Suffolk School of Samba - Carnival Partying at East Anglia - Samba around the world

Suffolk School of Samba - Carnival Partying at East Anglia

Formed in 1995 by a small group of individuals who wanted to be part of a musical community organisation, Suffolk School of Samba has long been the home of Samba in East Anglia, being older than any other group in the area. And we are not just a Samba band! Our performance incorporates Brazilian percussion as well as choreographed carnival dance; we bring an entire carnival atmosphere to any even, large or small with up to 50 drummers and 25 dancers. Don't believe us? Then you haven't seen us perform: have a look at our video gallery or follow the events link to see where and when you can see the Suffolk School of Samba perform in East Anglia or further afield!

Samba around the world

Photo Credit: Suffolk School of Samba

The School is also involved in education and community work, providing music, dance and carnival arts workshops at schools, carnivals and other events.

Below, a video of the powerful samba drumming from Suffolk School of Samba

We play the Brazilian samba rhythms of Batucada, Afoxé, Maracatu and Samba Reggae as well as venturing into Cuban rhythms such as Conga, Rhumba and Salsa. We also mix in rhythms derived from Funk, Hip-hop, and Jungle (a dance form which Ipswich did a lot to kick off). To our percussion we add dancers, and on top of this we wear East Anglia's loudest T shirts!

samba aroud world

Photo Credit: Suffolk School of Samba

The Suffolk school of samba dance group has grown in numbers since its establishment in 1998, boasting 35 dancers in 2006. Suffolk School of Samba dancers adds that visual carnival feel to the energetic sounds of the band, performing set choreographic routines, fusing reggae, Afoxe, hip hop and African based movement styles. Brazilian samba dancing is fun, energetic, and sassy !!!!

Since our beginnings in 1994, The Suffolk School of Samba has performed at plenty of local carnivals, processions, and other events including Ipswich's Music in the Park, appearances on local TV and radio, and playing to the crowds at Ipswich Town Football Club and at the Millennium Dome. Members of the School have also taken part Manchester 5000, the Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade, the Notting Hill Carnival, the Berlin Afoxe Festival and Liverpool Samba Carnival!

Samba in UK

Photo Credit: Suffolk School of Samba

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