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Meu Bem, Volto Já! bloco  ("Honey, I'll Be Right Back"), is a fairly young Rio South Zone street carnival band, a.k.a. “bloco” located at Leme.  It is especially known for its funny samba-enredos, or theme samba songs, and upbeat parades which attract revelers of many different backgrounds and all ages too!

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The samba is held together by a top-rank percussion band, always brimming with young talents and open to guests who can hold their ground in samba.

“Meu Bem, Volto Já “official colors are blue, yellow and red.   Every year it issues a T-shirt with a new design.  But costumes, face painting, funny headdresses, just plain clothes - everything is allowed and encouraged with “Meu Bem, Volto Já”, just like any street carnival band in Rio.

The “bloco” was founded in 1994 by a group of friend and the name of the bloco is said to be derived from a founding father's behavior of a the 1994 Carnival.  ( All names of the “blocos” in Rio are purposefully ironic and irreverent )  According to a legend, on that given Fat Tuesday, it was finally revealed that a plastic bag he'd been holding onto through Carnival contained a tattered newspaper, some pieces of bread, and a container of spoiled milk.   He told the group he remembered going out for those items on Carnival Saturday, telling his wife (soon to become his ex-wife), "Honey, I'll be right back."

Photo Credit: Their Facebook page.

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The Meu Bem, Volto Já! Bloco has today its own page on Facebook too!


Meu Bem, Volto Já Concentration Area:

Starting Point
: Avenida Princesa Isabel, Leme Neighborhood.

The bloco parades on beachfront Avenida Atlântica towards Praça Almirante Julio de Noronha.


Below, the 2010 Video:

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