Bruna Almeida 2011: Impacting Carnival Costume & Majesty at Sao Clemente Samba School

Bruna Almeida, Queen from Sao Clemente in full Majesty

Bruna Almeida was considered one of the most impacting "Rainhas de Bateria".  She was wearing a huge orange and black feathered costume at the official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade.

Her charm and charisma made people at the stands go crazy in awe!  Parabens Bruna Queen!

Impressive Brazil Carnival Costumes for Sale: Samba Costumes Feathered

Brazil Carnival Costumes for Sale Photo Shoot: Luxury Samba Costume Faethered

To find Brazilian Carnival costumes for sale, authentically made in Rio, with quality is not a simple  task. launched the its first set of videos of the photo shooting of Brazilian Samba Costumes, Carnival Celebrities Costumes with pheaseant, turkey, peacock feathers, you name it.  

Below we see the marvelous Lilian Duarte from Manguiera Samba School & Cubango at the Photo shoot,directed by Bruno Villaça.


Salgueiro Exclusive Footage: Felipe Dylon Actor Meets Samba Personality Renato Sorriso

Salgueiro Rehearsal 2011:  Felipe Dylon & Renato Sorriso

During the 2011 Salgueiro Official practice, an unsual scene for spectators.  Young Brazilian actor Felipe Dylon is saluted by Legendary samba personality Renato Sorriso.  It was very nice to see and shot this moment of integration of two Rio Carnival revelers. 

All the best to Salgueiro, that had a wonderful performance!

Brazil Carnival Definitions: High-Lights in Carnival Floats Close Up

São Clemente 2011 Highlights on Carnival Floats

Carnival highlight at the Brazilian Carnival is the term given to revelers that have a special location during the parade.  There are basically two types of highlights, floor highlights & carnival float highlights.

At this 2011 Carnival video, we get a chance to see how a few Float Highlights from Sao Clemente.   Hope you enjoy the exclusive Rio carnival footage.

Brazilian Carnival Baianas : Beautiful Costumes & Faith from Sao Clemente at Rio Carnival 2011

Legendary Baianas doing their traditional spin at Rio Carnival 2011

The Baianas at the Brazilian Carnival are much more than a simple "traditional wing".  They carry a myriad of symbols that go beyond the Carnival domain, including spirituality, faith and energy.  Here you can see São Clemente samba school beautiful Baianas swirling directly from the runway of Rio´s 2011 Sambadrome.

Congratulations for the beautiful spectacle! 

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Bloco As Paulixxstax in Rio Carnival: Brazilian Girls at the Rio Batucada

Bloco As Paulixtaxx from Sao Paulo having fun at the Rio Street Carnival Partying

These beautiful Brazilian Girls you see in this video had a great idea at Rio Carnival: since they came from Sao Paulo, they decided to make their own private mini "bloco".   The bloco was called "As Paulixtaxx".  

They were all having a great time!


Luxurious Brazilian Carnival Costume: Elegant Police Woman by Andreia Fonseca Samba Muse

Brazilian Costume of Fancy Police Woman by Sao Clemente Diva Andreia Fonseca

Here we see a wonderful black and silver Brazilian Carnival costume worn by one of Sao Clemente "Musas" or Divas.  Andreia´s costume has a richly produced wing, with many feathers.   Her cap is also handmade with several Swarovski crystals and stones.

She came in Sao Clemente Samba school as a floor highlight, showing all of her special samba dance!

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Dog Food Packing Costume at Rio Carnival 2011 Street Party

Funny Costumes: Dog Food Packing Costume at Rio Carnival 2011 Street Party

When it comes to Creative costumes, Rio Street Carnival can tops all the charts.  Here we see a lovely reveler from a Rio Street Marching Band "Aconteceu" said since she had several dogs, she thought she could use one dog food packing to make her own costume.  

Great Idea!

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Rio Carnival 2011 Aconteceu Marching Band: Carnival Music Live

Aconteceu 2011 Santa Teresa Rio Marching Band

This Carnival video shows the new fever in Rio which are the Marching Bands.  Here we see a Rio Marching Band Called "Aconteceu" that runs through the hills of Santa Teresa charmig neigborhood in Rio.  Veryfin with people of all ages.  True Street Carnival for free!

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Brazilian Brass Band Orquestra Voadora Playing a Classic Soccer Fans Song - Canal 100

Brazilian Brass Band Orquestra Voadora Playing a Classic Soccer Fans Song - Canal 100

Here we see Orquestra Voadora playing at Circo Voador, a classic song that used to open a Movie Channel Called "Cannel 100", where Brazilian soccer team gols were reproduced.

This video was shot at Circo Voador, at Lapa Rio de Janeiro.  Hope you guys like the funky groove!

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2011 Passistas Wing Imperio Serrano - Rio Carnival Samba Dancing - Queens and Divas

Imperio Serrano Passistas Wing 2011:  The Beautiful people w great Samba Dancing

The Imperio Serrano Passistas Wing ( the professional samba dancing team ) is very known in Rio Carnival and in Brazil for their beauty and excellence in Samba routines.

Here you will be able to see with exclusive shoots from Brazil Carnival Ooah! all their talent, body language and expression!

Congratulations Luciana Brandão for such a fantastic team!

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Live Passistas Sao Clemente 2011: Second Samba Rehearsal of Pro Dancers Wing

2011 Passistas Wing from São Clemente at the 2nd Rehearsal

This  2011 Carnival Video shows the second rehearsal of the "Passistas Wing" from Sao Clemente Samba-School at Rio´s Sambadrome.

In total there are about 40 passistas, who are the professional samba dancers from each samba school.  Here we can see how they have a different kind of samba dance, much faster and woth a higher quality of moves especially on the hips and legs.

I hope you find it interesting!

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Bruna Bruno: 2011 Queen of Carnival for Uniao da Ilha Samba-School

Exclusive Interview: Bruna Bruno Uniao da Ilha talks about the Carnival Fire

Here we will see the lovely Queen of Drums ( Rainha de Bateria ) - see defintion on link - from Uniao da Ilha Samba School talking about the fire that affected the samba-school warehouse, the parade theme that refers to Darwin and origins of life, and samba queen topics.

I hope you enjoy.   ps.  We will soon ad English subtitles to the interviews

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True Samba Drumming: Drums Carnival Rio at Samba-School Parade

True Samba Brazil Carnival Drumming: Imperio Serrano - Imperio da Tijuca

Below we see a close up video drumming of 2 very traditional samba-schools in Rio.  The cool thing is you feel you are almost inside the samba bateria.  The footage was made at Rio Sambadrome at the technical rehearsals.  I hope you get a thrill of the samba drumming!


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The Incredible Beauty of the Brazilian Skin Color at the Rio Parades

Need to say more?  Check out these beautiful divas of samba at Rios Sambadrome!

Brazilians have become famous all over the world by the color of their skin.  It is a unique color that has the sun tan + plus the natural colors of the origins of this multicultural nation.  Below we see a Carnival video with two samba dancers that have beaitiful natural skin colors.  


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Passistas Wing From São Clemente 2011

Passistas Wing from São Clemente Warm Up Sambadrome

Below we see the "Ala das Passistas" from São Clemente Samba School. They have a great reputation and were considered by specialists very effective on the parade practice for the 2011 Brazilian Carnival.

As you can see in the video, they really sweat their spirits and body to represent the samba school with pride. 


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Vivian Dourado: Starlet of Imperio da Tijuca Interview

Vivian Dourado: Passionate Samba Lover & Highlight for Imperio da Tijuca

Below we see a lovely passionate samba & carnival enthusiast.  Vivian Dourado lives in Rio de Janeiro, and last year paraded for smaller samba-schools.  This year, she will parade with Imperio da Tijuca Samba School as a Highlight, called in Portuguese  "Destaque".

For those who understand Portuguese, and even by the facial expressions, you will be able to see the love she has for the samba culture.  On the second part of the video, you will see her samba dance too.  Congratulations Vivian!

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Dandan & Georgia Gomes: Top Samba Dancers from Salgueiro

Dandan & Georgia Gomes - Salgueiro

Salgueiro Samba-School is known to have one of the top team of "passistas".  Passistas if you are still not acquainted with the term is the professional samba dancer team samba school grow.  They have a special wing at the parade and have the liberty to show all of their natural samba routines.  Here we see two famous "passsistas": Dandan, the Queen of the "Passistas" wing from Salgueiro and Georgia Gomes, who won a very important prize last year as as Pro Samba dancer.

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Carnival Body Painted Queen Alessandra Mattos Sparks Crowd Rio Sambadrome

Alessandra Mattos - Body Painted with Imperio da Tijuca Colors

Alessandra Mattos, former Queen of Estacio de Sá and current Super Highlight of Imperio da Tijuca came up in an unsual costume to the official Samba Rehearsal of Imperio da Tijuca Samba School.  Her costume was partly made with clothing and another with a beautiful body paint in green and white, that fitted perfectly her splendorous body!

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Great Presentation!

Model Tatiana Breia from Rocinha Samba-School: Carnival Rio Makeup

Tatiana Breia is Prepared by Artist Leandro Rangel

During the Brazilian Carnival, "hidden artisist" play a fundamental role to make the world largest show happen.  An example of this phenomena are Carnival MakeUp artists.  Here we see the preparation of Tatiana Breia, Muse from Rocinha Samba-School by Leandro Rangel.

We hope you Carnival lovers enjoy this special Carnival video which provides tips of how to get ready of a Carnival Parade.

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2011 Samba Practice Uncut Version Brazil Carnival

São Clemente Uncut Samba Practice: 2011

Want to know why Sao Clemente has one of the best samba rehearsals in Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2011?  Then check this video and you will understand why.

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Dazzling Natalia Norbert Brazilian Carnival Dancer

Natalia Nortbert - Sao Clemente Super Highlight

Brazil Carnival presents a very charismatic Sao Clemente fan, Super Highlight ( Musa ) Natalia Norbert from Sao Clemente Samba-School.

She is only 21 years old but is extremely photogenic and a great samba dancer.  Here she invites samba fans to go to the "quadra" of Sao Clemente and later is seen at Rio´s Sambadrome.

Parabens Natalia!

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Rio Carnival 2011 Parades Starts with Sao Clemente Rehearsal

Sao Clemente presents Great Samba Rehearsal

Rio 2011 Carnival is getting ready for the great parades at Rio´s Sambadrome.  Many Samba-Schools, including Salgueiro, Rocinha, Viradouro, Imperatriz have already had their fisrt chance to practice at Rio´s Runway.

Here we see São Clemente Samba School Sector 2 vibrating full of energy and samba spirit.  

Video Footage by Brazil Carnival Ooah!

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Sao Clemente 2011 Samba School: Home of Beautiful Women

Samba Jet Set in Rio is São Clemente Samba School 2011

São Clemente Samba-School rehearsals are famous for a famliy enivrironment, positive energy and Rio´s Samba "Jet-set" .  Trendy samba lovers pack to the practices, which are held Tuesdays, and Fridays, at Av. Pres. Vargas 3120, close to the Subway station "Cidade Nova".

Check some of the invitations made by the Sao Clemente girls!

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Sao Clemente Samba School Welcomes Beija-Flor

São Clemente Welcomes Beija-Flor

São Clemente is a traditional samba-school from Rio´s South Zone - Zona Sul.  They welcomed Beija-Flor, one of the most powerful samba-schools in Rio in December and they had a wonderful party.  

At party, one very interesting traditions of the Carnival in Rio took place, which is the exchange of the Flag banners.  Here Selmyinha Sorrizo From Beija flor was carrying Sao Clemente Flag , and Jaqueline Gomes danced with Claudinho from Beija-Flor and carried its Banner.  It was an emotional presentation.

Finally, the astonishing Raissa de Oliveira was also at the presentation, with her amazing samba dance!

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Divine Raissa de Oliveira Beija Flor Queen at Sao Clemente:

Raissa de Oliveira - Beija Flor Queen

Divine show of samba providaded by the gorgeious, simple, and gracious Raissa de Oliveira.  She is the youngest of all "Rainhas de Baterias" - Drum Queens of the Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools.

Her first time at the official post, she was only 13 years old, and needed a special permit.  Now she is a full woman and Queen of the important Beija-Flor Samba-School.

Rio 2011 Carnival Diva: Marta Love from Estacio de Sa Coronation

Marta Love Brazilian Carnival Celebrity

Brazilian 2011 Carnival Celebrity, Marta Love, wife of famous soccer player Wagner Love, was crowned "Muse of Estacio de Sá Samba-School" 2011 Carnival last Friday.

The ceremony counted with at least 5.000 people and great samba dancers and lovers.  Estacio de Sa Samba-School, one of the oldest ones from Rio, also invited Grande Rio Samba School Drummers, for a special performance.  It was an amazing and thrilling spectacle as you will see below.

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Live: Astonishing Samba Dancers without Carnival Costumes

Incredible São Clemente Samba Dancers - Passitas

At this samba video, we show how some of the samba dancers from São Clemente Samba School practice their samba routines without their traditonal Carnival Costumes they present at the parade.

Impressive their samba dances and physical built.

Isabella Magacho: Rio 2011 Carnival Princess Interviewed

Isabella Magacho - 2011 Rio Carnival Princess

At the prestigious Rio 2011 Queen Contest, Isabella Magacho, who is a Police Officer in Rio, gave an exclusive interview to Brazil Carnival Ooah website just before the result was disclosed.

She was in great expectation and her passion for Carnival reflected that.

Congratulations Isabella.  Please see our special report on her career on our news session.

Taiz Calmon: Learn Samba the Natural Way

Taiz Calmon Great Samba Dance

Taiz Calmon - Candidate of Musa da Mangueira - Highlight of Mangueira Samba School, shows in this video how samba can be very natural.  Taiz works with marketing and is 30 years old.  She has impressive samba skills and great passion for Brazilian Carnival.

Her samba accessories are also very beautiful.

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Carnival Divas Dance with Custom Made Carnival Costumes

Samba Divas in Luxurious Carnival Costumes

At this short video shot by myself, you will be able to see how Andrea Machado dances with her custom made Carnival Costume.  Andrea Machado was a candidate at the Rio 2011 Carnival Queen and King contest.  Here, you are able to see how these samba divas dance even with luxurious carnival costumes.

We hope you like the videos and these great costumes!

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Watch a real Carnival Princess in Rio de Janeiro Interview: Jessica Maia

Jessica Maia Interview - Rio Carnival Queen Contest 2011

On this video shot by Brazil Carnival Ooah!, you will see the Jessica Maia, Rio Carnival Queen in 2009 and Princess in 2011. Although the video interview was done in Portuguese, she shows all her passion towards Carnival and Samba, which can be seen on the video. 

She is real samba representative and became too Queen of Alegria da Zona Sul, a smaller samba-school in Rio de Janeiro.  Stop by our other Directories like Culture or Samba-School to learn more about this great festival.

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Lilian Duarte elected as Mangueira 2011 Float highlight!

Lilian Duarte Election

Lilian Duarte, Brazilian Model from Niteroi was elected last week the official Mangueira Samba-School Highlight and Diva.  The contest was sponsered by Ivo Meirelles, Mangueira´s President and the last round happened at Zozo, a cool restaurant and nightclub located at Urca.

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Watch below the samba steps made by Lilian.

2011 Rio Carnival Queen Contest: Exclusive Brazil Samba

Official Rio 2011 Carnival Queen Contest Video

November 19th,  Carnival Queen Contestants showed all their talent in order to win the prestigious title and become part of the "Royal Carnival Court".  The event took place at Rio´s "Cidade do Samba" and had more than 3.000 spectators.  

At the end, after full emotion, the decision was made:  Bianca Ferreira ( see excluisve interview below ) won the 2011 Rio Carnival Queen post, while Jessica Maia and police officer Isabella Magacho Picaço were elected the Carnival Princesses.  They were all wearing great carnival costumes!

Good Reign to all of you!

Brazil Carnival Videos.

Bianca Ferreira Rio 2011 Carnival Queen Interview

Bianca Ferreira Salgueiro was declared winner at the official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen Constest 2011.  The event happened at Rio´s Cidade do Samba ( Samba City ) and was packed with samba lovers.  Here, Bianca Ferreira, just minutes before the decision announcement, conceded an exclusive interview to Brazil Carnival Ooah website.

Congratulations Bianca Ferreira - Rio 2011 Carnival Queen!

Samba Record: Guiness World Records Broken by Mocidade Samba

Samba World Record Broken: Mocidade Independente Padre Miguel Samba

Tonight, at approximately 10:00 PM, the world has seen a new record established.  Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, one of the most traditional samba-schools in Rio, has officially broken a new world Record with the Guinness Book of Records.

The objective, measured by a Guinness Book representative who was at the site, was to have more than 500 samba dancers, using a standardized dance clothing, as well as a trained choreography plus the singing!!  They needed at least 500 members of Mocidade doing this samba routine for at least 5 minutes.  And they did it - for more than 10 minutes, but with 840 + samba dancers!! Yes, 840 + samba dancers as I could recall.

Congratulations Mocidade!!

Vivian Plemont & Tijuca Samba Dancers Routines

All year long, Samba dancers practice their samba routines in Rio de Janeiro Samba-schools.   These practices are important so as to coordinate the samba drumming, the singing, the harmony between the wings, and the carnival costumes themselves.

Here we see a warm-up of the "passistas" wing, or samba-dancers wing from Unidos da Tijuca.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Alcione Carvalho - Estacio de Sa Flag Bearer Interview

On this Carnival Video, Alcione Carvalho, the 2nd Flag-bearer of GRES Estacio de Sa Samba-school is interviewed and related to ther samba dance, the magic of carnival and the emotion of her presentation at the parades.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Musica Popular Brasilieira : Mulheres de Chico Medley

Here, Mulheres de Chico Band show all their talent playing an interesting Medley at Teatro Odisseia in Rio de Janeiro.  Here the palay 3 songs for Chico Buarque lovers and fans.  They night had more than 150 people and was full of foreigners, who had an excellent groovy night.  The show was opened by a rising samba band called "Feira Livre", who played high-quality tunes.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Julia Liers - Rio Police Lt. to participate in samba contest

In Rio de Janeiro, Samba and Carnival revolves around most enviroments, and why not at the Police?  In this video, we see a constest promoted by legendary Mangueira Samba-School to choose their 2011 Muse.  The contest winner will receive as a gift from the Samba-school a US$ 25.000 Carnival costume and parade on top of those giant Floats.

The curiosity is that at this contest, along with 6 other carnival beauties, we see 25 years old Julia Liers, which is a Rio de Janeiro Police Captain.  She is brunette, and can be seen in a green dress.  Beautiful !! This shows how samba and authority can mix together too!.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

True Samba Media: Power Samba Marta Love

Marta Love, married to famous soccer player Wagner Love, shows why she has such a strong personality.  She is in front of the powerful Drums Section of Estacio de Sa in Rio de Janeiro.  Here she talks about Carnival, samba and her passion for this great festival. 

Congratulations on the costume too!

Vania Love Queen of Imperio Serrano - Rainha Vania Love

Brazil Carnival Ooah! interviews Vania Love, the new Queen of Drums Section for the Imperio Serrano Samba-school.  The Muse has been practicing samba routines for more than 20 years and is also a high-light for Portela Samnba.  During the intreview, she talks about her passion for samba dancing, carnival, her professional growth and love for samba.  As the end of the interview, Vania shows her true samba steps.

The Interview was made at Estacio de Sa Samba-school.

Shake that Samba: Marta Love in Estacio de Sa Samba School

Marta Love shows why she is the official Muse of Estacio de Sa Samba-School for 2011.  She dances with passion, emotion and much energy!

Brazil Carnival Ooah! Videos

Brazilian Carnival Celebrity Shayene Cesario Interviewed

Sheyene Cesario, Queen of Estacio de Sa Samba School for 2011 is interviewed and talks about samba, carnival and her future plans.

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Orquestra Voadora: The Age of Aquarius

And who said Broadway musicals and samba don´t go together?  Orquestra Voadora is a great samba/ jazz / fusion/ maracatu / funk  Street Carnival Band , or Bloco de Carnaval ( in Portuguese ) and has been enjoying great sucess in Brazil. 

Here they play legenday song from HAIR, "The Age of Aquarius" in a funky style.

Let´s hear them play!

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Mariana Fonseca & Suymara Barrreto: Unidos da Tijuca Samba Practice

At the Unidos da Tijuca samba-school final samba decision, two very beautiful Misses stopped by to have some fun:  Suymara Barreto, Miss Tocantins, and Mariana Fonseca, Miss Rio de Janeiro 2009.  Both are Carnival lovers and say they know how to dance some samba.  They could surely be part of the Samba Divas team too!

Watch a bit of their interview at the VIP boxes.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

Queen of Sao Clemente Bruna Almeida: Que samba!

Bruna Almeida is the Queen from Sao Clemente Samba School in Rio de Janeiro.  Her grandfather is the founder of that samba-school and has truly samba running at her veins.  She is a very cool person too!  Congratulations Bruna for your success!

Festa Ardida: Great Brazil Samba Street Mulheres de Chico at Circo Voador

Two weeks ago, at the legendary Circo Voador at Lapa Rio, Mulheres de Chico Band, had a great performance.  They played Chico Buarque songs and the crowd sang along!

This is true culture!

Lilian Duarte Interview at "Concurso das Musas da Mangueira"

Lilian Duarte is one of the candidates of the Contest promoted by Mangueira Samba-School to select a carnival Muse The choosen Diva will be placed on top of a Samba-School float.  Soon we will post other cool videos of this qualifying night.


Ala das Passistas da Unidos da Tijuca: Samba Routines

Unidos da Tijuca sanba-school decides which song will be the chosen for the 2011 Carnival parade in Rio.  Their theme in 2011 is called: "Esta Noite Levarei Sua Alma" , or "This Night I will take Your Soul".

This video focus the passistas wing, practicing their samba routines!!  Great!!

Rio Street Carnival: Orquestra Voadora no Circo Voador

One of the new sensations of Rio Carnival Street bands is called "Orquestra Voadora".  Here they are playing a classic song written by Raul Seixas, a pop icon from the 70´s in Brazil.

Here, they play "Óculos Escuros": great trombones, sax and trumpets!


Samba de Janeiro Practice Rehearsals

Samba season has started big time in Rio...Many schools are going through their processes of "choosing the samba" - called in Portuguese corte de samba or escolha de samba.

Before this competition actually starts at the quadra, samba-schools play their old sambas.  The video we are watching here shows Sao Clemente samba-school practice last Saturday, Sept. 25.

Brazil Carnival Ooah!


Brazil 2011 Carnival: Visit Brazil-Carnival 2011 in Rio de Janeiro

2011 Brazilian Carnival is just around the corner.  This video montage is tribute to some of the most astonishing queens of the Brazils Carnival.

The song of this video was made with Sao Clemente 2011 Samba Contestant.

Carnival 2011 Dance: Learn 2011 Samba Dance in Brazil Carnival


2011 Carnival Brazil: Carnival Video Sneak Preview

2011  Carnival in Brazil is on its way!  Watch a Sneak Preview Video of the best Carnival in the World.  The video was made through a colage system using great photos of Alexandre Vidal and his Team;  Agencia Foto BR.

The Concept is that Brazil Carnival :

Beauty, Emotion, Ecstasy, and Fantasy!

Rio Airport Invaded by Samba & Carnival Dancing!!!

When Rio celebrated the anniversary of its International airport, a group of dancers "invaded" its premises and performed a beautiful choreography. The video compares with the famous T-mobile commercial,shot in Liverpool Street Station. I prefer though the samba one, since I think it evokes more emotion to me...and is definitely more sensual too, like everything in Brazil.

On this video dance, 7 songs related to Rio are played, and include the following:

1) Samba do Avião - Antônio Carlos Jobim

2) Garota de Ipanema Antônio Carlos Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes

3) The Girl from Ipanema - Antônio Carlos Jobim / Norman Gimbe

4) Mais Que nada - Sergio Mendes featuring Black Eye Peas

5) Artist: Peter Allen lyrics , I Go To Rio lyrics

6) I got a Feeling - FUNK STYLE

7) Cidade Maravilhosa - Rio de JAneiro Anthem - André Filho

Brazilian Aquarelle Video by Carmen Miranda

Brazilian Aquarelle by Carmen Miranda

The Gang's All Here is a 1943 American Twentieth Century Fox  Technicolor  musical film starring Alice Faye, James Ellison, and Carmen Miranda in a story about a soldier and a nightclub singer. The film, directed and choreographed by Busby Berkeley, is considered a camp classic.   One reviewer described it as "like a male hairdresser's acid trip" for its use of musical numbers with fruit hats.

Musical highlights include Carmen Miranda performing an insinuating, witty version of "You Discover You're in New York" that lampoons fads, fashions, and wartime shortages of the time. The film is also memorable for Miranda's "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat", which because of its sexual innuendo (dozens of scantily clad women handling very large bananas), prevented the film from being shown in Miranda's native Portugal in its initial release. Even in the US the censors dictated that the chorus girls must hold the bananas at the waist and not at the hip. Alice Faye sings "A Journey to a Star," "No Love, No Nothin'," and the surreal finale "The Polka-Dot Polka."

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Color (James Basevi, Joseph C. Wright, Thomas Little). 

It was the last musical Faye made as a Hollywood superstar. She was pregnant with her second daughter during filming.

Carnival from Miranda, Carmem Videos: South American Way

Carmen Miranda sings "South American Way"in 1940´s

Carmen Miranda was a young hatmaker before she was invited to display her singing talents at a music academy. That attempt proved successful and she went on to become a popular singer in clubs and on radio in Brazil. It was during this time that she developed the costume with the distinctive fruit hat from the traditional headdress seen on black women fruit sellers. In the mid-thirties, a theatrical producer named Lee Shubert saw her act in Brazil and offered her a spot on his new Broadway show. Knowing the need for a real Brazilian band to keep the appropriate music true, she insisted that her backup band be included in the deal. With the help of the Brazilian government who saw the good national image opportunity in Carmen, her demand was met.

She proved to be a hit on Broadway, though her image was that of a foreign bimbo because she didn't know english. She later made films, but by then much of Brazil thought she became too "Americanized". When the US entered World War II, South America became the subject of American diplomatic attention, because it was an alternative source for raw materials that previously came from Europe.Carmen was the showpiece of Hollywood's contribution to this attitude of trans-Continental chuminess. Unfortunately, in doing so, Carmen became trapped in the image of the fruit dancer that every producer insisted on having. Even her attempt at a break-out role in Copacanba had to have her doing the same dance act for part of the film. It proved to be a disaster in many ways since it failed and she married the producer of the film, David Sebastian. He proved to be an abusive and oppurtunistic brute who made Carmen's life hell. Yet Carmen was a good Catholic and never considered a divorce. Instead she kept up a grueling schedule of shows, taking uppers and downers to remain functional, even when they began to damage her health. Eventually she collapsed and her doctor ordered her to go back to Brazil.

She recovered and returned to America to resume the grind until she died of a heart attack hours after her final appearance on the Jimmy Durante Show.

Carnival from Miranda, Carmem Videos: I Want Mommy

The first Brazilian performer to attain international stardom, singer and actress Carmen Miranda was born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha on February 9, 1909 in Marco de Canavezes, Portugal, but she was raised in Rio de Janeiro from infancy onward. After quitting school she began working at an area shop, where her habit of singing on the job brought her to the attention of a local radio station. Seemingly overnight, Miranda emerged as one of the top attractions on the Rio club circuit, and upon signing to RCA in 1928 she became a massive star throughout Brazil. She made her film debut in 1933's A Voz do Carnaval, solidifying her fame two years later with Estudantes. While performing at Rio's Casino da Urca in 1939, Miranda was spotted by Broadway impresario Lee Shubert, who immediately arranged to bring her to America; she soon made her New York debut in his show The Streets of Paris before settling in Hollywood the following year.

In the years which followed, Miranda virtually embodied Hollywood's narrow and condescending concept of Latin American culture -- from her first starring role in 1940's Down Argentine Way onward, her enduring public image remained that of the feisty Brazilian bombshell, invariably clad in some sort of enormous fruit-basket headdress while singing and dancing. It was an image she proved unable to shake during her film career; worse, during her first visit back to Brazil, Miranda was accused of becoming too "Americanized." (The experience later resulted in her song "Disseram Que Eu Voltei Americanizada" -- "They Said I Came Back Americanized.") As World War II drew to an end, however, the market for the light, campy musicals on which Miranda's fame rested began to dry up, and in 1953 she made her final screen appearance in the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis vehicle Scared Stiff.

Undaunted, Miranda focused increasingly on her nightclub appearances, also becoming a fixture on television variety shows -- indeed, for all the stereotyping she faced throughout her career, her performances made huge strides in popularizing Brazilian music, at the same time paving the way for the increasing awareness of all Latin culture. Still, she suffered from severe depression throughout the final years of her life, returning to Brazil for the final time in 1954; while taping a strenuous song-and-dance number for an episode of television's The Jimmy Durante Show on August 4, 1955, Miranda suffered a heart attack, and after returning to her Beverly Hills home, she died the following morning at the age of just 46. Her body was flown back to Brazil, where her passing was met by a period of national mourning. A museum was later constructed in Rio De Janeiro in her honor, and in 1995 she was the subject of the acclaimed documentary Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.

Carnaval Brasil Videos: Carmem Miranda Remix - CHICA CHICA BOOM CHIC

Carmem Miranda is definately one of Brazil´s most known characters around the world.  Follows below a very well made Video Clip by Doni Sacramento on Carmem ´s classic Chica Chica Boom Chic song.

The Remix was made by a Band called 1E99.

The images are very cool since they are a collection of various phases of Carmem´s career.

History Carnival Video: Early 20th Century Carnaval Footage Brazil II

Carnival History Videos- Part II

Here you see the Carnaval in Brazil moving forward to Carnival balls which peaked during World War II, Costume contests and some initial footage in full color.

It also shows partly an interview with the author of "Aurora" Mario Lago , who composed this famous type of Samba.


History Carnival Video: Early 20th Century Carnaval Footage Brazil

Carnival History Videos- Part I

Below, a rare Carnival video which shows early expressions of the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro at beginning of the 20th century through 1940´s.  As you will see, the events varied from Carnival balls, Confeti battles, and beach bath in costumes, as well as street merry making.

As you will see: in the1920 and 1930s´...innocence prevailed!

Video Valesca Popozuda Carnaval HD Brazil Carnival BR

This is the Video of Valeska Santos, known as Valesca Popozuda.  She gained famed after mixing samba and Rio funk genre.

Valeska supports Porto da Pedra Samba-School.

Good luck Valesca in your parades!

Bangalafumenga Video in HD: Street Carnival Drumming

Bangalafumenga  (aka Banga, pronounced BAHN-ga) started out as a Rio de Janeiro Carnival bloco ( Street Carnival band ) in 1998. Banga parades in the streets of Rio's South Side soon became popular and ended with huge street parties.

Motivated by the success of the Carnival parades, Banga's core members decided to play year round in shows that preserve the upbeat and involving spirit of Carnival. Today, the Bangalafumenga band is a frequent presence at Fundição Progresso in Lapa, in bars and other venues such as Espaço Cultural Porto da Pedra in São Gonçalo, besides other Brazil cities.

The band played on the stage in front of Rua Santa Clara during New Year's Eve 2010 in Copacabana.

The name "bangalafumenga" is an old slang for a "nobody". The term also referred to the houses in early 20th-century Rio de Janeiro where batucadas, or samba get-togethers, were held. At the time, samba was considered a low kind of music and black sambistas were often abused by the police.

Below you will see a great samba drumming rehearsal by Bangalafumenga!

Orquestra Voadora: Video Thriller de Michael Jackson!

This is a video from new generation "samba band" called Orquestra Voadora.  They have received a very positive success from Carnival and Samba midia in Rio de Janeiro by their great performances!

Here they play Michael Jackson´s Thriller in kind of a Samba beat!


New Brazil Samba Bands: Empolga as 9 Video

"Empolga as 9" is an interesting new street Carnaval band in Rio de Janeiro. They are part of the new samba generation movement in Rio.  In seven years of existence , they are already part of the revelers and samba sceanario in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2003, a group of friends interested in the study of Brazilian rhythms and percussion instruments from the traditional samba schools of Rio, began meeting at Casa da Matriz in Botafogo, to develop new sounds.

Nightclubs like the Cultural Sergio Porto, in Botafogo, the Rio Scenarium, the Odyssey Theatre, and Fundicao Progresso in Lapa (to mention a few ), have enjoyed their great shows.

Fabia Borges Carnival Queen 2010 Rocinha

Below we see the astonishing Carnival Queen ( Rainha de Bateria ) Fabia Borges from Academicos da Rocinha.  Fabia comes from a traditional family of samba members and has joined also Unidos da Tijuca.

Fabia started to take part fo the parades when she was still very young, and with 13 , 14 years old was already a full "passista".

Congratulations Fabia for the great career in Carnival!

Tatiana Receiving Award - Musa do Samba in Rio

Below the Muse of the Muses Tatiana Pagung receiving a prize in Rio de Janeiro.

Da Carnaval Video Queen: Grazi Dantas Uniao da Ilha 2010 - Mulata do Gois

Below we see the astonishing video from samba dancer Grazi Dantas.  She represented Uniao da Ilha Samba- School in 2010, for a Samba Dancing / Mulata Contest called " Mulata do Gois" in 2010.

Congratulations Grazi!

Brazil Carnival Ooah!

QUEM TE VIU, QUEM TE VE- Chico Buarque versao Mulheres de Chico ao Vivo

Mulheres de Chico - Gravado no Estrela da Lapa em Abril 2010

Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vê

Chico Buarque
Composição: Chico Buarque

Você era a mais bonita das cabrochas dessa ala
Você era a favorita onde eu era mestre-sala
Hoje a gente nem se fala mas a festa continua
Suas noites são de gala, nosso samba ainda é na rua

Hoje o samba saiu, lá lalaiá, procurando você
Quem te viu, quem te vê
Quem não a conhece não pode mais ver pra crer
Quem jamais esquece não pode reconhecer

Quando o samba começava você era a mais brilhante
E se a gente se cansava você só seguia a diante
Hoje a gente anda distante do calor do seu gingado
Você só dá chá dançante onde eu não sou convidado

O meu samba assim marcava na cadência os seus passos
O meu sonho se embalava no carinho dos seus braços
Hoje de teimoso eu passo bem em frente ao seu portão
Pra lembrar que sobra espaço no barraco e no cordão

Todo ano eu lhe fazia uma cabrocha de alta classe
De dourado eu lhe vestia pra que o povo admirasse
Eu não sei bem com certeza porque foi que um belo dia
Quem brincava de princesa acostumou na fantasia

Hoje eu vou sambar na pista, você vai de galeria
Quero que você me assista na mais fina companhia
Se você sentir saudade por favor não dê na vista
Bate palma com vontade, faz de conta que é turista

Mangueira 2010 Samba Video - Brazil Carnival

Mangueira Video

Mulheres de Chico Video Live on Lapa Rio de Janeiro

Mulheres de Chico is one of the new most hyped samba bands.  The interesting concept and novelty about this samba "bloco" / street carnival band, is they are exclusively composed of women!

YES, could you imagine?  The Band was created officially in 2006, with the purpose of developing several "re-lectures" of legendary Brazilian songwriter and poet Chico Buarque de Hollanda ( Chico Buarque ).   The percussionists are very talented and they are able to "re-invent" the musical arrangement of traditional songs by Chico Buarque in eclectic Brazilian Rhythms, such as  samba, o "ijexá", "côco", the "jongo", "marchinha" and the now popular "Rio Funk"

Mulheres de Chico band has evolved, matured and presented themselves at important theaters in Rio , such as Teatro Rival Petrobrás, Estrela da Lapa, Teatro Odisséia, Teatro Nelson Rodrigues, Bar do Tom, Clube Democráticos, Rio Scenarium, Teatro da UFF, and Teatro Municipal de Niterói. 

Follows Below the Band members:

Founders: Gláucia Cabral e Vivian Freitas;  Musical Direction: Flavia Costa; Arrangements: Flavia Costa e Valmir Ribeiro

Singers: Fernanda Velloso, Luciana Coló and  Ursula Baldanza

BANDOLIM E CAVACO : Mônica Leme; Bass Guitar: Luciana Requião


Surdos; Aline Cunha, Daniele Martini, Joe Viegas, Márcia Moreira e Michele Rumchinsky

Snare / Caixa : Clarisse Gromann, Flavia Costa,  Mako Tanaka ; Repiques: Mannu Oliveira e Manu Rios

Tamborins:  Malu Di Sipio ,  Manu Rios -  Agogôs: Fernanda Pereira and Paula Villela - Shakers: Angela Souza and Teca Macedo

Cuica: Gláucia Cabral and Vivian Freitas

Tatiana Pagung in Musa do Samba Award

The astonishing Carnival Queen Tatiana Pagung shows 30 seconds of her majesty when she was receiving a prize "Musa do Samba" in Riio de Janeiro.

She received red roses, and was applauded by everyone at the ceremony!

Parabéns Thatiana!

Tatiana Pagung Samba Muse in Photo shoot with Live Snake!

Tatiana Pagung, one of the most famous samba dances in Brazil, showed she is indeed capable of going miles to support her Carnaval passion!

On the 2010 Carnaval in Rio, the Queen of Drums for the Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, was invited to film a promotional video to support her role at  Mocidade´s parade.  The parade theme for Mocidade Samba School in 2010 revolved around the "paradise" plot, and Thatiana was chosen to represent Eve, a very wise decision!

On this video, you will be able to see Tathiana taking pictures embraced with a true Amazon snake, and see how she was scared too!  Would you have the courage?

Samba Dance Rio Contest Video

This Video shows how a Samba dance contest is organized in Rio.  You will able to see several contestants executing their samba dance routines.

Prepare yourself since the video is breath-taking!  Cheers!

Brazilian Classic Marchinhas Translated to English - So Funny!!

This is hilarious!

Old Brazil Carnival Video by Warner Bros - Carnaval do Rio 1955

This Brazil Carnival video was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1955 and shows how this grandiose festivity looked liked at those days.  The editing is very well made and shows Carnival balls, street carnaval, samba-schools, and cheerful revelers.  

Times have changes, but the enjoyment and partying has remained unique in the world.  Have fun!

Stanley Jordan Dancing Samba in Rio Brazil

I´ve never thought I would see the legendary guitar player Stanly Jordan take private samba dance lessons in a Live auditorium show in Brazil!



Vila Isabel 2010 Samba Theme Video - Promotional Carnival Video Rio

vila isabel.

Mocidade Independente 2010 Promotional Video - Samba Theme Video


Beija Flor Promotional Video 2010 - Carnival Video Samba Theme



Viradouro samba school 2010 Promotional Video - Samba Them Video

Viradouro Samba School 2010 promotional Carnival Video.   It has been produced to make sure Carnival & samba lovers get aquainted both with the lyrics, rhythm and melody of Viradouro 2010 samba theme

You can see great Viradouro Samba Dancers on the video too!   This  official video was filmed in December, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.

2010 Samba Video For Grande Rio Samba-School

Grande Rio Samba School 2010 promotional Carnival Video.   It has been produced to make sure Carnival & samba lovers get aquainted both with the lyrics, rhythm and melody of Grande Rio´s 2010 samba.

You can see Grande Rio´s Carnival Queen Paola Oliveira on the video too!    Beautiful samba dancers and rich carnival luxury costumes can also be seen at this video filmed in December, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.

Top 2010 Samba Video - Unidos da Tijuca 2010 Promotional Video

Below we can see one of the Top 2010 Carnival samba lyrics in promotional Carnival Video by Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School.  It has been produced to make sure Carnival & samba lovers get acquainted with the lyrics, rhythm and melody of Tijuca´s 2010 samba.

You can see Tijuca´s Carnival Queen, Brazilian beauty Adriane Galisteu, on the video too!    Beautiful samba dancers and rich carnival luxury costumes can also be seen at this video filmed in December, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.

Below we reproduced Tijuca´s 2010 Samba Lyrics that revolve around the Secret/ Mystery theme!

É Segredo! (Samba Enredo 2010)

G.R.E.S. Unidos da Tijuca (RJ)
By Julio Alves, Marcelo e Totonho

"Desvendar esse mistério
É caso sério, quem se arrisca a procurar
O desconhecido, no tempo perdido
Aquele pergaminho milenar
São cinzas na poeira da memória
E brincam com a imaginação
Unidos da Tijuca, não é segredo eu amar você
Decifrar, isso eu não sei dizer
São coisas do meu coração

Eu quero ver esse lugar
Que o próprio tempo acabou de esquecer
Meu Deus, por onde vou procurar
Será que alguém pode me responder

Quem some na multidão
Esconde a sua verdade
Imaginação, o herói jamais revela a identidade
Será o mascarado
Nesse bailado um folião?
A senha, o segredo da vida
A chave perdida é o “X” da questão
Cuidado, o que se vê pode não ser... Será?
Ao entender é melhor revelar
No sonho do meu carnaval
Pare pra pensar, vai se transformar
Ou esconder até o final?

É segredo, não conto a ninguém
Sou Tijuca, vou além
O seu olhar, vou iludir
A tentação é descobrir"

2010 Portela Promotional Video - Portela 2010 Samba Theme

Below we can check Portela 2010 promotional Carnival Video.   It has been produced to make sure Carnival & samba lovers get aquainted both with the lyrics, rhythm and melody of Portela´s 2010 samba.

You can see Portela ´s Carnival Queen Juliana Portela on the video too!    Beautiful samba dancers and rich carnival luxury costumes can also be seen at this video filmed in December, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.

Below we reproduced Portela 2010 Samba Lyrics:

2010 Salgueiro Promotional Video - Academicos Salgueiro 2010 Samba Theme

Below we can check Salgueiro 2010 promotional Carnival Video. It has been produced to make sure Carnival & samba lovers get aquainted both with the lyrics, rhythm and melody of Salgueiro´s 2010 samba.

You can see Salgueiro´s muse Viviane Araujo on the video too!  She is shown with a hand tamborim.  Beautiful samba dancers and rich carnival luxury costumes can also be seen at this video filmed in December, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.

Below we reproduced the 2010 Salgueiro Samba Lyrics:

Histórias Sem Fim (Samba Enredo 2010)

by Josemar Manfredini, Brasil do Quintal, Jassa, Betinho do Ponto e Fernando Magaça

"Sonhei... no infinito das histórias
Iluminando a memória, me encantei
Brilhou... realidade e fantasia
Como nunca imaginei
Na arte do saber um novo amanhecer
Divina criação, primeira impressão
O livro sagrado da vida
Virtude pra eternidade
A leitura estimulando
A mente da humanidade

Eu viajei nessa magia
De alma e coração
Na fonte da sabedoria
Busquei a minha inspiração

Páginas descrevendo pensamentos
Clássicos, ideais e sentimentos
Romances... adventuras
Quanta riqueza na nossa literatura
O faz de conta inocente da criança
Ficou guardado na lembrança
Mistérios... suspense... emoção
É o hábito de ler, folheando com prazer
Muito além de uma visão
Mensagens de esperança
Clareando a imaginação

Uma história de amor
Sem ponto final
"academia do samba" é salgueiro
No "livro do meu carnaval"

Have a great 2010 Carnival in Rio! Party with Responsible and Fun!

Mangueira 2010 Video Samba Theme Song

This is the Video recorded by Estacao de Mangueira Samba-School for the 2010 Carnival in Rio.  In Brazil, all the Special Group Samba Schools shoot a video in conjunction with a TV Network so as to promote the lyrics and the general festivity! 

At the video , the astonishing Carnival Queen Renata Santos can also be seen!

Brazil Carnival

Brazil Carnival

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