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Sao Clemente Samba-School: Home of Divas & Sugar Loaf


On this article we will learn a bit about a very charming samba-school in Rio.  The samba-school in one of the few samba-school who´s origin are authentically at Rio de Janeiro´s South Zone or “Zona Sul” in Portuguese, able to navigate in the tough and competitive reign of sub-urban Samba-schools.  Sao Clemente is particularly known for its sarcastic parade themes and its gorgeous muses and divas, both iconic ideals of Rio.   Amongst Sao Clemente´s famous carnival divas include Viviane castro, Isadora Ribeiro, Solange Gomes, Monique Evans, and Nana Gouveia, to name a few.  Printed on Sao Clemente´s Flag, as its main symbol,  you will not be surprised or  disappointed, another of Rios´s classic symbol: the wonderful Sugar Loaf.   For all threse reasons, Sao Clemente is very amicable samba-school and their Queen Bruna Almeida, a cool Carioca with great samba too.   

In 2011, São Clemente presented a beautiful carnival withthe theme based on Rio de Janeiro Beauty, blessed by God & Nature.  The samba school came at the parade very light, colorful, but with rich carnival costumes and also impecable carnival floats.   The grand moment of the parade was certainly it´s first sector, the beauty of Muses like Natalia Norbert, Andreia Fonseca, Amanda Gomes, and Mary Cavalcanti and others. 

The Drums section also presented a very solid improvement, conducted by Mestre Gil & Mestre Caliquinho.  Igor Sorriso on the other hand, the official singer, was prized as "carnival revelation" by an important carnival media prize.  But´s lets see how all of this stated below the video.

Below an exclusive video of the new Queen, Raphaela Gomes, 15 years old, the youngest Queen Parading in Rio de Janeiro !!

Below, we see a great picture of Bruna Almeida by Diego Mendes

Bruna Almeida sao Clemente Rainha

São Clemente History

In mid-1951, a group of youngsters from the Botafogo district in Rio and soccer lovers used to participate in a team called the Sao Clemente Football Club.  The team was created in honor of the street where they met and wore blue and white uniform.

These young amateur soccer players often made field trips to play in other cities.  In one of these trips (this time to Bananal in Rio) the group gathered in front of the Gauí Indian village which exists until today at Sao Clemente Street, before the journey.  Group member Ivo da Rocha Gomes saw at the door of a grocery store, two empty barrels of grapes, in which he creatively turned into a lively instrument of samba percussion.

The excitement was such that Ivo da Rocha Gomes decided to create from that moment on, a new street carnival band / group (”Bloco de Carnaval “), which would then march as a full Carnival parade samba-school at the Botafogo district, in blue and white color.

Below, an impressive shot by at the 2010 parade of the samba-host and Flag bearer.

Renatinho Gomes sao Clemente

Credit: Bruna Almeida

At these earlier days, the informal parades were held in at São Clement Street at Botafogo.   But the official debut at an official Rio Carnival parade occurred in 1962 at Rio Branco Avenue, on a minor carnival league called “Terceiro Grupo”, which was an access group.  The parade-plot of the school praised Brazil ´s wealth, geography, vegetation, precious stones, iron, rubber, coffee, and oil industry.

The following year, 1963, the new samba-school started a trilogy about the city of Rio de Janeiro.   The first plot hailed the Old Rio, the days of gas lamps, carriages, and penny farthing.  The “Morro do Castelo “and the Monastery of St. Benedict were also present at this parade plot theme.   The school was very close reach the so called Second Group and secured an honorable 3rd place.

In 1964, Sao Clemente Samba-School won its first title at Rio´s Carnaval, although not at the “Special Group”.  The story portrayed the period of 45 years, starting in 1763, of the headquarters of the Viceroyalty of Brazil, which was later transferred from Salvador, Bahia, to Rio de Janeiro, with the arrival of the royal family in 1808. The plot was based on the book “Rio de Janeiro at the time of the Viceroys”, by Brazilian poet and journalist Luis Edmundo.   At those days, the government sponsored countless festivals (festival of the divine, “cavalhadas”, “congadas”, the old sawmill), similarly to the Roman politics of bread and circus.

Below we see a fantastic video of the Sao Clemente "quadra" or, its rehearsal and samba practice facility.

From then on, Sao Clemente Samba-School altered good and average carnival parades, which led them to participate both at the Access Group and the Special Group, which is Rio´s premier Carnival Samba-School League.

Follows now a list of Sao Clemente most important Carnival Titles:

1964 – Champion 3rd Division – “Rio of the Viceroys”
1966 - Champion 2nd Division – “Apotheosis of the Brazilian Folklore”
2003 – Champion Access Group  -  2nd Division – “Mangaratiba - A story of struggle for all who love the land and freedom”
2007 - Champion Access Group  - 2nd Division – “Barred at the Ball”
2010 - Champion Access Group  - 2nd Division – “Shock of Order in the Revelry”

Below, we see the 2013 Theme-Plot Logo of Sao Clemente:

Sao Clemente 2013 Logo

In 2010, with the theme related to the shock of order, promoted by Rio´s District Mayor,  São Clemente made a beautiful parade and was crowned champion of the Access Group winning a score of 10.0 on all criteria, except for a 9.7 at Samba-host criterion.  One of the parade´s highlight was a huge cat, which alluded to illegal connections of electricity and water.

sao clemente 2007 

Above, a creative float shot by Danielle Cezar at 2007 Parade.


GRES São Clemente 2013 Technical Information:

Foundation             25th October 1961 (49 years)

Colors                   Black & Yellow

Symbol                  Sugar Loaf

President               Renato Almeida Gomes

Carnival Designer    Fábio Ricardo

Oficial Singer         Igor Sorriso

Carnival Director     Ricardo Almeida Gomes

Harmony Director    Marco Antônio dos Santos

Drums Master        Gilberto Almeida

Queens of Drums   Bruna Almeida

Samba-Host          Marcelinho

Flag-Bearer           Jaqueline Gomes

Sao Clemente Official Samba Flag

GRES Sao Clemente

2011 Theme of the Parade;

"O seu, o meu, o nosso Rio, abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza
Horário     Março 6th

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