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Origins & History of Porto da Pedra Samba-School

At the beginning of the 90’s, Porto da Pedra already rehearsed in a covered court, however small for its expectations.  In 1993, however,  Jorge Luiz Guinâncio and Ubervaldo Sergio de Oliveira, entrepreneurs that came to give support to the samba-school, with local communities endorsement they had plans to make the school return to the official parade in São Gonçalo.   Meanwhile, through the work of singer and composer Jorginho do Império and Mr. Pablo de Almeida, Porto da Pedra received an invitation to present itself in the Access Group of Rio de Janeiro, which at the time paraded in Rio Branco Avenue. 

Below the astonishing Queen of Porto da Pedra for the 2014 Carnival in Rio

In that occasion, by suggestion of Jorge Luiz Guinâncio, one of the school’s “patrons”, a tiger logo was created, as the school’s official symbol.  Since then, the construction of the school’s  rehearsal court, located at n° 84 Silva João Lane, in its neighborhood of origin, it was inaugurated in the following year. It was also a great effort of its two patrons, with the decisive contribution of Rio Ita Transport Company as well as of the City hall of São Gonçalo.

Below, Porto da Pedra Porta Bandeira and Mestre Sala


Porto da Pedra Porta Bandeira

Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro - Jaime Silva

With the plot-theme a "New Sun of Tomorrow", in 1994 the guild of São Gonçalo sets foot for the first time in Rio De Janeiro’s parade avenue, achieving an excellent vice-championship. In this exact year was founded the LIESGA - League of Access Group Samba Schools. Its President, Mr. Pablo Almeida, was also the President of LIESA and by these means, in the year of 1995, Porto da Pedra  was invited to parade in Group 1, entrance door for the Special Group, any Samba School’s dream! 

Already well structured, becames champion with the plot-theme Field City, in "Search of Happiness", having as President Mr. Jorair Ferreira and as carnaval Producer Mauro Quintaes.  Still in 1995, Ubervaldo Sergio de Oliveira takes office as president and, in the following Carnaval, he begins his path in the Special Group, with the plot theme "The Spree of the World - Carnaval of Carnavals", also by Mauro Quintaes. Porto da Pedra remained in the Special Group with a honored 9th place. Unfortunately, in the same year the great Ubervaldo Sergio de Oliveira dies prematurely, leaving Mr. Nei Sebastião, his vice-president to take his place. 

Valesca Santos. a.k.a. "Popozuda" has paraded for Porto da Pedra:

Despite such fatality, the future smiled to Porto da Pedra, since, in the Carnaval of 1997, the school got a spectacular 5th place in the Special Group, parading with the plot theme “In the Kingdom of Joy, Each Insane person with its Craze”, still with Mauro Quintaes as Carnaval producer. 

In 1998, the school took to the Sambadrome the controversial theme “Samba in the Foot, Hands in the high, this is an Assault” and after getting surprisingly the 13th place, faces for the first time decry, despite of the applauses received from all public opinion.


Below, the Porto da Pedra 2007 Carnival Float.

porto da pedra 2007 float

 Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro - Jaime Silva

 In 1999, with its ongoing fiber, tries Special Group again and, with the Carnaval entitled theme-plot “And in the mandioc flour of the Confetti, it has Lemon, it has Coil”, by Gilberto Muniz, achieving a vice-championship, it places them again amongst Samba School’s of Rio de Janeiro elite. 


New Millennium
In 2000, however, the guild suffers another unexpected decry, with the theme "Order and Progress, love and spree in the Millennium of Fantasy",  by Carnaval Producer Jaime Cesário.

Returning in 2001 to the Access Group, Porto da Pedra reacts once more and, under the presidency of late Eduardo Carneiro Alves, presents "A Possible Dream, To grow and To live Now is the Law", project created by Chiquinho Nery and signed by the Carnaval Producer Cahe Rodrigues, and achieved another sensational victory.

Once again returning to the Special Group in the Carnaval of 2002, the president signs a partnership with the city of Petrópolis and conceives a plot theme in homage as a tribute to that traditional "Imperial City". Porto da Pedra presents "To The Mountain", heading to the land of the crowned, by Arthur the Varella, having as Carnaval Producer Cahe Rodrigues, achieving 11th place in the Carioca Special Group.

However, destiny wanted to take away another leader of the suffered and warrior school: In June of 2001, Eduardo Marbella, beloved and respected president dies.  Vice-president Uberlan Jorge de Oliveira, traditional member of the school, takes over as president having the same determination as his brother Ubervaldo Sergio de Oliveira, in the certainty of the fulfillment of his duty and the respect for his community. Despite all the difficulties and shaded tears, Uberlan Jorge de Oliveira, his board of directors and all the components of the G.R.E.S. Porto da Pedra knows that victory always smiles upon those who work and those who have faith in the future.

Below, a giant float with the symbol of the Porto da Pedra, a Tiger

 porto da pedra 2009 entrance

 Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro - Jaime Silva

 In 2003, with the plot theme "The owners of the street". A Brazilian way to be, by Carnaval Producer Mario Borrielo, the school of São Gonçalo repeats the same place as the previous year, achieving 11th place.

President Uberlan de Oliveira hired  for 2004’s Carnaval, Carnaval Producer Alexandre Louzada, that conceived the theme "I’m Tiger, I’m Porto, from rock to the Internet: the messenger in the history of the life takes it and brings it". A storm falls in Rio De Janeiro, harming school’s parade, that despite the beautiful costumes and floats, achieves once again 11th place.

In 2005, still having Alexandre Louzada, the school chooses to take to the Sambadrome a re-editing. The chosen plot theme is “Carnaval - Profane Party”, classic that Ilha United paraded in the Avenue in 1989. Porto da Pedra’s parade is said to be one of the most beautiful of the Special Group by the public as well as the critics. But the opening of the envelopes with juries grades did not translate the positive result that was expected by people that attended the red and white spectacle.  The school got the seventh place.

After the Carnival, the school lost the rehearsal court.   The property owners asked for the vacancy of the property. In 9th of July, with the signature of an agreement of cooperation with the City hall of São Gonçalo, "Tiger" opens its new court, located in Vila Lage, in Neves, and begins a new phase of its history.

In 2006 the school presented the theme "Blessed is you amongst the women of Brazil", by Carnaval producer Cahê Rodrigues, a tribute to the great women who throughout five centuries was part of Brazilian history, fighting in for its ideals, which they believed to be true, and had ended up suffering for abnegation. However an incident involving one of the floats harmed school’s evolution, thus achieving 12th place.


porto da pedra 2006

 In 2007 Porto da Pedra brought the theme Black and White in Colors,  by Carnaval Producer Milton Cunha: “For the dignity and respect of all human beings, Porto da Pedra parades this concept of freedom: South American heart, today South African. May the apartheid plague not exist here! “

In 2008, conceived by Mário Borriello, presented the theme-plot "There is Pagode in the Maru – 100 Years of Japanese IMigration." One of the peeks of the parade was the samurai wing where during the choreography the merrymakers used a Japanese fan that made noise and made the crowd join in the Theme.   At the end of the parade however, one of the carnaval floats caught on fire. It was more of a scare since the fire was put down promptly and no one got hurt. The school achieved once again the 11th place.

Below, 2 Photos of Porto da Pedra parade about the Japanese imigration to Brazil

porto da pedra 2008porto da pedra 2008

Porto da Pedra 2008 Japanese Costumes

 Photo Credit: Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro - Jaime Silva

In 2009, The Guild presented the theme "Do Not Forbid me to Create. For I Need to Curiate! I’m the Country of the Future and I have a Lot of Things to Invent", by Carnaval Producer Max Lopez, bringing to the Carnaval Avenue,  curiosity and how it affected evolution from stone age till nowadays. The Samba School relied on creativity to develop their Carnaval and presents sumptuous Costumes. The Theme arose the crowd that sang throughout the parade. However a problem with the first two floats cost a couple of points to the school that achieved 10th place.

Oficial Logo of Porto da Pedra Samba School:

school logo


School’s 2011 Technical Summary

Colors –                             Red and White
Rehersal Court -                 290, Lúcio Tomé Feteira Avenue, São Gonçalo
Theme-Plot –                     "O sonho sempre vem pra quem sonhar...
President -                         Francisco José Marins
Carnaval Producer -            Paulo Menezes

Queen of Drums -                  Valesca Santos 

Drum Master -                   Thiago Diogo
Chamber Master and Flag Bearer
Couple - Diego Falcão and Denadir

Performer -                         Luizinho Andanças
Opening Wing Coreography  Alice Arja

Below, Valeska Santos at the Samba Rehearsal at the Sambadrome in Rio

Valeska Popozuda

2010 Porto da Pedra Carnival Parade & Theme

Name of Theme-Plot in Portuguese: "O sonho sempre vem pra quem sonhar..."

Parade Schedule:  -7 de Março  - Entre 01h20 e 02h28

Official Porto da Pedra Samba-School Flag

POrto da Pedra Flag

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