Parade with Flagz Mas Band Noting Hill Carnival 2011 Parade

Brazil Carnival Ooah! proudly presents Flagz Mas Band!

This soca and Carrnival band has been performing for the Notting Hill parade since 2009 with excellent results, including an important award: "Winners of the 2009 Challenge Shield for Best Medium Sized Band of the year".  

The Flagz Mas Band team members are vibrant, music lovers and have a great passion for dance and costumes.  Their dedication can be seen in the innovation of the carnival costumes and body paintings.  They have the Carribbean Carnival as a common background, with some elements of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival too, which makes an interesting mix.

Flagz mas Band Notting Hill

Above, a beautiful dancer, Greem Mermaid, of the 2011 Kingdom of Neptune parade.

Learn below a liitle bit more of this growing and energetic band based in UK:

Flagz Mas Band Team:

As a team of young vibrant Soca and Carnival lovers, we decided to pool together our individual talents, and formed the Flagz Mas Band.

With a large following of energetic carnival enthusiasts and carnival virgins, we took to the streets of Notting Hill in 2009 and came away, not only with a reputation for being a safe, fun and well organised band, but also with the Challenge Shield award for Best Medium Sized Band of the Year.

2011 Flag Mas band 2011

We aim to integrate revellers from all parts of the world and all ages from youngsters to grandparents into our band as we continuously spread the fun and enjoyment of Caribbean culture to the masses!

Below, we see their important prize won in 2009: Best Medium Sized Band 2009

flag mas band prize

Join us and ‘Be part of the magic…’ is one of their mottos!

Below we can see one shot of their 2009 Notting Hill Parade, in UK.

Flaz Mas band Notting Hill parade


For further information, check out their website in the link provided:

Contact: Eon Pyle

Tel: +447956 815 370


Below, we see another costume of the new 2011 "Kingdom of Neptune" parade 2011: Make your reservation and dont miss the largest Carnival celebration on Europe!

Flags Mas band 2011

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