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2012 GRES Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School


In this profile of Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School, you will be able to learn everthing about the 8 times winner of Rio Carnival:  History, Technical Information, see below  Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School 2012 Parade Theme Logo, as well as main personalities.   ]

Below, we see a carnival photo of a beautiful "float highlight" or a "destaque", as it is called in the samba glossary.

Imperatriz samba school Photo

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Gorosito / G1


The Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Imperatriz Leopoldinense was founded on march 6th 1959 by Amaury Jório, José da Silva (Zé Gato), Elísio Pereira de Mello, Agenor Gomes Pereira, Vicente Venâncio da Conceição, Jorge Costa (Tinduca), Manoel Vieira (Sagui), Aloísio Soares Braga (Índio), Francisco José Fernandes(Canivete) and Osvaldo Gomes Pereira (the first president), amongst others dissenters from Recreio de Ramos, present at the meeting at Amaury Jório’s house. In its flag, through 11 golden stars, Leopoldina’s neighborhoods are remembered.   The samba-school’s flag is green and white, remembering the colors of its Godmother Samba School – the Império Serrano.

Below we see the Astonishing Luiza Brunet - Eternal Queen of Drums of all Muses at a Technical Rehearsal

Brunet technical Rehearsal

Photo Credit: Luis Santana from Olhar Foliao


Check out the new Imperatriz Samba School Samba Dancers Team

The school’s founding notes book sets that the samba-school´s name was inspired by Leopoldina’s railway line, and still according to the book, this was due to the fact that they wanted that the school’s name represented all of Leopoldina’s suburbs.  Including the crown, school’s symbol, that is a reference to the first reign’s crown, this is, the reign in which the Empress Leopoldina governed Brazil.   In the same year, 1959, the school was able to receive the localization warrant, being the first in this, remaining as school’s headquarters for five years Amaury Jório’s own house.

Below, an equisite Carnival Float by Imperatriz in 2007, photo by Danielle Cezar.

Imperatriz Float

In 1959, the samba school received honorable mention at the ornamentation contest of Rio de Janeiro city.   In 1967, the school’s cultural department was created and Amaury Jório invited the doctor and researcher Hiriam Araújo to preside it.   According to Hiriam Araújo in his book “Carnaval – Seis Mil Anos de História”, initially began parading at Group 3, in 1960, being classified in sixth place with the theme “Homenagem à Academia de Letras”.

Below, Cris Vianna  Queen of Samba Drums of Imperatriz: Marvelous

Imperatriz Leopoldinense in the 60´s

In 1961, went to 2nd Group, after the victory with the carnival theme “Riquezas e Maravilhas do Brasil”.   In the following year achieved the fifth place with the theme “Rio no Século XVIII, Homenagem a Carlos Gomes de Andrade, O Conde de Borbadela”. In 1963, still parading at the Second Group, achieved third place with the theme “Três Capitais”. In the following year was vice champion of Second Group with the theme “A Favorita do Imperador-Marquesa de Santos”, being promoted to the First Group.   In 1965, got 10th place at the First Group with the theme “Homeangem ao Brasil no IV Centenário do Rio de Janeiro”, going back down to the Second Group because they didn’t have a good parade due to the budget that was invested on the new headquarters, located at Professor Lacê street, number 235, in Ramos.

Below, a historic photo of Imperatriz facilties.

1970 Carnival practice

In 1966, got 2nd place in the Second Group with the theme “Monarquia e Esplendor da História”. In 1967, got 9th place ate the First Group with the theme “Vida Poética de Olavo Bilac”. In this same year, Amaury Jório invited Oswando Macedo, Ilmar de Carvalho, Fernando Gabeira and Hiram Araújo to join the Cultural Departament. In 1968, got 2nd place at the Second Group with the theme “Bahia em Festa”, with Samba song written by Bide and Carlinhos Sideral.   On the following year, got eighth place at the First Group with the theme “Brasil, Flor Amorosa de Três Raças”, with the Samba Song by Carlinhos Sideral and Matias de Freitas, considered by Pixinguinha one of the best Samba Songs of all time.

Imperatriz Leopoldinense in the 80´s

Under the direction of carnaval producer Arlindo Rodrigues the school made four carnaval parades that set history: 1980, first place with the theme “O Quê que a Bahia Tem?”; 1981, first place with the theme “O Teu Cabelo Não Nega”; 1982, third place with the theme “Onde Canta o Sabiá”; 1983, fourth place with the theme “O Rei da Costa do Marfim Visista Chica da Silva em Diamantina”. In 1984, fourth place with the theme "Alô Mamãe"; 1985, sixth place with João Felício dos Santos’ theme "Adolã, Cidade Mistério" and Carlinhos Sideral’s samba song; 1986, eighth place with the theme "Um Jeito para Ninguém Botar Defeito (Agüenta Coração)”; 1987, sixth place with the theme "Estrela Dalva"; 1988, 14th place with the theme "Conta Outra Que Essa Foi Boa"; 1989, first place with the theme "Liberdade, Liberdade, Abre as Asas Sobre Nós".

Below, Veronica and Marcílio, the 2006 Couple of Flag Bearer and Samba Host.

imperatriz first couple 2006

Photo Credit: Diego Mendes -

Imperatriz Leopoldinense in the 90´s

In 1990, the school became a parto f the Special Group achieving fourth place with the theme "Terra Brasilis, o que se Plantou Deu"; 1991, third place with the theme "O Que é Que a Banana Tem? "; 1992, third place with the theme "Não Existe Pecado Abaixo do Equador" (that set the debut of carnaval producer Rosa Magalhães): 1993 second place with the theme "Marquês que é Marquês do Saçarico é Freguês"; 1994, first place with the theme "Catarina de Médicis na Corte dos Tubinambôs e Tabajéres"; 1995, first place with the theme "Mais Vale um Jegue que me Carregue, que um Camelo que me Derrube, lá no Ceará"; 1996, second place with the theme "Leopoldina, Imperatriz do Brasil"; 1997, sixth place with the theme "Eu Sou da Lira Não Posso Negar", a tribute to the composer, consuctor and MPB pioneer Chiquinha Gonzaga; 1998, third place with the theme “Quase Ano 2000".

The school evolved with the arrival of the great President Luiz Pacheco Drummond, seen below.

imperatriz president

They won the championship on the years 1980, 1981, 1989, with Arlindo Rodrigues’ themes. On the decade of 1980, under the presidency of Luiz Pacheco Drumond, began a rise to success on its carnivals.

In 1997, Wagner Araújo became president.  In 1999, paraded with a theme that praising the defense of the land at third millennium’s eve "Brasil Mostra a Tua Cara... Theatrum Rerum Naturalium Brasiliae”, with samba song by César Som Livre, Waltinho Honorato, João Esteves and Eduardo Medrado.   In the same year was Champion, winning first place in Special Group.   As for the opening wing, it has been one of the main attractions of their parades, that has been going through some changes – at the decade of 1960, it was composed by mulattos dressing with gorgeous carnival costumes in accordance with the theme; in the 1980’s, it was composed by Carioca soccer players and the cream of the Samba world; in the 90’s, the opening wing, became famous for introducing an innovation; choreographies that represent dramatically the theme and bringing youngsters connected to their community.

Below, we see the "passistas wing" of Imperatriz at the technical rehearsal in 2010.

Imperatriz Samba Dancers

Photo Credit: Luiz Santana - Olhar Folião


Their Baianas Wing is five times champion of Estandarte de Ouro award, their master of room and flag carrier couple is composed by mother and son, Maria Helena and Chiquinho.  In the year 2000, Imperatriz was champion of the Special Group parade with the theme "Quem descobriu o Brasil foi Seu Cabral, no dia 22 de abril, dois meses depois do Carnaval".  In 2001, the school paraded the theme "Cana Caiana, Cana Roxa, Cana Fita, Cana Preta, Amarela, Pernambuco... Quero Ver Descer o Suco na Pancada do Ganzá" and obtained the Special Group´s Special Title for the third time in a row.   On 2002 carnaval paraded the samba song "Goytacazes... Tupi or not tupi, in a shouth american way!" written by Marquinhos Less, Guga and Tuninho Professor, and interpreted by Paulinho da Mocidade with which the school received the third place at the Special Group.

Below, astonishing the 2013 Queen of Drums Section Cris Vianna, 

Cris Vianna Rainha Queen Imperatriz

In total, G.R.E.S Imperatriz Leopoldinenese won 8 Carnaval Titles in Rio´ s Special Group: 1980, 1981, 1989, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2000 e 2001.

2012 G.R.E.S Imperatriz Leopoldinenese Technical Information:

Foundation             March 6th, 1959
Godmother             Império Serrano
Colors                   Green, White, Gold
Símbolo                 Crown
Nieghborhood          Ramos
Presidente              Luiz Pacheco Drumond   
Carnaval Director     Cahe Rodrigues, Mario Monteiro, Kaká Monteiro
Singer                    Dominguinhos do Estácio & Wander Pires
Carnaval Director     Wagner Araujo
Harmon Director       Guilherme Nobrega
Bateria Master       Mestre Noca 
Queen of Drums     Cris Vianna
Samba-Host            Phelipe Lemos
Porta-bandeira      Rapahela Theodoro
Choreographer         Alex Neoral

Imperatriz Leopoldinense 2013 Theme-Plot: "

Pará - O Muiraquitã do Brasil - Sob a nudez forte da verdade, o manto diáfano da fantasia

Below, Imperatriz 2013 Logo of  Parade-Theme: 

imperatriz 2013 theme logo

Below, Imperatriz 2012 Samba Lyrics:




Composed by: J

G.R.E.S Imperatriz Leopoldinenese Official Logo:


Below, we see a photo of Devla Imperatrix, turkish-american model and dancer.  She will parade for Imperatriz in 2012

Devla Imperatrix at Rio Sambadrome Carnival

G.R.E.S Imperatriz Leopoldinenese Official Flag:

Imperatriz Flag

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