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On this section of our Samba-Schools Directory in, we will take an inside look at G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos do Grande Rio Samba School´s History, Technical Info, Rehearsals Facilities, Logo and Flag, Muses, Parade Info, 2010 Carnaval Information and great Muses.  Although Grande Rio is a very young samba-school, it has already conquered a great number of fans of all over Brazil.  Several reasons explain this success:  Large investments, media visibility, a "constellation of stars and celebrities" and an initial process of professionalization of its operations.

Many actresses were selected to become Queen of Drums, Drum Queen; in Portuguese Rainhas de Bateria.

Below we can see Luciana Gimenezes at the 2012 parade, former Queen of The Drums Section in 2003, and Diva during this parade.

Grande Rio Queen Brazilian parade Luciana Gimenzes

Photo Credit: G1/ Alexandre Durão


Video of the Passistas Section of Grande Rio Samba-School at Official Rehearsal in 2012


Grande Rio Samba School History

On March 22nd of 1988, a dream came true. G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos de Duque de Caxias had its foundations laid. With the support from politicians, the people from the city of Duque de Caxias, the other samba schools and those involved with samba, the founders of the school got together to elect the first official board of Acadêmicos de Duque de Caxias.   The school had its origins in the bloco (carnival street band) G.R.B.C Lambe Copo from Prainha, a neighborhood in Duque de Caxias.   In order to be affiliated to the Association of Samba Schools from the city of Rio de Janeiro, schools must have been originated from blocos.

Mr. Milton Abreu do Nascimento, known as Milton Perácio, was elected President.  It was also decided that the school should have a Patron and an Honorary President.   The Honorary President had to be an influential character to help, even financially, the school.   After contacting several business people from the city, the Soares family embraced the cause.   Mr. Jayde Soares da Silva became the Honorary President.   Representative Messias Soares received the title of Patron. G.R.E.S Acadêmicos de Duque de Caxias was going to be part of the Fifth Access Group of Samba Schools.

Below, the Opening Float of the 2007 carnaval parade of Grande Rio

Grande Rio Float

Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro / Danielle Cezar

However, the school found a chance to jump to the Second Access Group if it used the name of G.R.E.S Grande Rio, a school that belonged to the Second Group.   After several meetings between the boards of the two schools, Mr. Jayder Soares suggested the merge that, on September 22nd of 1988, gave origin to ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO.

YEAR AFTER YEAR - The Empowerment of Academicos Grande Rio Samba-School

In 1989, the school was promoted to the First Group with a second place in the parade.  The theme was “O MITO SAGRADO DO IFÉ” (The Sacred Myth of Ifé). Carnaval Producers were Edson Mendes and Ricardo Ayres.  The samba-theme song was written by Licinho and Nilson Kanema.   The President then was Milton Perácio.

Grande Rio History: Years 1990 through 1999

In 1990, the school paraded for the first time in the First Group of Samba Schools.  Another second place promoted G.R.E.S. ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO to the Special Group of the Independent League of Samba Schools.  The  was “PORQUE SOU CARIOCA” (Why I’m Carioca) by Carnival Directors Wani Araújo and Fernando Lopes.  The song theme was by Adão Conceição, G. Martins and Barbeirinho. 

In 1991, G.R.E.S. ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO debuted at Marquês de Sapucaí, place where the main samba schools parade.   The theme was "ANTES, DURANTE E DEPOIS DO DESPERTAR DO HOMEM" (Before, During and After the Man’s Wake Up) by Wani Araújo e Fernando Lopes. The school did not do well and ended up relegated to the First Group.   The samba theme was written by Andrade, Ventura e Léo. 

Below, 2007 Opening Section - Comissão de Frente was very creative and applauded!

Grande Ri Openening Section

Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro / Danielle Cezar

In 1992, the plot theme"ÁGUAS CLARAS PARA UM REI NEGRO" (Clear Waters for a Black King) by Lucas Pinto e Sonia Regina took the school to the title of the First Group, granting the school again a place among the big ones in the following year.  The parade full of beauty and passion had its song by G. Martins, Adão Conceição, Barbeirinho, Queiroz e Nilson Kanema.   The President then was Jayder Soares.

In 1993, the school paraded under the plot theme "NO MUNDO DA LUA" ( In the Moon World) by Alexandre Louzada and a team of samba writers formed by Nêgo, G. Martins, Adão Conceição, Carlinhos P2, Dicró, Jacy Inspiração, Juarez Dy Galvoza, Mais Velho, Rocco Filho and Ronaldo. The school had the first slot on Monday night and brought 4,500 parading members.  The 9th place, and the continuation in the Special Group, was the result of beautiful parade, which excited the audience at Sapucaí.

2005 Flag Bearer - Porta bandeira Squel seen below

2005 Flag bearre

Photo Credit: Diogo Mendes

In 1994, the plot theme "OS SANTOS QUE A ÁFRICA NÃO VIU" (The Saints Africa Didn’t See) by Lucas Pinto and music by Helinho 107, Rocco Filho, Roxidiê e Mais Velho was not well received by the Catholic Church. Rumors said that the school was going to include in the parade images of Catholic saints.  The Church investigated the case, but nothing was found.  The school finished in the 10th spot, enough to keep the school in the Special Group.   This time, the President was Helinho de Oliveira.

In 1995, the theme “ESTÓRIAS PARA NINAR UM POVO PATRIOTA” (Stories to Put a Patriot People to Sleep) by Lucas Pinto and samba written by Adão Conceição, Marquinhos do Açougue, Paulo Mumunha and Anízio Silva faced many problems.   However, with the passion of the community and efforts of the official board the school stayed in the Special Group with a 16th place.  The President  this term was Otávio Vilas Gomes.

In 1996, the plot theme “NA ERA DOS FELIPES O BRASIL ERA ESPANHOL” (In the Era of Felipes, Brazil was Spanish) by Roberto Szanieck ended in the 10th place.   The samba was by Barbeirinho, Jailson and Bebeto.

Below, Paola de Oliveira Queen of Drums, from Grande Rio 2010, with a great carnival costume.

Paola de Oliveira

In 1997, under the administration of President Helinho de Oliveira, ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO presented plot theme  "MADEIRA MAMORÉ A VOLTA DOS QUE NÃO FORAM, LÁ NO GUAPORÉ” (Mamoré Wood: The Return of Those Who Did Not Go to Guaporé).    The bright parade, which landed the school a 10th place, was the result fromthe efforts by designer Alexandre Louzada samba writers Grajaú, Jarbas da Cuíca, Muralha and Sabará.

In 1998, designer Max Lopes and samba writers João Carlos, Quaresma and Carlinhos Fiscal crafted the polemic theme “PRESTES O CAVALEIRO DA ESPERANÇA” (Prestes, the Knight of Hope).   The reaction by the public was standing ovation, but the school did not end in the position it deserved.    The 7th place, however, showed that ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO had become one of the biggest names in the samba universe, a result of all the efforts by President Helinho de Oliveira, Honorary President Jayder Soares and Carnaval Manager Milton Perácio.

In 1999, ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO had another grandiose parade under the plot theme “EI EI EI CHATÔ É NOSSO REI" (“Hey, Hey, Hey, Chatô is Our King) by Max Lopes and music by Nêgo, Barbeirinho and Deré.   This gave the school its best participation in the Special Group.

Grande Rio - Years 2000 to 2009

In 2000, the Carnival Producer was once again Max Lopes, who worked with the theme "CARNAVAL A VISTA" (Carnaval On Sight).   The music was by Mingau, Pedrinho Messias and Jorge Mendonça. 4,500 members participated in bright parade that granted Grande Rio a 9th place.

In 2001, the design of Grande Rio’s carnaval was in the hands of the charismatic samba figure Joãosinho Trinta.   "GENTILEZA - X - O PROFETA DO FOGO" (Gentleness: The Prophet of the Fire) had music by Ciro, Carlos Santos, Cláudio Russo and Zé Luiz.   The 6th place mirrored the passion and soul of Patron Jayder Soares and President Helinho de Oliveira.

Below, Paola de Oliveira Drum Queen at a Samba Practice, who was queen for 2 years.

Paola de Oliveira

 Photo Credit: Phillipe Lima - Ag. News (

In 2002, G.R.E.S. ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO had a marvelous parade, conducted once again by Joãosinho Trinta.    Trinta brought from Maranhão the theme "OS PAPAGAIOS AMARELOS NAS TERRAS ENCANTADAS" (The Yellow Parrots from Enchanted Lands), and ended with the 7th place.   The music was by Alailson Cruz and Agenor Neto.

In 2003, G.R.E.S. ACADÊMICOS DO GRANDE RIO, Joãosinho Trinta built another spectacular parade with the plot theme  "O NOSSO BRASIL QUE VALE" (Our Brazil that is Worthy).  The parade that ended with the 3rd place had music by Mingau, Marco Moreno, Djalma Falcão and Derê.

In 2005, Roberto Szanieck took over the carnival design and ended in 3rd with “ALIMENTAR O CORPO E A ALMA FAZ BEM” (To feed the Body and the Spirit is good)  . The team formed by Barberinho, Competência, Bitar, Marcelo, Levi Dutra, Licinho, Deré, Mingal, Leleco and Ciro wrote the samba theme song.

Grande Rio Float

Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro / Danielle Cezar

In 2006, “AMAZONAS, O ELDORADO É AQUI” (Amazonas, Eldorado is Here) plot theme by Roberto Szanieck and music by Marcio das Camisas, Mariano Araujo, Gilbertinho and Professor Eloísio took Grande Rio to the FIRST PLACE.   However, another school finished in first too, and Grande Rio lost the title according to the League tied scoring rules.   The school did not lose for anybody else but itself.

In 2007, the school paid tribute to Duque de Caxias, the city where its based.   Under Roberto Szaniecki, the school finished in second again.

In 2008, it was the turn of Coari, town in the Amazonas state, to be honored.   The school showed the importance of natural gas in our lives.

In 2009, with carnaval design under CAHÊ RODRIGUES and vocal performance by Wantuir, the school strived after its first title in the elite of samba.   The theme opened the project of the year of France in Brazil, and it was called “VOILÁ, CAXIAS! PARA SEMPRE LIBERTÉ, EGALITÉ, FRATERNITÉ, MERCI BEAUCOUP, BRÉSIL NÃO TEM DE QUÊ!

Below, we see the Queen of Drums 2012 - Ana Furtado:

Ana Furtado Carnaval

Photo Credit: G1/ Alexandre Durão

2012 Grande Rio Samba School Theme Parade:  "Eu acredito em você! E você?"

Grande Rio 2012 Plot Logo Below:

2012 grande rio samba


2012 GRES Grande Rio Samba-School Technical Info:

Foundation:                                   March, 22nd, 1988
God Mother Samba-School:              Salgueiro
Colors:                                         Red, Green, White
Symbol:                                        Crown
Neighborhood:                               Caxias
President:                                     Hélio Ribeiro de Oliveira (Helinho)
Honorary President:                        Jayder Soares
Carnaval Producer:                         Cahê Rodrigues / Carnaval Team
Oficial Interpreter:                          Wantuir
Carnaval Director:                          Milton Perácio
Harmony Director:                          Dudu Azevedo
Drums Section Director:                Mestre Ciça
Queen of Drums:                            Ana Furtado
Flag-Bearer:                                 Squel Jorgea
Mestre-Sala / Samba Host:             Sidcley Santos
Choreographer:                             Renato Vieira

Grande Rio Samba 2012 Samba Lyrics:  ( read below ) 


"A luz que vem do céu

Brilhou no meu olhar

Trazendo a esperança

Que os anjos vêm anunciar

Lutar sem desistir

Das cinzas renascer

Eu encontrei na fé

A força pra vencer

A felicidade mandou avisar

É preciso superar

Derrubar o "gigante" eu vou

É lição de coragem e amor

Eu sou "guerreiro do bem" vou caminhar

A minha história vai te emocionar

A arte de viver...

É aprender no dia a dia

Usando a imaginação

Ao som da melodia

Posso enxergar...

Sei que meu coração vai me guiar

Eu sigo em frente sem desanimar

Faço da vida um grande "festival"

Acreditar que pra sonhar não há limitações

A "roda gira" e traz a solução

Me dê a sua mão por liberdade

Sou brasileiro mandei a tristeza embora

Eu "tô" sentindo que chegou a nossa hora

Quem me viu chorar... Vai me ver sorrir

Eu acredito em você... Pro desafio

E abro meu coração, cantando a minha emoção

Superação é o carnaval da Grande Rio"


GRES Academicos Grande Rio Official Logo: Below

Grande Rio Logo


Grande Rio Samba Court:

The Grande Rio headquarters - the samba school's quadra, or samba court, is located at:

Rua Almirante Barroso 5 e 6, Duque de Caxias - Duque de Caxias -

Below, the Map Showing How to Get to Grande Rio´s Quadra / Court:

Grande Rio Court Map

2010 GRES Grande Rio Carnival Theme:

Name of Grande Rio 2012 Plot-Theme: "“I believe in you! And you?”

2012 Parade Schedule: Grande Rio parade be the  Samba-School 


Below, Grazi Massafera one of the most suceccesful Queen of Drums from GRES Grande Rio.

Massafera Grazi

Latest Grande Rio Samba School Muses:

Queen of Drums 2005 - Suzana Vieira

Queen of Drums 2006 - Suzana Vieira

Queen of Drums 2007 - Grazi Massafera

Queen of Drums 2008 - Grazi Massafera

Queen of Drums 2009 - Paola Oliveira

Queen of Drums 2010 - Paola Oliveira

Queen of Drums 2011 - Cris Viana

Queen of Drums 2010 - Ana Furtado

Grande Rio Samba-School Flag:

Below, the Official Flag of Grande Rio Samba School


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