

In 2001, the carnival producer Joãozinho Trinda amazed everyone with the "flying man" in Grande Rio’s parade. He was launched at the beginning of the parade. At the time the parade was an homage to the profet known as Gentileza (kindness in English).

Beija-Flor: the school to be beaten

2010-02-11 16:28:31

General Director of Beija-Flor samba school, Laíla, made a positive evaluation of the school’s rehearsal at the Sambadrome, this Saturday. Although he admits that the school made some mistakes, he said there’s no reason to worry and guarantees that Beija-Flor is one of the favorites on the dispute for the title.

He said that there were many criticism about the school's performance and about the drum section, however many of them came from people with little or no knowledge about the subject, moved by passion, and this, in his opinion disqualifies them as good judges.

Beija-Flor technical rehearsal

Photo Credit: Fábio Correa Moraes / Flickr

One of the main complaints regarding the drum section was that they passed through without stopping, and this “paradinha” (when the drum section stops for a small time at the Sambadrome), is very expected. He however, explained that, the lack of this small stop was an option made by him, since there was no sound system and the truck wasn’t enough to hold the whole school. He remembered the people that at that time it was only for rehearsal purpose, not to make a show out of it. It is during the real parade that the school shows her real potential and the strength of their community. He ended saying that whomever wants to become champion, will have to go through Beija-Flor.

TOP 16 Carnival Blocos for 2010 - Best Rio Street Carnival Blocos

2010-02-06 14:15:18

The Brazilian Carnival is literally next door, and together,  all the magic and enthusiasm of Rio´s Street Carnival.   This year, the Rio de Janeiro ´s Mayor joined forces with the private sector, publicity agencies and a large beer company to help promote and organize the 492 licensed “blocos de carnaval” / street carnival bands that will party this year.  

This enormous number of “blocos” required public chemical bathrooms, transit logistics and other procedures to make sure everyone has fun in a safe and minimally planned manner.

Below, two Brazilian astonishing beauties - Ana Paula Evangelista, famous samba dancer and legendary Carnival Muse Luiza Brunet, Godmother of the Cordao de Bola Preta Street Band!

Cordao Bola Preta

We also contributed to this project, and analyzed the full list of 490+  street Carnaval bands/ “Blocos de Carnaval”.  We carefully selected the TOP 16 Blocos de Carnaval for 2010, so you can party with the cream of the crop of the Street bands.  It really took us one week to read, translate and analyze all of these blocos routes and provide the correct info so you can enjoy to the extreme!

Our selection criteria included:

•    Fun / enthusiasm of revelers
•    Tradition of the Street Group
•    Quality of bands / sound systems!
•    Positive Vibrations
•    Route selected

In each day we selected, up to 4 different Carnaval Blocos.   The 2010 TOP 20 Blocos list are divided by each day – SATURDAY CARNIVAL, SUNDAY CARNIVAL, MONDAY CARNIVAL, and TUESDAY CARNIVAL.   You can also check the full list of Blocos de carnaval, on the Events tab. Now it´s up to you! 
See you in one of them!

Bloco Ansiedade

Saturday - February 13th 2010 Street  Carnival

Meeting point: Cinelândia – Downtown
Concentration time: 7 a.m

Meeting Point: Orsina da Fonseca Street. - Gavea Neighborhood
Concentration Time: 12 AM

Meeting Point: Dois de Dezembro Street – Catete neighborhood
Concentration time: 2 p.m

CARIOCA DA GEMA - recommended!
Meeting point: Rua do Lavradio Street, next to Rua dos Arcos street – Lapa neighborhood
Concentration time: 3 p.m

My Friends from Mulheres de Chico!  Isso aí Sepulveda!

Mulheres de Chico  bloco

Mulheres de Chico by Carlos Ivan

Sunday - February 14th 2010 Street  Carnival

Meeting point: Av. Pacheco Leão – Horto neighborhood
Concentration time: 10 a.m

Meeting point: Praça Jardim Laranjeiras – Laranjeiras neighborhood
Concentration time: 12 a.m


Meeting point: Dias Ferreira Street, near Jerônimo Monteiro Street – Leblon Neighborhood
Concentration time: 2 p.m

Meeting point: Paz e Amor Bar – Garcia D’Ávila Street, corner with Nascimento Silva Street – Ipanema neighborhood
Concentration time: 3 p.m

Meeting point: Praça General Osório – Ipanema neighborhood
Concentration time: 4 p.m

Monday -
February 15th 2010 Street  Carnival

Meeting point: Largo das Neves – Santa Teresa neighborhood
Concentration time: 2 p.m

Meeting point: Cobal do Humaitá – Voluntários da Pátria Street N° 446, Humaitá neighborhood
Concentration time: 4 p.m

Meeting point: Marquês de Abrantes street – Flamengo neighborhood
Concentration time: 5 p.m

Tuesday -
February 16th 2010 Street  Carnival

Meeting point: Corner of Ladeira de Santa Teresa with Dias de Barros street, Santa Teresa neighborhood
Concentration time: 8 a.m

Meeting point: Almirante Alexandrino Street next to Largo dos Guimarães – Santa Teresa neighborhood
Concentration time: 1 p.m

Meeting point: Mercadinho São José – Rua das Laranjeiras street N° 90, Laranjeiras neighborhood
Concentration time: 3 p.m

Meeting point: Gomes Carneiro Street – Ipanema neighborhood
Concentration time: 4 p.m

Bloco Carnival Rio 2010

Tickets to Special Group Parade sold out in 32 minutes

2010-01-09 19:44:28

The Independent League of Samba Schools (Liesa) on Thursday morning on a call center, in Copacabana, on Rio de Janeiro, the sale of tickets to the 2010 Special Group Parade. The tickets ended in 32 minutes, the sale begam at 9 a.m. each person could purchase up to four tickets for each day of parade. In 2009, the tickets sold out in 30 minutes.

"Each year it gets harder to get tickets because the demand increases and the Sambadrome remains the same size. I doubt that in any event the organizer has ID and Social Security Number of the people purchasing tickets. We have all of that" said sales coordinator of Liesa, Heron Schneider.

For 2010, over 12 thousand tickets were put on sale. The third sector of the bleachers was the first to end and the last one the chairs of sector 6. 720 phone lines were available for sales.

Now the ones that managed to save their ticket must attend on the 12th or 13th of January with their ID and CPF on the bank of each respective sector. The tickets that weren’t purchased will be placed back on sale to the public on the 15th of January.

See bellow the number of people services by each sector:


Sector 3 Bleachers – 641 people

Sector 5 Bleachers – 621 people

Sector 4 Bleachers – 712 people

Sector 7 Bleachers – 532 people

Sector 11 Bleachers – 353 people

Sector 6 chair – 534 people

Sector 13 chair – 270 people

According to Liesa, the number of people serviced increased in 10%.

Technical rehearsals at Sapucaí sambadrome starts on December 6

2009-11-30 14:07:26

The Independent Samba School’s League disclosed the official calendar for Sambadrome’s technical rehearsal.   As from December 6 every weekend, with the exception of Christmas and new year’s weeks, there will be at least one rehearsal day.  Special Group and Access Group will participate of the weekend festivities on Rio´s Sambadrome  . See below the dates and time of the parades.

December 6th

7 P.M - Cubango

8 P.M - Viradouro

10 P.M - Mangueira Samba-School

Below, Unidos da Tijuca´s Muse - Adriane Galisteu at the last Sambadrome Rehearsal:

Galisteu Adriane Rehearsal

December 13th

7 P.M - Império Serrano

8 P.M - Mocidade

10 P.M - Vila Isabel

Below, former Queen of Drums - Gracyanne Barbosa, for Mangueira at Technical Rehearsal, with all her charm.

Gracyanne Barbosa Mangueira

December 19th

8 P.M - Unidos de Padre Miguel

10 P.M - União da Ilha

20th December 

7 P.M - Império da Tijuca

8 P.M - Beija-Flor

10 P.M - Unidos da Tijuca

Below, a rare shot from Agencia FOTO BR of a Tijuca at the rehearsal.

Samba Technical Rehearsal

January 8th

9 P.M- Imperatriz

January 9th

7 P.M - Tuiuti

8 P.M - Porto da Pedra

10 P.M - Portela

January 10th

7 P.M - Santa Cruz

8 P.M - Mocidade

10 P.M- Salgueiro

Below, the organized Baianas from Mangueira at the dry run.

Samba Technical Rehearsal

January 16th

7 P.M - Inocentes

8 P.M - Caprichosos

10 P.M - Ilha

January 17th

7 P.M- São Clemente

8 P.M - Viradouro Samba-School

10 P.M - Grande Rio

24th January 

7 P.M - Rocinha

8 P.M - Mangueira

10 P.M - Unidos da Tijuca

30th January 

7 P.M - Estácio

8 P.M - Porto da Pedra

10 P.M - Portela

January 31st

7 P.M - Renascer

8 P.M - Grande Rio

10 P.M - Vila Isabel Samba-School

February 6th

7 P.M - Beija-Flor

10 P.M - Imperatriz

Below, Erika one of Tijucas Top Samba dancers at the rehearsal

Technical Rehearsal

February 7th

7 P.M - Salgueiro (Sambadrom’s sound and light test)

Mocidade Samba School will have gay wing on 2010 Carnaval

2009-11-30 13:36:04

Rio de Janeiro was elected Best gay destination in the world by TripOutGayTravel website.  In accordance to that, Mocidade Samba School has recently disclosed that a new wing was created for 2010 Carnaval in Rio. The Gay wing will rely on gay merrymakers parading down the Sambadrome.

Below, a beautiful and colorful Luxury Brazilian Carnival Costume with teddy bear included.

Luxury Carnival Costumes

Photo Credit:  FOTO BR AGENCY

However, the school informs that it is not mandatory that the person is gayto be a part of the wing.  All it takes is attending rehearsal at school court every Wednesday between 8:30 P.M and 10 P.M.   According to Diguinho Mocidade and Maurício D’Paula, responsible   for the wing, selection will take to consideration enthusiasm, attendance amongst other requirements.  The samba carnival costume to be used by wing members is very irreverent: a Leopard.

This is the first time a Samba School dedicates an entire wing to the gay community, and it came in great time since Rio is now recognized as the best destiny for gays.

Samba Theme Choices made for 2010 Carnaval

2009-11-30 12:13:52

Carnaval is approaching and Special Group Samba School’s are in the run to make this Carnaval the best yet. It’s time to choose the Song that will be chanted in the Sambadrome raising the crowd. The first school to choose the Samba was Unidos de Vila Isabel on October 9th. The chosen theme was "Noel: A presence do poeta da Vila" By one of the schools most renowned name: Martinho da Vila. 

 On the 11th , it was Salgueiro’s time to choose what they would take down to Rio´s  Sambadrome and the chosen theme was "Histórias sem fim" by Josemar Manfredini, Brasil do Quintal, Jassa, Betinho do Ponto and Fernando Magaça. The day after, on the 12th Porto da Pedra announced the winner theme: "Com que roupa… eu vou? Para o samba que você me convidou?" By Bira Porkinho and Heitor Costa

Portela Samba School selected the theme "Derrubando fronteiras, conquistando a liberdade... Rio de paz, em estado de graça!" by Ciraninho, Rafael dos Santos, Diogo Nogueira, Naldo and Júnior Escafura. Following Portela, Viradouro, Mangueira, Unidos da Tijuca and Grande Rio chose their themes on the same day: the 17th of October. 

Viradouro chose "México, o paraíso das cores, sob o signo do Sol" by Floriano, Gustavo da Marbela and Sacadura Cabral. Mangueira chose "Mangueira é música do Brasil" by Renan Brandão, Machado, Paulinho Bandolim and Rodrigo Carioca.

Below you see a photo of one of Mangueira's Float of carnaval 2009

mangueira's float

Photo Credit: Alziro Xavier/G1


Unidos da Tijuca selected "É segredo!" By Julio Alves, Marcelo and Totonho and Grande Rio "Das arquibancadas ao Camarote nº 1, um "Grande Rio" de emoção, na Apoteose do seu coração" by Barbeirinho, Mingau, G. Marins, Arlindo Cruz, Emerson Dias, Levi Dutra, Carlos Sena, Chico da Vila, Da Lua, Isaac, Rafael Ribeiro and Juarez Pantoja.

Mocidade and União da Ilha chose their themes on the 18th of the same month. Mocidade decided to have as theme "Do paraíso de Deus ao paraíso da loucura, cada um sabe o que procura " by J. Giovanni, Zé Glória e Hugo Reis and União da Ilha chose "Dom Quixote de La Mancha... o cavaleiro dos sonhos impossíveis" by Grassano, Gabriel Fraga, Márcio André Filho, João Bosco, Arlindo Neto, Gugu das Candongas, Marquinho do Banjo, Barbosão, Ito Melodia and Léo da Ilha

To close the Samba Theme choice cycle, Imperatriz Leopoldinense and Beija-flor chose theirs on the 19th of October. "Brasil de todos os deuses" by Jeferson Lima, Flavinho, Gil Branco, Me Leva and Guga was Imperatrize’s choice and "Brilhante ao sol do novo mundo, Brasília: do sonho à realidade, a capital da esperança" By Picolé da Beija Flor, Serginho Sumaré, Samir Trindade, Serginho Aguiar, Dison Marimba and André do Cavaco, was chosen by 2009’s Carnaval winner to help defend their title in the Sambadrome.


Grande Rio Samba School synopses

2009-11-12 16:15:29

 Grande Rio Samba School Synopsis

Grande Rio Samba School brings to the 2010 Sambadrome a tribute to Carioca Carnaval.   Representing all Carnaval’s from the past and important personalities.  It’s a show that promises to take us back in time and for those who didn’t have the privilege to know old street Carnaval, it’s the time to see the glamour and excitement of the old days. Join the school in this stroll through memory lane in Brazil´s Carnaval that promises to be unforgettable.

The theme is a playful use of words where the School’s name – Grande Rio (great rio)- is used to portrait a Rio de Janeiro of Great emotions and the Samabrome, also known as Apoteose (apotheosis) portraits the deifying of Carnaval in our hearts.

Thee theme-plot will talk about the importance and contribution of a legendary Beer Manufacturer ( Brahma beer ) VIP Boxes located at the Sambadrome.  See below the logo of the 2010 Theme:

Logo Grande Rio 2010

Name of Grande Rio 2010 Plot-Theme: "From the Bleachers to Number 1 box A "Great Rio" of Emotions on the Apotheosis of Ypur heart!" -


 Plot - Theme’s Justification for Jury

I’m Brazilian, I’m Carioca, passionate!

Pioneer on this lightened stage

From the Wonderful City that sings, Samba is to be happy

From the party of larger magnificence and creativity

There’s our Carnaval

Best and largest of the world

A reality…

I make my thoughts spin

That on the arrival of the moment of creation may the real appear

Came from the inspiration on its art to create

Neurons in movement, projects in progress .

I’m n°1 Samba singer, and for that, I watch it all from the boxes.

I’m life and emotion, I’m past and recollection

From the cradle of Samba to the avenue


From cold concrete, the apotheosis of emotion is born

Smile printed on the face of the merrymaker

Ambitious and determined, I make arise in the hearts

The magic that exists on artist’s hands

Drawings that lands on paper

Paintings that bud on illusion

Adorable madness of imagination

That emerges from minds in creation

Enterprise wizard that transform garbage in luxury

Rich in poor, king in hobo.

I’m the center of attentions.

I’m John, of the people, of the new

That even forbidden, I remain shinning

I’m the time, the movement, the moment

Determined and barely conventional

I’m leader on the past and on the present

I have the brand of honesty

Machines sowing, fabrics frolicking

From nail, from iron from polystyrene

I sculpt my love story

Anonymous protagonist of Carnaval

That transforms the dream in a real moment

On the magic dream factory

On a city that doesn’t stop to dance Samba

On the siren sound, the heart beats on the mouth

On the runway the flag dispute, the drumming of the drums

Sceneries on wheels, eternalized styles, modernity and future

The jury chooses, the people applaud

Unforgettable moments, unique in emotion

Making man fly, surprising the merrymakers

From fire to the devotion of a myth, the overcoming

Explode sector 1, it’s the people’s champion!

Consecrated hymns, this story’s voices

From the slums, yes sir!

I have the brand of the root, color and flavor

I’m not a samba singer! Just a singer

I’m Mangueira that gives Jamelão

I’m race, will, determination

I’m divine music

Masterful watercolor

Of magic that involves the soul

I’m more than a country, I’m a planet

Carnaval is my name!

I’m faith, folklore and miscegenation

I’m the future, the tomorrow

I’m the star of the show, I travel to the unknown

I’m from the people, of this people that has real value

I sweep sadness away from us

With "smile" printed on the face I’m fan

I scream, sing, weep when my story pass through here

In this "Great Rio" of emotion

That flow into the delirium apotheosis of our heart

With all endearment and respect to the great man, woman, Samba Schools and the strength of their communities, that contributes a lot to the success of Carioca Carnaval, Congratulations!

A tribute from Academicos do Grande Rio to all you, Brazilian samba singers.

by Cahê Rodrigues

Below, the Flag of Grande Rio Samba-School

Grande Rio Samba School Flag

The theme-Plot for 2010

From the bleachers to number 1 box A "Great Rio" of emotions on the Apotheosis of your heart! or In Portuguese: "DAS ARQUIBANCADAS AO CAMAROTE Nº 1 UM 'GRANDE RIO' DE EMOÇÃO NA APOTEOSE DO SEU CORAÇÃO"

The greatest democratic show of the planet

It’s Carnaval, people’s party!

The greatest popular opera in the planet.

It’s time to let emotion take over us.

And with arms wide open receive once again the people, for the greatest outdoor show of the world.

A party of colors, flavors, joyfulness, costumes and illusion.

A party from the people to the people end that millions of peoples has already watched.

Through here have already passes true kings and queens, princes and princesses, politicians of various areas, authorities of many countries, Hollywood stars and great jet-set national and international celebrities.

Throughout these Carnaval years, we saw many merrymakers around, being them on the exuberant bleachers or in one of the boxes that surrounds the Carioca Sambadrome.

And to relive those glorious Brazil Carnaval, we’ll welcomentsme them on the great box of merrymaking, the N°1 on the Samba catwalk, so that everyone can relive the great emotions that entered the history on Carioca Carnaval’s success.

On this party where the poor becomes rich and the rich becomes poor, is possible to dream and for it to become true it depends only of you.

On the explosion of joy of sector 1, at the cry of – champion! From sector 13, the heart beats stronger, on a magic pass the feet loosens from the floor and the mind starts screaming. Wacky dreams, genius, artists, kings and queens from this enchantment of the feats.

So grab your costume and come with us to play the Brazilian Carnaval.

Grande Rio Samba School Logo

Above, the logo of the samba-School Grande Rio.

From Praça Onze to the Apotheosis Square "The Square belongs to the people"

If in other times, this party’s spaces were other, those were insufficient to the proposal of such grandiosity, that already had all the cultural appeal compatible to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The assembly and disassembly of the show was an inhuman effort. Until the sensitivity of the view of a group of visionaries made the so desired Carnaval space become true.

They were the "image" of the construction of that dream, a political, cultural and social mix, immuring on the construction idea and the accomplishment of that so desired stage.

Starting from the idea that at Carnaval everything starts on the drawing, the idea of the space that would begin at Praça Onze, samba cradle, heading to the Apotheosis Square, started to be sowed on a shared idea that "the square belonged to the people" and in it the people would manifest their culture.

From this point, through the precious and architectonic strokes of Oscar Niemeyer, under the anthropological view of Darcy Ribeiro, on a perfect partnership inspired on Amaury Jório and Ismael Silva, where on this space culture and education lived in harmony and on the political leadership of Leonel Brizola, governor at the time, the great stage of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro was born in a record time.

With the accomplishment of the Samba catwalk, a larger space opened making possible that the press broadcasts our spectacle to the world, either on paper, magazines, radio or TV, with national and international penetration, besides the internet that makes it possible to have online up-to-date news, that makes Samba-Schools the real lead of Carnaval, that passes through the avenue as a "Great River" of emotions that flows into the apotheosis of our hearts.


Mad and brilliant minds

The great avenue would be the conclusion of the initial dreamy view of Carnival Producer Fernando Pamplona, that with his tridimensional and areal eyes, with a show parade idea, a spectacle parade, organized as it was a great theatre.

To dream is a part of the artist, after all, before we became real, we are a dream, but everything had to have a perfect spectacle rapport.

From him, many was born and on the unleashing of birth came the styles that marked and still mark Carnaval on the era of the Sambadrome.

With Pamplona’s own africanness; Arlindo Rodrigues’ baroque refinement; Maria Augustas’ lynx eyes; Fernando Brito’s Tropicana; the essence of the strokes of Viriato compared to Erté; Rosa Magalhães’ rococo; Max Lopes’ magical palette; Renato Lages high-tech and modern shapes; Paulo Barros’ bodies in movement; Joãozinho 30’s geniality, that with his rats, bums and vultures enchants the catwalk, on an unique Carnaval moment, as well as other brilliant artists that hands us as gifts their fantastic creations every year.

All representatives of a huge class, which maintains the great Brazilian popular live opera, through their creation dreams.

Grande Rio 2007 ParADE
Above, a great shot of Danielle Cezar of a Grande Rio Reveler in 2007 Parade.

Warrior Workers of the feast

Art is a gift from god and in this great construction alchemy, processed by various hands, a workforce army translates the dream of creation into reality.

The final product often hides thousands of welded rods, nails, Styrofoam blocks, paint, brushes, kilometers of wires and lines, a variety of fabrics, glue, feathers and everything else that can reproduce this Carnaval symphony, no longer dreamt and created by a single mind, but by a great team work, where the dedicated sweat is the thing that shines the least.

On their machines, hundreds of seamstresses, many parts of the community, Begin to give life to the costumes that illustrate the show. From simplicity to luxurious costumes, the merrymakers delight themselves in being able to become any imaginary character.

If I was once poor, I don’t remember, today I live at a luxurious condo Will all the perks a Feast worker deserves; from these new visionaries, a city was born, more precisely a Samba City, a great and fantastic dream factory, that through the man and woman that have natural gifts, make dreams come true.

Unforgettable Moments...

On the gathering every school is a champion.

From the sounding of the siren that sets in motion the parade till the opening of the envelopes, the select jury group, loved by some and hated by others, regardless of the popular vote or individual love for a flag, determine the champion, the one that made less mistakes on its parade.

In this moment, the technical and the artistic will walk hand in hand on the search to promote unexpected feelings, capable of taking out of the jury’s hands the awaited 10.

Song, dance, harmony, set, colors, movement, mechanics, fireworks, will, associated with costumes and beautiful adornments, can be the elements to define the champion school. However, this victory will be, or not, in the future, a mark in the history of Carnaval.

Thus the first champions appeared, then the super champions; we saw Braguinha parading, we saw sand tales shinning, we saw the unforgettable Ziriguidum 2001, saw Via dressed in Kizombar Straws, we saw the naked, "sambar" in every sense of the word, saw buns playing, Mocidade to turn and turner! Saw ITA Salgueirar, saw Viradouro set fire, we even saw a man flying.

 grande rio

The Voice of the Slums, Yes Sir!!!

Silas de Oliveira, Donga, Ismael Silva, Pixinguinha, Noel, Cartola, Candeia, Xangô, Nelson Sargento, Beto sem Braço, JoãoNogueira, Aroldo Melodia, Martinho da Vila, D. Ivone Lara, Beth Carvalho, Clara Nunes, Leci Brandão, Paulinho da Viola and may other wobbly.

They are the real roots of this carioca samba; they are the voices of the slums, yes sir! This is how those famous composers and interpreters, whose art is born with, were and will always be.

Capable of promoting the vital element for what we know as the real feeling of the term "harmony" arrive many times at the brilliance of the precious rimes.

Their faces, many time unknown by the great public are their work, giving the bigger stardom to interpreters that fought through their professional path and recognition as well, that come since the time they were known as "iron mouth" and "Samba handler", as the great master Jamelão said "I’m not a handler I’m simply a singer".

On a great musical watercolor, many samba circles that takes place at Schools courts, taverns, or even on Wobbly’s houses, inspired on Aunt Ciata, reported and projected many musicians that had their names endorsed by great stars of the samba and Carnaval musical scene.

The Marvelous 2007 Queen of Drums Grazi!

Massafera Grazi - Queen

Carnaval Planet – The Future is Ours!

And tell me if this is not a planet!

The greatest popular festivity on Brazil, conquers the world and in 2010, the dream of "Happy City", represented by Acadêmicos do Grande Rio, will make a great tribute to Carioca Carnaval, reliving moments that was set in time; great man and woman that helped build the story of the greatest outdoors spectacle of the world.

In 1985, Fernando Pinto dreamt of a Carnaval at the stars, picturing what would be the Carnaval of the future; we are in 2010 and much has changed, but we haven’t gone strolling in the stars yet, maybe on the year 3000.

Popular Carnaval characters have a new version, to represent carioca festivity.

Dream? Reality? Where Will we stop? How Will the Sambadrome look like in the year 3000? Our costumes and adornments? At last! Let’s dream, for Carnaval allows us to dream and travel this world of pretend there’s nothing, a real world were emotion takes over all of us, that taken by the magic of samba, we make the impossible come true.

In this moment when union matters and makes Brazil Carnaval into this worldwide Planet, we elect as spokesman of this message, the garbage man that became a celebrity in Brazil, Renato Sorriso or Renato Smile, our peoples symbol, symbol of the strength of the communities, of this simple people that protests singling and reacts dancing samba, that make a difference with all humbleness, showing however their value as the lead of this great spectacle.

A people that crowds the bleachers making it into a great box of human warmth and vibrate with their school, behaving as real thermometers of emotion.

And it is to for you, Brazilian merrymaker, that sings, dances, cries, vibrates this Tribute that Grande Rio Samba School brings, for your commitment that is essential for the positive outcome of Samba School’s parades.

Let me, therefore, involve myself on the magnetic field of this apotheosis spaceship bearing the future and travel alongside with you to reach the stars.

After all,

How will tomorrow be?

Carnaval Producer: Cahê Rodrigues

Co-Producers: Hiran Araújo and Lucas Pinto

Mangueira Samba School made a tribute to their “baianas”

2009-11-12 15:57:46

Saturday’s as usual Magueira Samba School rehearsesat their court. However last Saturday was a special rehearsal since the "Baianas" Wing was completing 51 years of existence. To celebrate, Scholl’s president Ivo Meireles invited the components of the most traditional Carnaval Wing to join him on stage.

With a crowded court, the public enjoyed the night listening and dancing to the sound of some of Mangueira’s old traditional samba themes as well as this year’s theme. The Drum Queen, Renata Santos was present, as always, but this time all eyes were looking at the guests of honor: the "Baianas".

See below Baiana of Mangueira Samba School presenting the costume

Baiana's Wing at carnaval 2009Baiana of Mangueira


Photo Credit: Advertisemnet/Mangueira

The samba School’s rehearsal takes place every Saturday from 10 P.M. Scholl’s theme is "Mangueira is music from Brazil" by Carnaval Producers Jorge Caribé and Jayme Cesário.


Salgueiro discloses theme synopses

2009-11-10 16:42:23

During the next few days we will be disclosing be disclosing the synopses of all Special Group samba school’s for Carnaval 2010.  Starting with Salgueiro Samba-school,  great 2009 champion.

School’s theme synopses are usually disclosed by each Carnaval Producer to let the public and press to understand what inspired the choice. This year’s theme "Endless stories" will take the public to a journey through imagination and the endless story of life.

Below we see Salgueiro's 2010 theme logo

Salgueiro's 2010 theme logo


Photo Credit: Advertisement

Theme: Endless stories

"Of all instruments of mankind, the most stupendous one is with no doubt the book. The others are simple extensions of their body… but the book is another thing, the book is an extension of the memory and the imagination"

(Jorge Luiz Borges)

One day, Johannes Gutemberg dreamt that he wanted to be free, that he wanted to be a book. Wanted to be a written word, change course of history. Be history. Uneasy and curious, began to make his dream come true in XV century’s Germany, when He pressed the last lead block over the paper and placed the last full stop in his master piece: The printed Bible.

- Give me 26 lead horses and I will conquer the world!

Conquers by words and books, now printed from his inventions and creations. Rudimentary papyrus, Chinese types, parchment, codex and the unreachable manuscripts hand copied by medieval monks, fell behind. The mobile types soiled by ink, which were once a part of his dreams, print the pages of a new and important chapter. The first printing remaining in eternity.

The portal for disclosure of ideas and ideals that were widespread throughout the world was now opened. Password to the beginning of the great book era, of the wonderful Endless Stories!

Hands and machinery to work! The printed pages recovered the glorious past of empires raised under compassion sign, and the rage of heroes, myths and Gods. Epic achievements that were immortalized in epopees that praised civilization’s values and virtues. The same words edified to human glory described the reborn of an era, impersonated on the figure of an errant knight. The windmills blow airs of hope, guiding mankind to a spiritual journey bearing paradise, through winding paths…

… that leads the readers to entrenched noble’s intrigues and to mob revolutions on the old world’s powerful kingdoms. Delirious kings and queens, weaves of a triangle that involves damsels, knights and courtesans themes. It’s the period of heroes with their capes and swords, of duels in the name of the beautiful lady’s heart. The pages of a romantic glazing game on a cynical villain scene game are opened. Dangerous connections, described with detail in texts that reveal secret oaths, pacts, hatred, forbidden romances, sigh, eternal love promises…

See below a photo of a giat Salgueiro float in 2007


Giant Salgueiro float


Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro/Jaime Silva

...that will influence new world’s literature, translated on the Portuguese noblewoman’s face enamored by the native. The union that falsifies a romantic chapter of an interbreed Brazil is accomplished. Words that sails through an ocean of poetic images, describing a dramatic crossing in the basements of small slavery ships. In the ships, Black man and woman that set ashore here to change and fortify the roots of a nation. In each literature piece, the cornices of a country that harbors interbred hero’s saga, from Rio de Janeiro with all urban and suburban types, of Bahia’s man and woman, of the brave Explorers of a fertile hinterland of dreams...

... and literary daydreams evoked by magical words, torpid on the shadow of the book of longing: "Pirlimpimpim", "Open up Sesame", "Abracadabra!". In an eye blink, we fly to the time of "Once upon a time...Once again!". We enter the fantasy portal. Here, imagination is a fast machine that takes us to any place at any time! We’ll turn the world upside down in the search for the fantastic tales’ path and there we will find the city of dreams, the wonderland, the universe of unforgettable tales. Look: dolls come alive… hear: your hero’s favorite song… feel: the throb of innocent happiness on the stories grandma tells… delicacies of words that bring smells and flavors of childhood, written forever in our hearts. It’s the key to the awakening of a child that never seized to exist in each one on the great adventure of playing to live in…

… an instant: follow the advice and breathe before continuing. Ready? Here we go. Here begins our trip through the world of adventure and thrill, with characters and actions happening at a crazy speed to unveil the intriguing enigma, to find the path to other dimensions were monsters, witches and supernatural beings dwell, transposed from imaginary times and spaces, guided by ingenious words that makes us loose breath and, in a single breath, follow all the mystery that involves the plot from beginning to end, lead by false hints, traps, crossed plots, dangers, rounded up villains, jigsaws with incomplete pieces, shatters that stimulates curiosity on a more and more frenetic rhythm, until it emerges… whew!

The turnaround.

The outcome.

The revelation.

"Why didn’t I think of that?" the truth was before our own eyes…

...that fast forward in time and read a future written by uncertainty ink. As he loses domain over the machines He invented, man becomes a hostage of his own creation. Fictional pages are now open to a planet overlooked by electronic eyes, under the great Machine-God services. Highly advanced artificial brains, capable of traveling through the universe and simulate a reality taken over by chaos on futuristic scenery. Are we before this new odyssey’s last chapter? Only the future can say…



…that it’s time to open a new chapter, to write the story we choose on a blank page. Recreate our own biography; unveil on the great book of life the secrets of happiness, of balance, of peace. Philosophical teachings show us the way of wisdom, of the well or poorly traced lines written on the mystic book of destiny. An immortal piece Will be finally Born, one where there Will always be a new chapter, a new edition. An unbounded theme, retold and increased each time someone browses the pages of all those Endless stories....

… The end…

By: Renato Lage and the Cultural Department


Drum section of Unidos da Tijuca samba school prepares performance with dancers for Carnaval

2009-11-10 15:01:26

Known for having groundbreaking ideas, Unidos da Tijuca Samba School’s Carnaval Producer, Paulo Barros, has already thought of a couple of surprises to be expected by the public. Rehearsal has already begun and the drum Section has already been rehearsing with a couple of dancers, coordinated by Marcelo Sandrini and Roberta, choreographers that follows him for years and are responsible for choreographing wings and performances on floats such as the Tijuca United Opening wing float on 2005 Carnaval.

At some moments during the parade, the dancers stroll amongst the rhythmics and make performances during the second part of the theme song “It’s a secret”, at the point where the samba talks about the desire to keep a secret hidden, at the same time, the Drum section will make the typical “paradinha” or small stop while the dancers are performing.

Below we see Tijuca's drum section during technical rehearsal

Tijuca'd drum section

Photo Credits:Advertisement/Alice Fernandes

Paulo Barros’ Carnaval has been the one to watch since he first appeared and has moved the audience ever since. So watch out this year will probably be no different.

Special Group’s theme cd is recorded live from Samba City

2009-11-10 10:12:59

Recordings started on October 20th at Samba city.   It is a novelty since past year’s recordings took place at recording studios. This time, all schools will be allowed to count on 40 rhythmics of the Samba Association, moreover, the school will be able to count on a chorus of the guild’s participants guaranteeing the feel of a parade.   Only a couple of details will be taken to studio before finalizing the work.

This idea is to show in the CD, Samba Themes as they are sang on rehearsal courts as well as technical rehearsals. The launching of the CD will take place on National Samba Day on December 2nd with an invitation only event in Samba City and sales will begin in December.

below we see a photo of samba players at Rocinha

Samba recording

photo credits: Agência Fotobr

The parade climate only enriched the quality of the CD and members of the schools are thrilled with the result of the work. Now we wait for it’s launching to enjoy every minute of Carnaval, preparing to sing along with schools in the Sambadrome

Tourism Departament to Orgazine 461 Street Groups for Rio 2010 Carnival

2009-11-03 17:02:03

Tourism department of Rio de Janeiro finally was able to map out Rio’s street Carnaval. Starting 2010, the City Hall will take part on the street carnival groups´parades organization, improving traffic signaling and public security around the events.

Volta Alicve

Photo Credit: Elohim Barros

461 street groups were approved by city hall. 39 of them in the west zone, 54 in Barra da Tijuca district, 55 in Tijuca, 83 at the north zone, 96 downtown and 172 street groups at south zone, arriving at the total of 499 parades as some of the street groups parades more than once.

Below, a nice shot of the vibrant "Volta, Alice" Street Band in Rio.

Volta Alice

Photo Credit: Juan F Otoya

Last year city hall was notified of 269 street groups, however, the real number of parades around the city is estimated to  have been nearly the same as next year’s.  The recent notifications made it possible to have better organization of the events.  Now there is an official calendar of the street parades with date, time and were it will take place from start to finish.  This way, city hall can arrange for the street carnival garbage, police force, health system and parking systems.

Due to this mapping, many groups changed their routs or scheduling, in accordance to the Department of Tourism, avoiding, this way, the overlapping of different parades and making it possible for the merrymakers to enjoy even more our street parades.  This will not only improve the quality of the street parades as it will make it more organized for those going around town.

Let´s hope everything runs smooth, but with loads of fun too!

Volta Alice stfre

Photo Crediti : Joyce Farias

Mangueira Samba School decides 2010 Samba-Theme

2009-11-02 22:06:06

Mangueira chooses its samba music theme for the 2010 Carnival.  The lyrics and melody that will represent the samba theme music is called “A Mangueira é a música do Brasil” (The Mangueira School is the Music of Brazil) was announced in the beginning of this past Sunday with the “Palácio de Samba” very busy. The great winner was the samba A7, the first of the three finalist to present themselves. Those who stayed until the end of the night were able to catch the enthusiasm of the winner composers: :Renan Brandão, Machado, Paulinho Bandolim e Rodrigo Carioca.

Mangueira 2010 Samba Lyrics

Photo Credit: Estação Primeira Website

In the end of the night, almost morning time, the president of the samba school, Ivo Meirelles, had an emotional speech with an important decision. He called the end of the night, the “unification”.  “From this Sunday forward, we will be resumed in one melody, in one samba, and we will renovate and reinvigorate in search for the rescue of our unification”. “Viva to Samba!”  “Viva a Estação Primeira de Mangueira!”, said the president, surrounded by the drummers “Surdo Um”.

Below, the energy of Surdo Um Drum Section from Mangueira, at the 2007 parade.

Surdo Um Drums Mangueira

Photo Credit: Estacao Primeira Website

The three finalists presented themselves in order of drawing of their names. The samba music took the public from their feet! They danced all night at the “Palacio de Samba”. It was indeed a very difficult decision to choose only one finalist amidst great melodies!
The final decision only happened when the sun was rising. When the winner was being announced, Ivo affirmed that the decision was very hard and that they all had great talents, specially their ethical conduct. Then the president announced the name of the music for the 2010 Brazilian Carnival Mangueira theme song:
- “Mangueira in 2010 will sing “Meu Coração é Verde e Rosa”. (My heart is green and pink).
When the sun was rising, the public went to the streets of Rio commemorating with the winning refrain “Meu Coração é verde e rosa./Descendo o morro eu vou./A música, alegria do povo/Chegou, a Mangueira chegou”. ( My heart is green and pink/coming down the hill i will./The music, happiness to the people, Mangueira is here).


Mangueira 2010 Theme Samba Lyrics:

Vai passar…
Nessa avenida mais um samba popular
Mangueira até parece um céu no chão
É Música vestida de emoção
Com notas e acordes refletiu
Em suas cores o orgulho do Brasil
Nas ondas do Rádio
De norte a sul viajei
Num sonho dourado embarquei
Parece magia!
Vai minha inspiração
Num doce balanço a caminho do mar
Vem me fazer a canção pro mundo se encantar


Um verso me levou
Do Rock a Jovem Guarda
Fui caminhando e cantando ao luar
Com a Tropicália no olhar
Atrás do trio eu quero ver
O baile começar, e a noite adormecer
O sol nascerá, as cortinas irão se fechar
Folhas secas virão e o show vai continuar!


Drum Section Bateria Allingment at Parade Runway

2009-11-02 15:05:46

Carnaval of Brazil is slowly approaching, but do you know how the samba drum instruments are aligned at the Sambadrome?  Do you know which row of samba instruments comes first, tamborins, surdos, or caixas?  On this interesting article we will show you how the samba percussion drums are displayed at the Carnaval parade runway.

The percussion instruments are carefully grouped in the Bateria and generally are distributed according to the First Director´s – Mestre de Bateira´s request.   There is a common rule though that every Drum Section Director takes into account: heavy samba instruments do not mix with the light samba instruments.  In a samba-school parade or event, heavy instruments always stays stationed behind and the light ones in front of the Drums Section.

According to the conductor Milton Manhães, who is a musician and samba percussionist from Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School Drums Section: “The first surdos consist of the essence of the Drums Section within a binary beat.  They comprise three types: the first surdo (first beat) and stronger, like the C in the contrabass; the second (also called response surdo), performs the cello in a Symphonic. It is less strong and is tuned as A or B in the contrabass.  The third surdo is in between both, but also called surdo de corte.  Its tune is similar to the drum.  The tune in the contrabass is the F.”

See below the formation of the Drum section - Bateria as they wait at the "stable".  Here, you see row of surdos, ( bass drums) heavy samba instruments from Mangueira Samba-School.

Bateria SURDO UM Allignment

Credit: Estação Primeira Org.

When the Drums Section is large, there is the need of putting the first and second surdos closer, they stay on the same side and the caixas and/or repiques are arranged between them.  The third surdos, or balance surdos, are distributed among the first and second surdos, and their functions are to balance the first and second, and provide the needed ‘swing’.  The repique surdos or repinique (the smaller) perform a variety of rhythmical beats and the taróis and caixas are responsible for the ‘counterbalance’.   Light instruments in a samba-school bateria or carnaval band add rhythm and treble too.

Similar to an orchestra, there are moments in which all instruments are being played, and others in which just one of the groups perform.  For example, when the samba starts, everybody plays, in the second part, the heavy instruments almost make silence, becoming the light ones more intense.  The tambourines and rattles stop, the other instruments may keep playing.

When similar instruments play rhythmical drawings at the same time, enjoying the samba syncopation, we have what we call “conventions”.   The “conventions” that are most widely performed today are played by the tambourines.

Following is an outline that which describes the arrangement of the percussionists in a bateria.  It shows more or less how the 280+ members of the bateria march in the parade, starting with the lighter instruments.  As described before, the heavy surdos are in the middle for stability:

See below, the first row of light instruments with shakers and tamborins.

Bateria Drums Section

* 4 Drum Section Masters on the open aisle in the middle of the rhythm drummers

* 2 Mestres de Bateria on the sides of the Drum Section

Formation on the avenue: 28 rows with 10 percussionists each covering the width of the avenue.

5  on each side of the aisle of the Drums Section Masters:

* 3 rows of tambourins

* 4 rows of cuicas

* 4 alternating rows of ganzás, reco-recos, and agogos

* 1 row of tambourins

* 16 alternating rows, side by side: Surdos ( bass drums ), caixas ( snares) , surdos, repique, caixas

Mangueira Samba School Three Tenors

2009-10-26 17:47:50

The three tenors of the Estação Primeira de Mangueira entered the studios this past Tuesday, but the samba school only allowed  them to hear one part of the lyrics so that they have an idea on how will this samba song  be interpreted on the voices of of singers Zé Paulo, Luizito and Rixxa.   On the introduction, music from the group “Roupa Nova” is sung.

This momentum had a special appearance of the voices of the “velha guarda” (veteran contingents) of the green and pink school, as well as the women’s department and the samba school community.   A CD version of LIESA will only be available in the end of November.

Shayene Cesario Elected 2010 Carnaval Queen Rio de Janeiro

2009-10-10 15:35:54

We still have another 4 months to Carnaval in Rio, but Rio de Janeiro has a new Official Carnival Queen,  25 year old Shayene Cesario.  The muse we have described in the past has just been elected yesterday, October 9th, the new Official Rio de Janeiro 2010 Carnival Queen.  The contest occurred in Rio´s Samba City.

When the Official Rio de Janeiro Queen and Princess Contest was over, Shayene Cesário could never imagine she would be crowned the Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, winning over 12 other contenders.   The decision was made by a judging panel that considered several attributes for the final scores, including samba dance abilities, overall charisma, sympathy, body elegance and facial expressions.  Members of the judging panel included: Sidney Rezende, Selmynha Sorrisoz, muse Viviane Araujo, and actor Davi Pinheiro.

2010 shayene cesario

Let´s get to know this Carnival Goddess a bit more: Shayene Cesario is a 25 years old model and law student born in Rio de Janeiro.  The lovely Brazilian brunette has indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots, which clearly constructed that extraordinary look.  The Carnaval Goddess was raised in the traditional São Carlos neighborhood and started to parade at the early age of 8 with Estácio de Sá Samba School in Rio.

As part of her attributes of 2010 Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, Shayene Cesário will participate in a series of carnival balls, visit several samba rehearsals promoted by traditional samba schools like Unidos da Tijuca, Mangueira, together with the other members of the carnival court in Rio: Talita Martins and Suellen Pinto, the two Carnival Princesses, and Momo King Milton Rodrigues.  Those who think this marketing pampering campaign is just posing may be unadvised: The carnival promotion marathon is extremely strenuous and fatiguing.  As an example of a classic carnaval promotional event, the Rio de Janeiro Mayor hands the “city´s keys” to Carnival court and officially opens the carnival festivity.

Queen of Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2010 - Shayene Cesario

Shayene Cesario Muse

But who said this astonishing muse is only appealing to the eyes?  Shayene is finishing her Law School and will become a full lawyer in one year.  The new Rio Carnival Queen worked for two years as an intern at the Public Attorney in Rio, where she had a good chance to learn a bit of the profession’s routine.

To maintain the amazing fit, Shayene Cesario works out every day and also practices martial arts.  Shayene Cesario has nearly perfect measures: 5.74 feet (1, 75 m ) and 143 pounds ( 65 kg) in a proportional waist line.   Apart from parading in Rio´s Sambadrome, Shayene also paraded in São Paulo, where she enjoyed great success.

I am sure the new Carnaval Queen Shayene Cesario will be one of Brazil´s 2010 next celebrity for everything she represents: her simple ways, her friendly smile, her colorful ethnic background and spontaneous personality.

Shayene Cesario Queen CArnival

Photo Credit:  Agencia FOTO BR - Alexandre Vidal

Good luck in 2010 and congratulations for your samba roots! 

The Samba Legends - Giovanna Justo Flag Bearer, Porta - Bandeira

2009-09-11 13:13:43

Giovanna da Silva Justo, or simply Giovanna Justo, as she is known in samba world, was born and raised in Morro da Mangueira, which gives the name to the most traditional and important samba school from Rio de Janeiro. She is Orlendi Justo and Djair da Silva’s daughter.   Orlendi was Mangueira’s vice-president in the 90’s, and Mrs. Djair dedicated herself to her husband and to their kids.

Giovanna started her life in the samba world in the 80’s, when she used to parade in famous Mangueira’s children wings, which was managed by the late Dona Neuma. Throughout the years, she became interested in the art of being a true porta bandeira- Flag-Bearer. This is when she started having classes with the legendary instructor Dalmo José. In the end of the 80’s, Giovanna started to parade in Mangueira’s Samba-School junior mestre-sala and porta-bandeira wing, which comprised of 15 young couples.

After having an important role at the junior porta-bandeira´s wing, in 1994 she had her first invitation to parade as Estação Primeira de Mangueira’s first porta-bandeira  Flag-Bearer, the one of the most legendary posts in a samba-school parade.   Next year, in 1995, Giovanna Justo had her first parade with excellent results and top parading scores.   She became then Estação Primeira de Mangueira’s official porta-bandeira or Flag-Bearer in English.

Giovanna Tijuca

In 2009, she had a major shift in her life. Giovanna was invited by another large and traditional samba school from Rio de Janeiro - Unidos da Tijuca Samba-school. The invitation was made by its president Fernando Horta and after intense negotiations, Giovanna decided it was time to pursue new challenges. She would now carry the blue and yellow pavilion from Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School along with Mestre-Sala ( Samba-host)  Marquinhos with great pride. They will represent the Samba-School founded in 1936, for the 2010 Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Congratulations Giovanna for such a devoted, passionate and brilliant samba career.

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