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Chico Buarque de Hollanda is certainly one of the greatest Brazilian composers of all time, who built a musical work of national character and that is for sure why he receives so many honors.   In 2006, a group of drummers , the majority who came from blocos carnavalescos (group of people who parade at carnival) and percussion workshops such as Monobloco, got together to make an original replay of the musical universe created by the great Chico, interpreting his songs in an unusual aesthetics, with emphasis on the traditional instrumental training of the samba schools.  Assuming a leading position and going against the "male hegemony" in the world of samba, the group was formed by female  samba drummers only, and named "Mulheres de Chico".

Today, 2010, Mulheres de Chico has become much more than a fun and diverse street carnival band.  They have been able to have their own identity and gather fans from many ages in many parts of Brazil.  Many of their performances are crowded,, but nevertheless, emotional.

Below, a crisp photo by Clarisse Gromann from MD

Below watch a promotional HD video of Mulheres de Chico in several performances:

Idealized by cuiqua players Gláucia Cabral and Vivian Freitas, the group / band called Mulheres de Chico (MDC) called the attention of the revelers who were attending their first parade at Carnival in 2007.   Since then, the  "women´s only" group has been recreating the works of Chico, gaining visibility in the Brazilian music scene, with arrangements that explore national rhythms like samba, ijexá, coconut, jongo, marchinha and funk carioca (from Rio).

Below, Mulheres de Chico and all their charm at their presentation on 2009´s Carnival in Rio:  Crowds gather to follow their shows in Rio!

Mulheres de chico fotos

The MDC Street Carnival band has matured and started performing at major theatres of Rio and Niteroi, like Rival Petrobras Theatre, Estrela da Lapa, Odyssey Theatre, Nelson Rodrigues Theatre, Bar do Tom, Democratic Club, Rio Scenarium, UFF Teatro, Niterói Municipal Theatre, among others. The group also participated in corporate events and music festivals in other cities. In September 2008, the group played in the feijoada of Mangueira Samba-School and was honored with a plaque of appreciation for its contribution to the culture of Rio, returning to perform at Mangueira in 2009.

With the colors red and pink at its core, the group Mulheres de Chico is already part of the calendar of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, always performing on the first Saturday after Carnival at Antero de Quental Square, in Leblon. The group, with about 25 drummers, has gained an audience of varying ages and profiles, with charm, excitement, and their happy and relaxed costumes.

Mulheres de Chico at Twitter:  @mulheresdechico

Below, another excellent photo of MDC which shows some of their lovely drummers! Glaucia can be seen at the middle.

Mulheres de chico fotos

Follows Below the Band members of Mulheres de Chico:

Founders: Gláucia Cabral e Vivian Freitas;  Musical Direction: Flavia Costa; Arrangements: Flavia Costa e Valmir Ribeiro

Singers: Fernanda Velloso, Luciana Coló and Ursula Baldanza

Bandolim and Cavaco : Mônica Leme; Bass Guitar: Luciana Requião


Surdos; Aline Cunha, Daniele Martini, Joe Viegas, Márcia Moreira e Michele Rumchinsky

Snare / Caixa
: Clarisse Gromann, Flavia Costa,  Mako Tanaka ; Repiques: Mannu Oliveira e Manu Rios

Tamborins:  Malu Di Sipio ,  Manu Rios -  Agogôs: Fernanda Pereira and Paula Villela - Shakers: Angela Souza and Teca Macedo

Cuica: Gláucia Cabral and Vivian Freitas

Finally above you will see a video shot by myself of this wonderful bloco playing at Lapa, in a medley + song performance.

Video Mulheres De Chico Drummers Rio - Click here for this week’s top video clips




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