Calgary School of Samba in Canada - Carnival in the World

The Calgary School of Samba comprises men and women who drum and dance for fun, connection, and renewal of spirit in our city's streets! Our goal is to reach a critical mass of 100 drummers and dancers hitting the pavement and celebrating life! Join us!

The Calgary School of Samba, founded in 2001 by Malcolm Lim and Barbara Oliveira-Lim, is a funky Brazilian-inspired drum and dance ensemble. The Bateria, or percussion ensemble, performs on traditional Samba percussion instruments including surdos, caixas, repiniques, tamborims, chocalhos, cuicas, and pandeiros.   The Passistas, or dancers, perform energetic choreographies that match the beat of the drums.  Barbara sings on top of the irresistible beat and draws elements from a range of Afro-Brazilian, Rap, and Reggae songs.

The ensemble has performed at the Calgary Stampede, Fiestaval, Lilac Festival, Sun and Salsa, Carifest, and has shared the stage with Jesse Cook at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.   This Canadian Samba School honors the multi-ethnic mix that is Calgary and performs music and dance inspired from Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Middle-Eastern, and N. American cultures.

This beautiful samba community in Canada also offers exciting performances by the Bateria and Passistas.  A typical performance lasts 45 min and involves percussion, dance, and vocals.   We will entertain with a variety of rhythms and dances including Rio Samba, Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Afro-Brazilian, Funk, Conga de Comparsa, and Middle Eastern grooves. We perform at corporate functions, parades, festivals, and weddings!

Viva o Samba Calgary! Viva o Carnaval no Canada.

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